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What do you do when your #bigdata  outpaces your cluster? The folks at +Qubole say you should just Drag 'n Drop! How's that #Hadoop?

#apache-spark #apache-hive #nosql  
Introduction As the Big Data stack has matured, many companies have started using large clusters for running business critical applications. Workloads in such clusters are often long running (for hours or even days) and restarting a cluster poses a big problem: What happens to jobs that are already running? Restarting all these jobs wastes a …
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Vincent Lowe

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Predatory piggyback video! Uses a popular YouTube title to lure viewers in to see their (actually very lame) self-promotion video.
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Vincent Lowe

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Laying in the infrastructure to get Enterprise class data analytics keeps getting easier. Take a look and see how you could get started right away. #bigdata  #apache-spark #apache-hive #nosql  
Choosing a big data-as-a-service company can be tough. Here are the things you should consider when it's time to make a decision.
The world of big data is all around us. Transactions, sensors, social media, mobile devices, wearables, and a host of other sources are generating datasets of unprecedented volume, velocity and variety. This big data explosion presents enormous opportunities for organizations that are able to capture, manage, and analyze massive volumes of disparate data for insights …
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Vincent Lowe

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Has anyone else been exploring Bookmark+ as a tool for cloud storage and organization of knowledge links? I'd love to hear about your experiences with it.
Your Bookmarks are not Zombies! Organize, Discover & Share great content with
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Vincent Lowe

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Most people think of Enterprise class corporations when we say #bigdata  but you might also think of the possibilities for collaboration and community good. #hadoop  #apache-spark 
Major funding agencies should ensure that large biological data sets are stored in cloud services to enable easy access and fast analysis, say Lincoln D.
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Vincent Lowe

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Not everyone believes this yet, but ignore it at your own peril. Yang says, "Companies are now in an 'arms race' for data. Businesses that don't adopt predictive [data] will be left in the dust,"   #bigdata   #apachespark   #apachehive  
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Heh. Is this a prediction?
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Vincent Lowe

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Everyone has a perspective on what we believe about gamification. It's just that mine is the right one!

 #edtech #education #corporatetraining   #educationdesign   #edchat  
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Vincent Lowe

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It's been an interesting run. And the best is yet to come! #hadoop  #apache-hive #apache-spark #nosql  
Another look at Hadoop Happenings. This time, we check out some of the coolest big data products that have been released so far this year.
Grab the latest news and commentary about Hadoop in one place with this week’s Hadoop Happenings. This week Gartner once again addressed the question of, “what is hadoop?” Several posts addressed big data challenges, and LANDR gained funding for its intelligent mastering engine. See the full stories below. 1. Now, What is Hadoop? In …
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Vincent Lowe

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The good news just keeps rolling in.
Did you know that Planetary Resources is about to field test some of their technology? ISS will be deploying their test spacecraft soon.

Planetary's goal is to mine asteroids. That is their actual business plan.
Our co-Founders Peter Diamandis and Eric Anderson often refer to this time in history as being “exponential”. This phrase is ringing true with our team this year, as we forge a path towards asteroid prospecting with two launches in 2015 of our technology demonstration spacecraft! The first of these spacecraft launched successfully into space today....
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Vincent Lowe

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Vincent Lowe

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Somebody knows how to tame the elephant. #bigdata  #apache-hive #apache-spark #hadoop  
In this week's Hadoop Happenings, look for the common problems found when using Hadoop. The article also discusses how to overcome those challenges.
Grab the latest news and commentary about Hadoop in one place with this week’s Hadoop Happenings. This week Gartner once again addressed the question of, “what is hadoop?” Several posts addressed big data challenges, and LANDR gained funding for its intelligent mastering engine. See the full stories below. 1. Now, What is Hadoop? In …
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Vincent Lowe

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Sure is looking good down at Van Ness and Market. Somebody's been working it here.
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Here is my grand thought for today. As I await my CT Scan results, I have thought about life and death and sickness and health. I have decid

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This is the sort of place you take your out-of-town guests to visit when they are in town. It's authentic, it's open late, and the black bean soup is worth a drive across town. The Portuguese fare is complemented with typical burgers and soups for the more pedestrian tastes, but we recommend letting the kitchen show you what they've got. You'll be impressed.
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We've always found the staff to be friendly and helpful. The cupcakes are remarkable and we often drive many miles out of our way to have some. This is a one-of-a-kind destination.
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...the agonizing part about getting a Via Mia pizza is the time between when you get it and when you can put it in your mouth. The aroma assaults you even through the thick sides of the take-home box. When it's Via Mia night at our house, I always volunteer to drive, but I'm always in trouble when I arrive with pieces missing.
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Professionalism, courtesy, prompt polite service. It's all here. If you can't get an appointment right away, it's because others know this is the right choice. It will be worth the wait!
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reviewed 2 years ago partner and I were far from home (Northern California is a long way from Maine, after all) but we were able to get a great haircut, and a wonderful style/cut from a very competent stylist. Nikki was friendly, professional, and very good with both of us. I had the feeling that we'd get the same great service from any of the hairdressers in Cliff's excellent salon. (Don't look too hard for Cliff, he's not there anymore though.) The price was very reasonable, and the service was great. I recommend it. ---v
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