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I can never get enough of this stuff. More, more!
5000 years in 10 Minutes
A geopolitical history of all empires, nations, kingdoms, armies and republics. More than 500 world maps spanning all historical events up to today. Turn on annotations for labels if you cannot read the key in the upper-left corner.

Link to GIF animation covering 3500 B.C. to 43 A.D.
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Now I want to play Civ...
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Vincent Lowe

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You can watch for a lot of good news and big insights to land in the next couple of weeks. #bigdata #datascience #apachespark #apachehadoop
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Vincent Lowe

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When Data Science comes to Learning Administration, expect Education to be transformed. #edtech #edchat
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Vincent Lowe

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If Double Rainbow had been shot in New England - and if it had been a baby whale instead of a rainbow - and if it were still a lot of good meat!
“It’s a fu—in’ baby whale!” Every Masshole stereotype proven true in hilarious video, plus a bonus “Jaws” mashup.
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Okay, I still laugh every time!
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Mace Windu rises from the grave to become Vader......
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Vincent Lowe

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Made for you, this was! #starwars   #beatles   #loveandtheforce  
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Vincent Lowe

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I think it won't be very long now before we stop calling it #bigdata  and we just start talking about how #datascience  is changing the way all of us do business.

At Strata this time, keep an eye out for how #apachespark  is moving down market to be within reach of small and medium sized businesses.
Let's look ahead to Strata/Hadoop World NY. Check out what will be the three major big data themes there.
Grab the latest news and commentary about Hadoop in this week’s Hadoop Happenings. This week Google and Cloudera announced new product offerings, and BlueCross discussed its big data initiative seeking to bring more transparency to the healthcare industry. See the full stories below. 1. Google Launches Cloud Dataproc, A Managed Spark and Hadoop Big Data …
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Vincent Lowe

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Well, Clayton Kershaw throws a one-hit shutout and NOW I can let go of the summer. It was a great ride ‪#‎sfgiants‬, filled with moments I won't forget. And I guess there's still a bit of baseball remaining, I'll watch some of it.
But for me now, the summer is behind us and it's time to turn our attention to serious things. Like trades, and salary negotiations, and getting ready for Spring Training!

(photo credit: Trey Ratcliffe)
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Vincent Lowe

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User Stories for G+

I want to be able to view a list of my circle constituents along with stats like: most recent post, number of circles I've assigned them to, and number of common connections so that I can trim the least relevant ones from my list - especially if I begin to hit a limit for new connections.

I want to be able to create several new posts at one sitting, and schedule them to appear at an appropriate time so that I don't have to manually log in and create the post at the target time. I may be busy with something else at that time.

I want to be able to automate mentions of my work on other platforms (such as blog posts, event photo streams, and event announcements on ticketing platforms) so that my connection pool on G+ does not occur as a walled garden that requires a human messenger to bring the news in on horseback.

Just a few ideas we've been kicking around the office.

#googlepluswishlist   #featurerequest   #teardownthewall  
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Vincent Lowe

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Vehemently denying something that has solid scientific underpinnings is a hallmark of someone with a specific agenda not related to the truth of the matter. (Warning sign: Look to see if they get angry while discussing a matter that concerns scientific observations.)
Here's the chart that makes utter-clear how deceitful and stunningly evil are Ted Cruz and Rupert Murdoch and every single denialist who used the "no warming in the last 17 years" talking point.  Did none of you ask: "why SEVENTEEN years specifically?" It was in order to peg the "before" comparison on 1998, the hottest year in human history....

... that is, till this year, when suddenly Cruz etc have dropped the “17 years” line and referring to 1998… because it has lost its usefulness.  And yes, El Nino years are spikes.  But a sapient person would look at the chart… (yes, go LOOK at it! This is the chart Republicans have used)…and let it speak. 

Then listen to the brilliant men and women who have successfully modeled climate on SIX Planets. And other geniuses who gave us the FOURTEEN DAY weather forecast. They are smarter than you and me and a whole lot more honest than your cavalcade of liars, on Fox.
Global temperature records continue to tumble, with August easily the hottest in 124 years of data, Japan's Meteorological Agency says.
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Vincent Lowe

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This weekend (Sunday), the top films from San Jose 48 Hour Film Project #48hfp will screen at Camera Cinema downtown. Hope you'll be there with us to applaud the award winners.
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Vincent Lowe

commented on a video on YouTube.
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I pressed the up-thumb by mistake. I meant to HATE this movie.
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breath life

Here is my grand thought for today. As I await my CT Scan results, I have thought about life and death and sickness and health. I have decid

2015 STAGE: Chekhov Vaudeville Shorts. ART Plays Around. Friday Mar 20th...

Best out of virtual worlds. Potential of virtual worlds. Media, Education, Learning Games Collaboration Resources, Virtual meetings.

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Question:I'm 30 yr. old male and I followed 21-day meditation program to meditate and already see a lot of difference in my life, attitude,

This is the sort of place you take your out-of-town guests to visit when they are in town. It's authentic, it's open late, and the black bean soup is worth a drive across town. The Portuguese fare is complemented with typical burgers and soups for the more pedestrian tastes, but we recommend letting the kitchen show you what they've got. You'll be impressed.
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We've always found the staff to be friendly and helpful. The cupcakes are remarkable and we often drive many miles out of our way to have some. This is a one-of-a-kind destination.
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...the agonizing part about getting a Via Mia pizza is the time between when you get it and when you can put it in your mouth. The aroma assaults you even through the thick sides of the take-home box. When it's Via Mia night at our house, I always volunteer to drive, but I'm always in trouble when I arrive with pieces missing.
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5 reviews
Professionalism, courtesy, prompt polite service. It's all here. If you can't get an appointment right away, it's because others know this is the right choice. It will be worth the wait!
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reviewed 2 years ago partner and I were far from home (Northern California is a long way from Maine, after all) but we were able to get a great haircut, and a wonderful style/cut from a very competent stylist. Nikki was friendly, professional, and very good with both of us. I had the feeling that we'd get the same great service from any of the hairdressers in Cliff's excellent salon. (Don't look too hard for Cliff, he's not there anymore though.) The price was very reasonable, and the service was great. I recommend it. ---v
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