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"Undying, Everliving"
By +Brent Clark Death Valley National Park (CA)
Hey all, just a reminder that my gallery at the Bos Meadery in Madison will be up for THREE more evenings! I'll be taking it down Saturday morning. If you'd like to see some of my best photos printed large in an awesome gallery setting, you should swing on by! This photo is included.
I love to photograph sand dunes because they come in cool shapes that make interesting swoopy lines, and they catch light really well. The tough part is that there is a very narrow window of time to photograph them in this kind of light, right around sunrise and sunset - I'm talking minutes or even seconds. Additionally, they're tough to walk on. It's like walking on the beach or through snow, except for everything is a giant hill. Worth it though!
I'll leave you with my favorite quote about sand. It is brilliantly written and delivered in Star Wars Episode II: "I don't like sand. It's course, rough, irritating, and it gets everywhere." Wow, that's deep.
More photos and prints available at!
Captured: February 2015
Camera: Nikon D610
Lens: Nikon 70-200mm
Settings: ISO100, 70mm, f/11, 1/40sec - Brent Clark

#photography   #landscape   #deathvalley   #desert
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Vincent Lagrandmaison

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Vincent Lagrandmaison

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Vincent Lagrandmaison

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"Neon Waves"
By +Adam Kavalunas Sandstone has an amazing ability to take on the colors of its surroundings. This area is often photographed at sunset with beautiful golden hues, but long ago Tony Kuyper suggested I explore mid morning and see how different the colors are. A large reddish sandstone ridge illuminates the vertical ledges with a warm reflected glow, while the shaded cool blues are coming from the reflected sky. Photograph this area in the middle of the day with total overcast, and it's a dull yellowish orange. Sandstone is amazing! - Adam Kavalunas

#photography   #landscape #desert   #sandstone
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Vincent Lagrandmaison

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Endless Fields of the Eastern Shore (Prince Edward Island)
Check how photo looked straight from the camera, how it was taken and processed

Ater visiting Prince Edward Island on many occasions in the last 10 years It was the first time I got to drive along the Eastern Shote of the island.

It looked different and unique compared to other parts of PEI. It has a high shore with view on Nova Scotia across the Northumberland Strait and the endless farm fields.

It was a pure driving photo trip experience. I was driving without any specific places to visit just trying to spot something interesting and beautiful. When I spotted this view I just stopped the car and took a couple of shots from the side of the road.


I took 3 bracketed shots on a tripod (-1, 0, +1) as I usually do.

I used single RAW image editing in Lightroom. I described the process in Lightroom Rapid Editing System for Landscapes.

But this time I introduced the editing twist to Rapid Editing.

First I applied Lightroom preset Drought from my Landscape Collection with the following Lightroom Preset Editing Formula: Drought (1, 8, 30 ).

Next, I created a Virtual Copy of the image and applied another preset, this time Point Lobos with the following Lightroom Preset Editing Formula: Point Lobos (9, 20, 30).

Finally, I loaded both versions to Photoshop as individual layers and blended them together using the Transparency Masks and the Brush Tool. 
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Vincent Lagrandmaison

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"The Unexpected"
By +José Ramos This image was shot right on the main access to the Skogafoss waterfall, as soon as you leave the Ring Road. It was shot in June 2016, at 3 am, when the sun was starting to wake up the skies with powerful magenta tones. As soon as you leave the Ring Road, you just know than in about 5 minutes you'll be standing in front of one of the most epic waterfalls in the world, so it's very easy to not even look around our surroundings. Fortunately on this day I did, captivated by gorgeous lupine flowers on the side of the road. The sky was burning with color, so I decided to leave the car and scout a bit, which allowed me to find this fantastic combination of lupines, river, mountain and sunrise light.
Not an easy photo to make, due to wind and lupine movement. As usual, I don't like to do exposure blending so had to make it work in a single exposure. A shutter speed of 1/15th second was the slowest I could go without blurring the lupines too much, while still allowing sufficient light to enter the sensor and not having to increase ISO too much. Aperture was f8, the largest I could use to still keep a large depth of field. Once more I went for the Sony 10-18mm at 13mm on Full Frame. Full scene exposure was made possible with the use of a Nisi 4 stop soft ND Grad filter.
Location: Skogar, Iceland
Technical data:
Sony a7R + Sony 10-18mm f4 at 13mm
Aperture: f8
Shutter speed: 1/15th second
ISO: 800
Nisi 4 stop soft ND Grad filter
Vanguard Alta 283CT tripod + BBH-300 ballhead
Terrascape filter bag - José Ramos

#photography   #landscape   #iceland   #sunrise
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Vincent Lagrandmaison

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"The Search"
By Max Rive This mountain view towards Landmannalaugar will be visited during my upcoming Iceland Adventure Tour next summer in the beginning of July. We will also visit snow caves, waterfalls, glacier rivers, hot springs and many other secret locations.
I’m also proud to announce that Shane Wheel, an incredible photographer, teacher and mountain guide, will also guide 1 tour in Iceland on the end of August. See my website in case you want to join me or Shane on this photography adventure.
The photo itself is nothing original and the processing was difficult with all the lens flare. The wind was incredibly strong that morning and I had to be careful will flying sand and stones. Still, it shows the beauty of this area and I can’t wait to do a better job with a group next summer. - Max Rive

#photography   #landscape   #iceland   #sunrise
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Vincent Lagrandmaison

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