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Vincent Messina
Everything good comes from Italy
Everything good comes from Italy


Once upon a time, I was angry. Now, not as much.
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The Moral High Ground of the Left

Sadly, the left doesnt get tolerance any more than the right.

This is a scary trend on college campuses, and very very very frankly, at least ONE reason why MANY were happy to vote for an American dictator.

The left movement is as scary if NOT MORE scary than ANYTHING Trump has planned for us.

If you cant see collective dictatorship in the suppression of dissenting points of view, then you have ZERO right to EVER comment or opine on freedom, rights or the American way.

And note, screaming "Fuck You Bitch" is NOT the expression of a point of view.
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American Voters Struck a Chord for Orange Men and Woman All Over the World.
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Being a Congressman Used to Mean Something

Long long ago, in a Galaxy far far away, being a US Congressman meant you had a brain. You may have had strange ideas on policy, but you had a brain.

This letter, linked to here, sent by a Rep House Member, to media stations, symbolizes ALL you need to know about the devolution of the American system.

That this moron got elected says ALL we need to know about the devolution of the collective intelligence of the American people.

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Im Proud

Why, you ask?

Because someone following me in Facebook cannot tell who I support in this election.

Why am I proud, you ask?

Because I make it a habit to avoid talking about partisan issues and try very hard to focus on just THE issues.

More Americans would benefit to do the same.
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My New Favorite Writer

This dude says it better, but says exactly what I said about Iraq when the fools who run this country thought invasion was a good thing.

The toughest thing for many Americans to grasp is, being American is not something everyone covets.

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QED, Case and Point

He cant fathom, much like many Americans, that it is NOT a false equivalency to feel or believe that American politicians have failed us, again and again.

The two candidates are NO exception.

They are different, on many fronts. But one category they are the same. They do NOT care enough about you or me to make either of them worth arguing over.

Stay close to your family and friends no matter what. They are more important than ever before.
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Better IRL

+Pam Adger is even better in real life!
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Marketing Dentistry?

Seriously, does anyone besides dentists like going to the dentist?


So, think it through. Will marketing dentistry get you the biggest bang for your investment in marketing, given that almost the entire universe hates dental procedures?


OK, glad we agree. Now what?

Easy and simple.

Create a fun and personable brand. ;)

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