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Vincent Fernandez
Evolution brought me here.
Evolution brought me here.

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Swipe away 👻👻👻 in this #Halloween #GoogleDoodle Score: 91330

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My cat! Sharing him on my personal account too. XD
Dafuq are you taking my picture for?? O^O

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Lel! I think this screenshot pretty much represents what it's like to play Besieged. XD

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A great way to scar your children! Show them this GIF!!! XD
This is how I feel when I let go of a powerful sneeze.
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Excited for this. xD

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Irrational Minds

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1. We don't have fall here.
2. Candy.
3. Candy.
4. Too much candy.
5. Like I said, we don't have fall here... candy.
6. ...can- ok that's enough.
7. We don't have thanksgiving here. :P
8. Sweaters... why are the questions not in order?? o_O
9. Slippers.
10. I jumped into a pile of candy once...
11. Starts eating candy

I haven't posted anything in a while here soooo whoever want's this to be shared, just do it. :P 
Nominated by +Alexa Merrill :)

1- It starts getting cold! :D
2- Dressing up as Elmo and going down the street singing Skillet songs with my friends.
3- Movie nights for sure.
4- Caramel macchiatos with extra carmel. 
5- Autumn by Ben Rector or Say Goodbye by Skillet.
6- Hot chocolate. x3
7- Sweaters. Or leather jackets. Yeah leather.
8- BOTH!
9- Green bean casserole. 
10- Yes, and it's so fun!
11- Scarves. Or both, both is good.

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Where all my mlp stuff goes now :3

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Love the drawing style and proportions. XD

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