Operational Research - Management Science Circle

OR and MS are hard to define in a sentence but the wikipedia page (http://goo.gl/maQ3) says something like this:

Operational research (OR) encompasses a wide range of problem-solving techniques and methods applied in the pursuit of improved decision-making and efficiency, such as simulation, mathematical optimization, queueing theory and other stochastic-process models, Markov decision processes, econometric methods, data envelopment analysis, neural networks, expert systems, decision analysis, and the analytic hierarchy process.

I describe it to my parents (perhaps incorrectly) as the application of mathematical techniques to solving problems.

+Bo Jensen keeps a list of anyone involved in #orms  on G+ the link to that list is here: http://goo.gl/Th71w

Not everyone on that list is active and some of the active people don't post publicly. I thought I'd share my circle of #orms  people that:

A) I find interesting (this is my personal opinion and I don't pretend that these are the only interesting #orms  people on G+).
B) Post publicly about #orms  (there are some really interesting #orms  people that I have in other circles but am not sharing here as they don't post publicly so I guess they like to keep things limited).

I'll try and re-share this circle regularly so if there's anyone I'm missing please point them out :)

(I in no way pretend that I've got everybody that obeys A) and B), if you're not in this circle I might just have missed you - my apologies...)
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