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Announcing: +1 a photo!

Hi! I’m +Vincent Mo, an engineering lead on Google+ Photos.

I’m super excited to announce one of the top requested features on Google+ Photos: You can now +1 a photo! Click on a photo to open the lightbox photo viewer, and you’ll see the +1 button at the bottom left side of the photo. Click to +1 the photo, or click the counter to see who else has +1'd it. Try it on the photo below! (Photo credit: +Thomas Hawk)

+1’ing a photo is also available in the latest Google+ iPhone app ( and is coming soon to the Android app and the mobile web site.

Thanks, and keep the feedback coming!
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Why do you always look so good!!!! :)) happy for ya
+Vincent Mo did!
Thanks all 3 of you for this share.

This will always remain one of my favorite photos. Still awaiting my Google t-shirt!
yeah finally...I've already trained myself into not using due to lack of it... :D
Wooooo!!!! The G+ team kicks serious butt for all of the hard work you all do. This is an awesome new feature. Thank you!
I was wondering where the +1 for a photo was. Whoop Whoop
I am not seeing the +1 on the photo either...
To everyone who doesn't see it yet: the feature is still on its way out. You should see it sometime today though.
This doesn't work it's not there.
+Alex Ross you can delete other people's comments by going to Options -> Report/Delete Comments
Well, I'm not seeing the +1 link in the lightbox viewer :-(
+Vincent Mo is it going to be rolled out gradually depending what servers our profiles are hosted on? I don't see it yet either.
Yeah, I figured I would still have to wait for it... :-(
Saw so many shares of this post in my stream...

However, where is the +1 button for the photo? Isn't is not yet available for EVERYONE?
boo Jay
If you build it, they will come.

Wait, what?
Amazing... How nice that Google is receptive to their users unlike the other guys who just randomly make changes that don't really benefit the user! Thank you!
+Alex Ross That's a good piece of feedback. The commenting UI in lightbox diverges quite a bit from the commenting UI in the stream.
I want to +1 this a MILLION times!
Awesome feedback ... glad you guys are listening
+Vincent Mo, can you confirm that this +1 count will be separate to the count of posts with type 'Photo'?

Also, is there any chance you can wander over and start poking the API development team until they give us access to these metrics? :)
Excellent! Thank you!
I don't see that I can do that, yet.
+1 a photo... cool, was so looking forward to that feature, Thank you!
to bad we can't '+1 multiple times this post ;-D !
'was just wondering when you'd enable +1s on pictures !
Great!!! Can't wait to use it when it displays! Thanks the G+ team!
Great and thanks for that, but please some one should explain me something: Why does Google always add the new features in iOS first? Why do we Androrid users and lovers always wait for something that we should get at the first place? There is at least one feature which you will not find in Android App but it is in iOS app (Checked in my Sister's iPhone 3Gs)? In iPhone you can add +1 on a comment in a post by just touching and holding till there is popup sliding to enable you to add a +1 on that comment! I can not find this feature in Android App (not even in the last update of Google+ app)? Why? Thank you!
How about those of us not using Android or iphone apps, when are gonna be able to upload photo's from Web App, it is one of the major draw backs of web app or will we be forced to purchase Android phones, and by forced I mean Google wont bother to upgrade G+ Web App.
Woohoo! Steak and apples for the whole team, on me!
Just when I think I couldn't be any more enamoured with the G+ Photo Team... well, I think the message in the photo says it all - just look at my boobs and you'll see how I really feel. :D Thanks to you and the team, +Vincent Mo! Have I mentioned to you before how ginchy you are? ;)
+Billy Kwong I sometimes think that even Google develops much decent Apps for Apple than for Android! Is that because iOS has much better API? or is it that Google Developers prefer iOS more over the Android!
Just to clarify, I LOVE ANDROID and will always use an Android Smart Phone, but things like this makes me to despair and mad!
Awesome work +Vincent Mo this was probably the number one thing I wanted to see Google Photos do next! And thanks for using my photo to announce it. :)
Sweet!!! Except that I don't see it 8 ( Just tried it on your pic and only see Share there. I am using Chrome.
It's not working for me either. Then again it took days for "what's hot" to appear as a stream for me. Thanks guys for doing this!
Working for me now. Pretty cool.
+Vincent Mo , did we not test this on multiple browsers? Not seeing it Firefox (Mac OS), but seeing it on Chrome (Mac OS).
Andy G
Good stuff, Thx :) ... any chance of a youtube community style 18+ flag so creatives whose material is not for younger eyes can post their work without being the victims of account reporters and prudes ? -- that would be awesome, and one of, if not THE most requested function ever on FB. Would be AWESOME to have it here and quash so much animosity.

Many thx for taking the time to read this request and consider it's merits :)
Isn't "events" the top requested feature?
+Vincent Mo - Excellent feature!! ...But! Every time I view photo details, the exif data goes invisible. It's there for a split second, then gone.

This is happening on multiple Win7 pro computers, running Chrome as primary browser. IE and FF both show the 'Photo Details' panel just fine. I apologize if this is not the correct place to bring this up, but figured I'd give it a shot. :)
+GJ Primus yeah, it's affecting several. ANNOYING. lol... hopefully they will roll out a fix :)
I love the shirts, cool stuff guys :)
How can I get/buy a "I'd +1 that" shirt?
Google+ ... why are you updating your iPhone app before the Android one, and leaving your faithful Google followers waiting? Shouldn't it be the other way around?
Chris S
I really want that shirt! "I'd +1 that"
Kinda funny I was also stopping by the original post to say I want one of the +1 shirts...
Great job, guys! Keep the amazing work up. P.S. I WANT A +1 T-SHIRT :D
Wondering how to get Google staff posts to not show up in my business. No disrespect, but I could give a crap what you folks have to say.
Question, why is anything released for apple products such as iPhones before it is released on an Android product, after all Android is Google.
+Lotus Carroll - "just look at my boobs and you'll see how I really feel. :D" First of all, this is the most entertaining thing I have heard all day. Cheers!

Second, I wonder whether messages thus conveyed are actually more effective because of the medium. There might be something tot it!
+T Benson, meaning just as little disrespect as you did, why are you not interested in hearing about changes to Google+ if you're a Google+ user? Don't you want to know about a tool and service that you use?
+Vincent Mo 2 questions...

1) I don't have it yet, but when I do get it - will I still be able to use the (Photo Zoom) Chrome extension? Given a choice, I'd rather have the Photo Zoom...

2) Where can I get that T-Shirt "I'd +1 that"? Thank you. =o)
Spectacular feature! Now, can I buy you your favorite dish and drink and lets talk about Smart Circles based on machine learning and my interests? ;)
+Andrew Fallows some people here actually want an easy and functional way to communicate with their real life circle. Oh wait, I forgot we left that with facebook...
+Andrew Fallows -- I have gravitated toward G+ lately because has the appearance of being more respectful of privacy to those who prefer it. I would like to keep my online social networking between small groups of people I actually know and like. While I appreciate the developers' transparency in their activities, I believe it kind of undermines the primary advantage of this service over "you-know-who", in that there is apparently no control over who your material is broadcasted to, or lmited from.
+T Benson there is absolute control over who your material is broadcasted to. That's the thing with G+ -- if you only want a certain few friends to see something then just put them in a circle and only broadcast it to that circle.
+T Benson and don't forget you can "lock" a post and/or disable comments. Locking prevents re-sharing.
+Daniel Coffey What other function would you assign to the mouse button? I find it very convenient for scrolling through pictures as opposed to click, click, clicking through.
thanks for updating this feature !..I waited for this feature from the very next day when the g+ was launched at beta phase..
Great feature addition. +1
How about some organizational tools instead? That would be a lot better than +1ing a photo. I would like to be able to control and edit my photos, not "like" them. I posted them because I liked them in the first place. Thank you.
You guys are uber fast! Now I gotta find that shirt. ARGH!
Slow in getting used to the +1 stuff, but getting there. I do not, however, like having lost the direct link to my Picasa page and don't think the newer system is anywhere near as friendly or useful. Does not show any of the individual album info or pic captions which I rely on to share location, comments, etc. Sure hope my, now forced, link to Picasa does not die off and leave me with only this option. I will be VERY distressed!
can the people in the media get a memo to start calling this "G+" seriously... sometimes I don't know what they're talking about... everyone, circle me baby!!!
It'd be so cool if you guys made Google Reader back to the way it was. I don't think I'm going to survive this transition. I particularly miss sharing in that space.
hey, how can you make a photo your profile picture? It took me too long to discover it the first time.. it was tricky... actually by now I've forgotten how to do it ...
+Jesús A. González Click on your name, once it goes to your profile, click edit profile. Under the picture it will say "edit", click and voila!
Thanks for all the Google candy.
You guys are doing a awesomely awesome job.
lolz....not really a good news, since this requested already been repeat n repeat on FB, google+ should do more than beyond...

we move from FB to google+, not only want to see some new features, we need some beyond features that never see before
yaaaay!!! finally!!!
Perhaps, you can make a rating list for photos according to their +1s, such as Top 100 list for photo.
+Vincent Mo Thats very nice and everything but what about fixing the things that are not working properly? You have a very weird issue here with moving picture files that defies all logic. These are files that are recognized by every single browser known to man. But for some unidentifiable reason. Google seems to be very picky about which ones it chooses to recognize and which ones it does not. Not only that. but if one is attached to your name.when it gets posted, it works in the stream but not the notification????? C'mon. Its not that hard is it?.. And this appears to be a regression rather than progress. This isn't personal either so please don't take it that way. But this has been an issue since the day I arrived here. And seeing new functions before the old ones that don't work are fixed does not appear to be a good omen. That kind of thing used to go on at another site that was once very popular and things like that only serve as a reminder that no one wants to see. That's why many of us are here. Thank you for your time.
Can I get that Google+ T shirt please
So let me see. Google took care of IPhone first and not Android users first? Hmm I thought family came first. I stand corrected. Still love Google and my Android but not feeling the love back. I would think that family (supporters) would come first.
Hi. +Vincent Mo . I'm with +Juan Gonzalez III and thousands of others in wondering why the heck you enabled this on the iPhone first. I know it is another division, but if Google as a company wants userland (that'd be us) to buy android enabled phones, then we need to see the 'mothership' showing loyalty to us. Otherwise, I might as well go out and buy a damn Nokia! (Maybe not THAT extreme, but you get my point)
Maybe the +1 button should be gray/black/white to match the background? Just sayin'...
Hi Vincent, is your son Joseph Mo?
oh it horror were will the madness end is going be to point +1 an photo inside that photo is another +1 and so on lol!!!
Excellent, lovely and creative too..nice one.
+YuanFa Yang There are many factors that determine when certain features are implemented on various platforms. Rest assured all the teams are working very hard, as I'm sure you do. One of the many reasons I don't personally answer every question within minutes of it being posted is that I'm actually quite busy, believe it or not. :)
I'm confused re photo... I did... and nothing exciting was there! ;-0
The only feature I would like now is hiding certain photos from specific circles.
You're going to get some serious reshares, Vincent. I'm happy to see you announcing such an expected update.

I have one small gripe with the button itself, though: you went through so much trouble to really make the photo stand out (you even changed the translucent background for solid black) that now the +1 button, white with primary colours, stands out a lot too. Wouldn't using an alternate, darker version be possible?
Sean S
+Vincent Mo , will there be more editing options (rearranging photos, add location to a photo, etc.) in the future through Google Photos on Google Plus? Currently these options are only available through Picasa web.
iPhone before Android, eh? That seems a strange twist of loyalty. ;-)
+Vincent Mo : My pleasure to make and supply Tee Shirt as picture according to required size out of Bangladesh .. lol :)
I'd like to see SLIDESHOW and FULL SCREEN features added to Google+ Photo's!
+Vincent Mo oh, I see, thanks for pointing out.

An additional issue (that I noticed after a while using the feature) is that the list of people who +1'd the photo is damn hard to close: you must click the tiny x at the top right corner of the list, because clicking anywhere else will perform an undesired action: clicking the photo area will move to the next photo, and clicking outside will close the lightbox.

One possible solution would be to click the counter again to close the list, but that wouldn't bee too discoverable either. If you guys could make the counter trigger the list on hover, and close the list when moving the cursor away, that would be perfect.

Wow, that's the problem with developing nice stuff! Give us a treat, we ask for more ;-)
Many of you have made great suggestions in your comments, and I want to make sure they don't get lost! Please submit your suggestions in the "Send feedback" button at the bottom right corner or in the gear menu at the top right corner. After all, "Send feedback" reports are how we decided to prioritize the lightbox +1 button. :)
Sean S
Possible bug with photos:
If I select an album cover using Picasa Web, the album cover becomes the first photo displayed on Google Photos in Google Plus. This issue occurs when I access the album through the photos tab in my profile, through the photo icon above, and through the title of the album above the photos in posts. This issue does not occur if a photo itself is clicked in a post.
Great! Thanks for improving Google+ :)
Very slick little update...well done...and, thanks!
Awesome addition +Vincent Mo . Kudos for listening to the public requests. This is why i love G+ so much.
I would like to see a -1 option something like youtube with a bar as well. Just a thought keep up the good work.
+Vincent Mo : " Many of you have made great suggestions in your comments, and I want to make sure they don't get lost! Please submit your suggestions in the "Send feedback" button at the bottom right corner or in the gear menu at the top right corner. After all, "Send feedback" reports are how we decided to prioritize the lightbox +1 button. :)"
The problem with this way of getting feeback is that you googlers can have a right view of what is requested, but we G+ers don't, so we may repeat so many times an idea, more or less well explained, instead of just "+1" an idea if we have the same or simply agree with it.

I definitely want google to use a google way to get feedback, much better than a classic "send feeback" form. +Googlers : let's go google way !
+Lotus Carroll " I think the message in the photo says it all - just look at my boobs and you'll see how I really feel."
Like +Andrew Fallows , I quite appreciated that statement, and like many commenters, I like +Vincent Mo 's Tshirt. And I admit I wish Vincent and Lotus swap Tshirt : would be a nice visual entertainment as well ...
I know this is kind of messed up, but I don't like seeing what the people at Google look like. I like to think of them as looking like Gods or angels :-/
The fact that the "I'd +1 that" shirt isn't on the google store site is distressing.
Nice! Glad to see the steady stream of improvements
Very clever to have the photos "linked" like that. Self-describing the feature when clicking them. Does that work the same for all photos in an album/group? Never messed with my photos at all here on G+.
Yuuuuhuuuuuuuu I've been waiting for this from some time :) T H A N K YOU!!
Sean S
An issue with uploading photos on Google Plus is that you can upload only 86 photos at a time. You have to wait until the 86 photos are uploaded before you can click "add more" to start uploading more photos to the album.
Sean S
I'd like to see an edit mode in the light box. When adding captions to a photo, it is very easy to accidentally click on the dark area outside the caption field, which closes the light box. Edit mode would lock this so that it doesn't close the light box.
+Isak Mongan - "Send feedback" is the official way to contact the Google+ team. The Moderator page is a neat idea, but it's not regularly monitored by anyone at Google that I know of.
+jer kar - we actually count how many people request each feature, so it's a great thing if lots of people request the same thing! It tells us that it's a popular feature.
+Kim Nilsson Yes, clicking any photo that was posted from Google+ will open it in the lightbox photo viewer.
+Renise Black have you submitted that as feedback? If more people request it, it's more likely to get done. :)
+Vincent Mo: how long until the lightbox notices browser-window resize and in turn resizes the image appropriately? It's pretty annoying to have to exit the lightbox and reenter just to make the image bigger (which is frequently necessary for screenshots with tiny and/or script text).
Love the "I'd +1 that" t-shirt! Is it available or "employee only"?
+Greg Roelofs - can you submit that through "Send feedback" so we don't forget to take a look at that please?
The "I'd +1 that" shirt was a limited run, sadly
Sean S
Can the "Send feedback" be used to report bugs?
+Vincent Mo: Yes sir--I did that, too. :-)

(There's no "Send feedback" button in lightbox mode, though, and the screenshot capability doesn't seem to be compatible with transient effects like that, anyway.)
Mee Rak
+Vincent Mo it'd be nice if we could zoom in on pics in the lightbox.
HI +Vincent Mo I have been using Picasa for a while I actually pay for space... I was wondering with all these changes to Picasa and Google Photos while sharing albums with friends and family I have been getting complaints of them not being able to download the album and the link being greyed out... ?? any help anybody?
At the risk of sounding too much like "Me too", this was the number one item on my list. I prefer to +1 a lot of individual photos and don't comment as much, so this is a great feature! Thanks for listening to the user base!
Sjeez totally missed this! Great feature to have! Was missing this..thanks +Vincent Mo and the whole Google+ team
+Vincent Mo you're right, even if I think plussing an already existing feature request is also a good way to evaluate how popular this feature could be. But indeed plussing a request and doing the same request aren't exactly the same.
However, should be a more googly way.
I saw as well feature request voting page.
definitely more googly already. But I think something yet better is possible. May I send you a suggestion for this ?
Does a +1 of a photo have to throw that photo (individually) back into the stream? If you load an album of 20 photos and someone hits +1 in every photo, the stream will become flooded with individual photos. Is there any way around this?
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