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Vincent Knight
I'm a Third Culture Kid currently working as a lecturer in Operational Research at Cardiff University
I'm a Third Culture Kid currently working as a lecturer in Operational Research at Cardiff University

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Anscombe's quartet and queueing theory.

Anscombe's quartet is this neat collection of four data sets that all have the same mean, standard deviation and other summary measures but when plotted look very different.

It's often used to highlight the importance of being familiar with your data. Here's a blog post where I look at the effect of variability on a queueing system. I use +Geraint Palmer's discrete event simulation Python library (ciw) to quickly simulate a bunch of single server queues under different service time distributions.

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Back in October I did a flipped learning workshop with a group of two-year college faculty and support staff in eastern Pennsylvania, who were embarking on a multi-campus, multi-year project to convert courses over to flipped learning design. Today they sent me this video they made for faculty in the pilot program. So cool and such a good job! Share freely. 

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Some reflections on the Summer School:

It's been an awesome experience.

My post is just a quick lay down of photos and feelings. 

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Delighted to be advertising for a Chair in Operational Research to join our thriving and growing group!  

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Happy to have arrived in Namibia for a three week trip:

- a two week summer mathematics school,
- a one week pycon: #PyConNa

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Merry christmas and happy new year :) 🎄

I'm moving away from a computer for a while: please take care of the internet whilst I'm gone.

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*The dilemma of exchanging gifts at christmas*

Here's a blog post that uses game theory to offer an explanation of why when we agree to not exchange gifts... we do so anyway. (Turns out it's a Prisoner's dilemma :))
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