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Thanks so much to +Mark Hendry Olson for pointing this out!

This looks brilliant!

This supports real time collaboration! (which scribtex and 'the other one' didn't). This could be the cloud based LaTeX editor that everyone's been waiting for.
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Very nice, easy export to zip (so you're not bound to their service).

The only thing missing is fast compilation. Compiling still asks for clicking a button and downloading the entire PDF (unless I missed something). A split view (where only the seen part of the PDF needs to be downloaded) would be a great advantage.
(it might be because I've got a pdf viewer installed as an extension for chrome somewhere...)
I'm using FF 10 So the full set of HTML5 set is there.

But even if you use in-browser PDF plugin (default in Chrome), you need to download the entire PDF (which can be quite big). You just don't need to select the download location of the PDF in that case.
Ah I'm with you now, sorry! I thought you meant download the file and view it externally. :)
Just registered and playing with this. Now this really is awesome.
Just invited you to a shared project :)
Now if only there was a similar (functioning!) version for Markdown (my preferred method for producing LaTeX quickly).
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