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Many of you have asked for this, and now it's here!

Now, when you disable resharing (from the arrow at the top corner of your post), it also disables +mentions. That way, you can really clamp down on who's allowed to see the post.

There were reasons why we originally allowed +mentions even when sharing was disabled, but your feedback convinced our team to change that. Keep sending feedback! We're listening.

Let me tell you, sometimes it's hard to answer your feature requests without giving away the fact that we're already working on them. =)

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Thank you so much.. I now can PM people (Hope the next thing down the line is the ability to disable resharing while we post and not after we post)
I am amazed by the interaction of the "Googlers". Keep up the good work.
Are you still able to mention people that are included in one of the circles the post was originally shared with?

EDIT: Apparently not. I think it would be nice to enable/disable mentions separately from resharing (or at least allow mentions of those already in the circle)
Very cool idea. Thanks.
Excellent! This solves the only problem I had with @ mention reshares! Thanks for listening to us :)
is it worth mentioning that it might be valid to +mention when the person mentioning is the OP? Was that mentioned in rework?
(mention, mention, mention) ;-)
I do support this feature but people have already been accustomed to using +NAME just like @NAME within comment threads to respond to other peoples comments.

Would it be possible to allow using +NAME with anyone who has already commented?
+Vincent Mo While I wish you would had made them separate options, I'm glad you did this. Thanks!
I think the amount of responsiveness this time around is amazing. Big props for listening to your users.
This is great, more control - better system. being able to mention those who can already see the post would be great
This is a great change. But I agree that it would be better to allow people to + mention each other if they are in the original shared group, whether it's Public or Limited. That way, when a comment thread gets long (as this one will), we can reply to a particular person in the group and the person will be able to find it easier.
How do you set it up to not allow comments and sharing before you share it? I hate that you have to post it before chaning that option.
Can you please lock the notifications bar so it stays in view even when scrolling down the page?
+Nic Barnao, I think that locking the notification bar should be an option rather than a feature. Many people don't mind the way it is right now, and for some people, if it stays in view it will constantly be in the way, for instance screenreader users do not need to be continually hearing the notification bar. For them it needs to be able to be a fixed element.
I see the hashtag feature coming soon! :-) #googleplustips!
For now, I only put hashtags on my posts so people can ctrl-f for them on my profile. There isn't any real support for them on Google+. I wish there was!
That is a terrific response time!

It does, however, break a particular use-case where I "save" a post by sharing it with an empty "read-later" Circle that I own, but then might want to later reshare it "public".... I tried to do it, and public doesn't appear to be an option for sharing again.

It actually might not be this change that affect this, possibly something related.
I agree with some commenters that it would be nice to still be able to +mention people who already are in the thread!
I would love to see the re-share feature disabled by default when communicating with a single person. For me, when I PM some one I want maximum privacy in the fewest steps. Zero extra steps would be best.
any idea ,is Google have real plan for +1,like, integrationg in search results ?
+Wing Choi What you're experiencing is a change that was also added based on user feedback. People didn't like the fact that they would share a post with a few friends and then those friends were allowed to reshare it to the whole world. So if you reshare a post that had a limited audience initially, you can't expand the audience all the way to Public.
+Vincent Mo , thanks for that explanation - looks like I will start putting in the original link to the post whenever I share to my own "read later"... that way I can go back to it without having to hunt it down again... Will have to see, I am sure I will miss it once or twice and have to go back and hunt again...
Thanks, Vincent. It's def interesting to try and decipher who is seeing what, but I def pref your model to facebook. Thank you, again.
Now if we can address the gmail requirement... I can convert my friends and delete my Facebook account. All those except the Mafia Wars hardcore addicts that is. ;-)
All hail to Google Overloord..! Respect to all of you guys :)
Not being ungrateful, but the next update should be the ability to disable resharing not after but before we press the share button.
+Vincent Mo having search results in url not something different from Facebook, i thought more social facts/links/article integration will go to main search engine and will influence in page ranking
we need to mention the people we have originally shared with at least to buzz them about specific msg in comments
since we're on the sharing/privacy issue: from my point of view it's a no go that tagging a person in an album automatically shares the entire album. and: that those tagged people can re-share it. keep private albums private and let us choose which pictures to share. being in control is what google+ needs to be about.
Some of my friends concern with privacy, and seeing a post pop up in their stream makes them uncomfortable. Should there be a more direct way to display the content is shared with which people?
+Sebastian Krowarz ... How they define privacy controls will determine their success. Learn from Facebook or die like Buzz and Wave... I am totally down for G+ but Sebastian is right.
You guys have a ton of great ideas and it would be a tragedy for them to be posted in these comments and forgotten. I would love to continue discussing these ideas, but please record them in Send Feedback to make sure they're not forgotten in the long term!
+Ryan White You actually don't need a gmail address to use Google+. You do have to sign up for a Google account, but you can use it with, for example, a Yahoo or Hotmail email address.
So kinda the same thing as the market? So if they have an account for the Android market the same credentials will work? We should push this news out! Many people (myself included) are under the perception that a "gmail" account is required. +Vincent Mo
I don't have a lot of experience trying this out myself, but I think if they have an Android market account, the same account should work for Google+. If I'm wrong about this, please come back and let me know!
Interesting that Vincent has used a hash tag in his post.... :)
I've just send some feedback suggesting the following: content (posts, pictures, videos and so on) that is initially marked as private should never be allowed to be reshared by others. even though I might consider sharing a once private item, the recepient should not be allowed to reshare it. as well as: re-define the level of items. sharing a picture means sharing a picture. not sharing an album.
+Morgan ABBOU Well yes it is hard to implement if there is no search functionality as yet. The two are interlinked, right?
+Vincent Mo I think this is great; I think reshare should also be disabled by default unless the post is public or shared with extended circles. Also, what about a share entry in the dropdown menu?
I asked for this feature yesterday! Thank you for listening G+ you are wonderful :D
Thank you for the lockdown, but can I atleast + mention those who have been shared this post in the first place?
+Jamsheed Mohammed well, if I share my pictures with friends, I would not like them to reshare them; I know they might download and make a new post, but it's more cumbersome. I think if I share something with more people (e.g. _public share_), the share is ok however.

I think anyway that should be disabled by default, but there should still be the same button to enable resharing.
actually I see this as a little hack

first, as already mentioned several times, there is no point in disabling it for people who can already see the post, besides maybe technical difficulties

and second I would rethink the way how mentions change the permissions. While it may not be a bad idea in general, IMHO it is not obvious at first glance and there should be a way to mention someone who can not see the post and link to the profile without notification and permission-changes.
Stefan, I don't agree with that one. Most times I don't make my posts public because I think it will only interest some of my contacts and not others, but I don't have anything against them sharing them with their own contacts.
Oh. Yeah, I wouldn't have anything against that.
making it default is not good idea it seems, it will stop growth of ideas
i had another feedback, given it long back and was having no response +Vincent Mo its adding more member to existing discussion by editing the sharing feature. some time discussion starts between a few and grow to public , what you say ?
+Stb Hernandez During the field trial, we're going to get as much feedback as we can and improve Google+ based on that feedback. Once we settle on something good, I'm sure a lot of these features will settle down. Also, giving options is good, but having too many can make the product confusing. The best is to strike a balance between customization and simplicity. Hopefully we can find that balance with your help! =)
+Jamsheed Mohammed that's an interesting idea, and I think if we had it I would use it too. I haven't thought through all of the implications of adding that functionality, but it would be good to submit your idea using Send Feedback so that the right team receives it.
i have already sent it, will do it again :)...thanks for considering and replying ...
The best thing would be you can mention anyone who already can see the post and everyone if you are the owner of the post.
+redas laukys so, I think we need to send a feedback. To me the best way is this:

public post : can be shared by default; anyone can mention everyone; owner can disable resharing.

private post : cannot be shared by default; anyone can mention people who can see the post; owner can mention everyone (new people will be added, if any); owner can enable resharing.
i see chance of people forgetting sharing option in private posts if its made default, which kill the asymmetrical growth of shares concept altogether!!!
+Lee Braiden I don't really agree: if I want to share something with a group of scientists and I do also want others to see it, why should I not make that public? I can make public plus add the circle of scientists I want and send them notifications, if it's important that they see it.
Great news - G+ just got a little bit better. I hope you guys are working on improving the Photos Tab - we really need sorting by Circles there, too...
+Davide Cassenti Circles are not only used for private sharing are also used for taste based sharing too, so taste based sharing comes with re-sharing with next set of people with same taste and goes on...if its disabled by default u cant do tht
+Jamsheed Mohammed true, but if I want to be reshared, I can enable it. Best if I can decide if I want the post to be reshared before sending the post as someone else suggested.
rather don't re-share option at time of posting will be good right ? will be eye catching and will be used the real needy ?
Love you guys. Thanks for all you're doing and for the amount you are communicating with us. Sterling work!
For the love of god, disable the animated gif view at the feed!
Rob G
Hello Vincent thanks so much for the helpful tips my friend I also follow you and added you
Any chance we can get the ability to filter out some of our circles from having posts appear in our main stream? Following people makes the stream really messy really fast. For example I have a circle of bloggers I am following. However, I don't want to see their posts pile up in my stream. I would much rather click on my bloggers circle and see what they are posting publicly so that my stream is filled with people I actually know.
Good news! I wish you would say more specifically when a feature is released. Based on a conversation I had with +Trey Harris I've been telling people that this is how it worked for the last two days. I tested it myself and it seemed to be working like this two days ago. But this post suggests, you've just implemented the change.

So it took me some testing to figure out what the change actually is. What I figured out is that although the person didn't get added or notified on a sharing-disable post before this change, the change you've implemented makes that behavior more apparent because the tool no longer lets you use the @[name] to mention them in post. You just have to type in the whole name, M Sinclair Stevens.

I think the error message terminology is a bit confusing. I think it should say "You can't add people to this discussion because sharing has been disabled on this post."
+M Sinclair Stevens: There was a change.

Until around the time this post appeared, when a post had reshare disabled, the +mentions did not add access if made in comments.

Now you can't make +mentions in comments to posts with reshare disabled at all.
Would be great if Google could widen the frames... the newsfeed is so narrow, I end up having to scroll FOREVER to see more than 2 posts at a time on my screen.
Thanks for listening....

Do you know if anyone is listening to all the discussions going on about the "Grandpa Scenario"? A more fundamental change may be needed to the way circles work in order to get this one cleared up, but it seems like it would be most useful and a much better default setting.

Here's a post with the discussion:

It's been talked about in a bunch of other places too.

Thanks for all your efforts!
BD Berk
you seriously need to allow +/@mentions in PUBLIC (nonsharable) posts. as well as +/@mentions in limited (nonsharable) posts to people who already have access to the post.
Yes, got caught out by this the other day where my intention was to provide a link from the post so that the people shared with could easily jump to their profile. Assumed incorrectly as shared in a small group the mention wouldn't pull the mentioned in to the conversation. Luckily I was being nice about them. Having to go to their profile and copy and paste the url to achieve the aim is a bit cumbersome. As others have mentioned, being able to mention people who are already privy to the post in a non resharable post is probably desired.
How's the expand/collapse comments feature coming w/ option for setting which is default state for new posts?

With "...sometimes it's hard to answer your feature requests without giving away the fact that we're already working on them..." in mind, you're silence will be answer enough... ;)
that's so Zen "you may not unsee that which has been seen"
Google+ is deeper than we all thought.... =)
Fundamentally, it's about decorum and politeness. I like to think of this like "Would you forward a private email?". People who would do that would obviously have no qualms copying and pasting a private circle share. All Google can really do is make it less likely that this happens accidentally.
+Sterling Ledet that's exactly how I see it. You can't solve social problems with engineering solutions. If you try, you'll end up putting too many limitations on people who are well behaved. The best approach is to build engineering solutions that help people make the right social decision.
+Sheldon Schwartz Look for the Send Feedback button at the bottom of the screen. It's also available in the gear menu in the black bar at the top of the page.
Haha! You mean that ever-present-hard-to-miss one? (Duh.) Thanks!
Briiliant! It'll keep the accidental re-posts down. I think that's the most you can ask for in today's instant access.
cant find it now, but I saw your post on taming google+ mention naming your circles with * and imply that it should be alphabetizing the list. Mine is not? They seem to order in the way I create them. Is there an option to alphabetize or to at least drag them into the order I want?
Jenn T
Did that ever get addressed? My circles are not alphabetizing themselves like good little circles ought to do.. grin
Turns out that was in preparation for letting you reorganize your circles yourself - you can now click and drag them to reorder. Since you can reorder them yourself, it no longer makes sense to alphabetize them.
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