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+Paul Hurtado and +Maggie Koerth-Baker shared a circle of mathematicians and subsequently my circle count went through the roof!

For completeness, here's my mathematicians circle (who are not necessarily all active, I'm afraid) :)

If you are one of the new people who added me via one of the above circle shares please leave a comment so that I actually find out who reads what I post... Also, please let me know what you do so I know in which circle I should put you :)

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I'm one of the new people :-). I'm a software developer and am interested in mathematics in general, but my knowledge stops at B.Sc. level, so not sure what percentage of the posts I'll be able to follow.

I'm just trying this out. I think I already added too many people and can't handle the amount of information coming my way...

I don't think you need to add us back. I was expecting to see your public posts. But if you create/have a circle for "my type" with appropriate content that would be great.
All my maths content is public, so I'm asking where to circle you guys to see what sort of output you might produce... :) I most certainly won't be circling everybody, but don't want to miss any other mathematicians or people whose output might interest me...

As far as adding "too many people" is concerned, in my opinion that problem sorts itself out as long as you don't spend too long looking at your actual stream. It's much easier to look at individual circles. So for example I'm putting you in my developers circle and when I'm in the mood to see what's going on in that realm I'll simply click on my developers circle.

After about a month on G+ I completely gave up on reading posts from my stream, it is just too big and heterogeneous. Reading posts from particular circles is my advice. (Which is why I asked if anybody was reading what I output as I guess I might just have been added to some abstract circle that no one ever looks at...) :)
+Vincent Knight I disagree with you on this one :-) Keeping your stream very compressed is important, I mean what good is it to get a tons of information if you don't read it ? And having many followers who doesn't read your post either also makes little sense to me. What I don't like about twitter are all the noise in followers, I mean you get auto followers who either spam you or want to pump their own follower number, which limits your view on true reach.
BTW : I actually reads every post you make, I guess it makes me an old-school guy :-)
haha... +Bo Jensen, you and I will always disagree on this one... (my point is simply to compress your circles and not worry about your stream but anyway let's just agree to disagree :) )
+Vincent Knight NOOO I won't agree on disagreeing, I am out to pick the first web-fight of the day..can't you tell my anger ? :-)
Haha - calm down guys ;) Enjoy the weekend. 
Hi there, I arrived here via +Maggie Koerth-Baker.

My output's mostly news about the story I'm writing, sometimes updates on my work in the Dutch magazine publishing trade.
It's a sci fi story exploring aspects of human interaction. I try to keep it realistic, as far as that's possible with the subject matter. I've been influenced by a couple of poems I really liked, and wanted to do something with that inspiration.
+Vincent Knight, I suppose I need to organize my circles for reading vs. writing. I'll put all my "close" circles also into one "main stream" so I don't miss anything important and the casual reading ones in separate circles by topic. Thanks for the tip.

However, I think G+ still have work to do here - having to do all this is annoying and there's no way I'm going to recommend it to my mom :-(

Also, categorizing someone on a social network in just one dimension is a problem. My posts are rarely on software development and when I view my mathematicians circle I may be more interested in their mathematics than their political views (or the other way around), but I'd get both...
+Ronnie Maor In theory the people posting politics and math to same circle should write to two different (might be overlapping) circles. But really few people does that which is a shame, but I also see it requires some annoying extra work.
+Bo Jensen The problem is that the only way to let people follow you anonymously (twitter style) is to post public. So you could say that you have a "one dimensional" public persona (only post publicly on that topic and kittens, kids, politics, etc. go on circles) but it's a limitation. I hope G+ will change the model a bit to fix it.
+Ronnie Maor I agree on the problem with following anonymously, currently I am not sure what the fix could be, but as it is now where everybody posts in public to attract followers, will hit us later as a boomerang IMO. Even the tools is there, user behavior is hard to control.
That's basically what I do +Ronnie Maor ... My public posts are professional (i.e. mathematics, teaching etc...). My private posts are about various other things (I like my rugby for example) and allow me to connect to friends, family etc...
Fair enough +Vincent Knight . I'll consider doing that myself. But that would mean I'd post stuff that now goes into "public" in the "my circles" category, which means spamming people who haven't followed me back. I guess you ignore the "incoming" stream (I do).
Yeah I ignore the incoming stream as well so I'm not spammed...
Anyway, didn't mean to hijack the post for this. Thanks a lot for sharing how you work with G+ and looking forward to reading your posts!
Hi, I added you some weeks ago, I'm a spanish maths teacher in a High School, and I'm looking forward to meet some people with an interest in improvement of maths teaching, as I thougt that G+ could be a great tool to meet other teachers.
i learned this math circle thru Paul Hurtado. i love math tho my background is quite limited. (i'm thinking about studying some college math again and graduate level ones someday. it's me-teaching-myself kinda study, so it will take time, but that's the whole purpose of going to college anyway, right?) As for the output, i'm fairly new to G+, so i won't be posting much. if i do, it will probably be related to teaching.
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