Help: examples of computer assisted mathematics needed.

I'm in the middle of preparing a new course on computing/coding for mathematicians. I'm hoping to include a bunch of examples of computer assisted mathematics.

I use the term mathematics in a loose sense to include 'things' that are not necessarily proofs:

- identifying conjectures;
- visualisations;
- etc

As such I'd love to hear any examples anyone might have and/or be able to point me towards.

I'm familiar with the 'well known' results that can be found on this +Wikipedia page:

I can also recommend the book 'A=B' by  Petkovsek, Wilf and Zeilberger which you can download here:


(if anyone is kind enough to share this and gets some good suggestions on their comments: please do ping me :))

Here's a link to an equivalent blog post I've just written in the hope of maximum exposure:
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