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Watch till the end (your heart rate might raise until then) and remember the date.

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a much better setup that using ctrl-shift-w as a way to manage your privacy settings
"... it's not enough to go to infinity. You have to go to super-infinity!" Hillarious! :)
The last argument is wrong by the way (even for the 1st of April), i.e. "if 0.9999... is close to 1, but less than one ..." ... there is a property of the limit: if a[n] < b[n], for any n then lim a[n] ≤ lim b[n] ... as a result, if b[n] = 1 and a[n] = 9/10 + ... + 9/10^n, there is still a chance for the equality to happen :)
But I've had students who do this "math" the exact same way — even when it's not April 1...
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