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Congrats to +Anthony Banks - our winner for the 7-inch Archos 70 Internet Tablet Giveaway Please send shoot me an email to vincent @ for details.

Many thanks to Archos for hosting this giveaway and everyone on Google+ for participating in this giveaway.

Original giveaway details here:
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Congrats. Looking forward to the next contest.
Congrats, Anthony!

Hmm did you close the contest early? Thought the rules said August 1st. :)
Oh wow! That's AWESOME! I'm stoked! Thank you SlashGear / AndroidCommunity / Vince / Chris / Cory / Ewdison!! You guys are the best man... all you do for the community.
I, for one, will be gladly awaiting the announcement that says go!
+Vincent Nguyen, was this the Slashgear or the AndroidCommunity giveaway? So confusing all this :)
Where is the announcement of the winner of the other giveaway?
P.S. grats +Anthony Banks, you make me jealous!
Congratulations to the winner. Great little prize.
Congratulations brother. I'm totally hating on you right now, but I am still happy for you =).
This is the winner for android community. States it in the link on the link on the post. 
Yep, he's a BIG winner! The SlashGear Archos giveaway is still underway so you still have a shot of winning it. Details and submit your entries here:

Don't forget about and tabletpalooza going on now too:

Android Community

Overflow thread for SlashGear giveaway: