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In case you missed the Venus, sun and earth in line  and do not want to wait until 2117, here is what I saw from my area.   #Venus   #venustransit  
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Nice catch ... I would show you what it looks like from here in Vancouver except we haven't seen the sun in days!
Tai Mi
oh WOW!! this is gorgeous!! i knew i should have gone to the pier tonight....oh, well. i can admire this shot! :)
Thank you for the love guys. I am going to post another one that I like
Love the colors, sky, trees and Venus of course. Excellent shot.
Awesome !!  Nice capture vincent
Amy G
This is really amazing:)
Beautiful shot! You got a nice artistic photo, I messed up the focus badly. :)
For real +Vincent Dale??? Nice to see an artistic photo and not just a yellow circle with a black dot. The clouds are a great effect here. 
Oh this is a BEAUTIFUL shot!!  This has to be hung on your wall!
One of my all time favorite shots. Wonderful. Thank you for sharing Vincent! Can you explain your setup for the shot? Gear? Settings?
ARE YOU SERIOUS. (yes, I would guess so.)  truly astonishing.  And the clouds hit it out of the park.
+Kirk Jordan the clouds, the trees...Hollywood would have a hard time replicating.  I'm going to go throw out my 5dmkii gear right now and quit! LOL.
Great once in a lifetime (Well twice but not any mor!) shot!!!
Kab Yaj
This is my fave!  Awesome composition!
Awesome, Vincent.  I love the context you brought to the image with the colors and the foreground elements.  Makes it that much more haunting.
great clickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk..............
You guys are totally amazing. Thank you for you all for the amazing feedback. I do appreciate that.
Wow !!!  This is really beautiful!!  I love that it's in context too.  (As cool as the super zoomed shots are too).  This would be stunning even without Venus.
I had a stupid meeting to go to so I missed the chance to try for a sunset shot. Not sure the clouds would have allowed it anyhow. I'm so glad you got this. It's the best I have seen all day. 
That is so amazing. I have no words.
Whoa!! I want this picture. How can I get it
Olga V
This is what life is about..the Sun, trees, clouds, Venus, Earth! Such a beautiful world we are living in! Thank you for the photo!
Beautiful...thanks for sharing your view ;)
Merći!!! Heard about it today on NPR, very fascinating #Beautiful shot 
WOW!!!!.....Your very lucky that you could see it!!
WOW!!! I missed out.....:( but anyway your sooooo lucky to have that view!!!!
thank you for sharing your picture! I did not witness but this picture helps do justice...awesome picture.
So awesome. Thank u. I couldn't see it today from my area :) 
That is great, thank you for sharing. I had to work.
masha, buddy.....:)
Wow. Pretty damn beautiful.
thankz 4 shairing ths stupendo fantabulessly fantastical pic
Thank you for posting, it's snowing where I am so I can't see anything but cloud.
that is simply beautiful and for it to be seen with a naked eye is amazing
Really? And where do you live . 
That is Awesome!! Thank you LORD and thank you for sharing
Thats amazing!!
Thank you for sharing!!
its cloudy here. :(
breathtaking pic!!!!!!!! thanks for taking this such an amazing pic!
suuuuuuwwwwweeeeeeet!! thundershowers here in Calgary, and a generally Dank day. There's a shocker for June!!
Vincent, that is awesome! Thanks - could not see at all!!
excellent well done thnxxxx for sharing thaxxxx very very much
God is really wonderful and this  picture testifies of it.Thanks bro for sharing such beautiful pic.
this is 1 of the nice photo  i seen ever
that is so neat. Im glad u were able to get these pictures cant I wanted to see it. And now I have, thanks
in australia the sun was so bright that we couldn't see it
Wow such a beautiful photo. Could you plz follow me. I too love taking pictures. I wanna be a photographer some day.
That tiny dot really? Sun looks so marvelous.
Top of the morning Vincent. Thank you for brilliant picture.
What a beautiful image and executed with perfection. I hope to capture the Venus transit at approx 6:30pm GMT today -in urban settings as opposed to your beautiful landscape view. :0)
Cu Lu
wow..amazing .thx 
that is what you call pure photography, nicely captured!!!!
that is absolutley amazing!!!!
I'm too impatient to wait ! Thank you for this RARE VIEW ! 
wow thts awesum thnks i had missd it
Looks awesome, wish I could have seen it like that from where I am. Thanks for sharing
wowwwwww so beautifil ..... Pic.....
Man, im so sad i missed this. It was cloudy an rainy all day...
i saw ths in my school with the help of our physics teacher
thanx for posting since i cudn't see it 
one of the coolest shots I've ever seen.. hope you don't mind if I use it as my desktop.. i could look at that all day. thanks for sharing with the world :-)
Omg this is beautiful ... i want to kick myself for missing it! My 5yr old is a lil scientist obsessed with space most of all...
Thanks for sharing this to us all!
thats the most beutiful photo iv'e ever seen
TRULY amazing...shows just how beautiful the World is
It got a romantic sense to it. I like.i could just in that type of mood
.."!!!! thats funtastic!!!!
nice capture from you....
hope you dont mind....i just love the photo...
That is such an fantastic site thanks for sharing
wowie...that's beautiful! :-)
Wow... too cloudy in South Florida.
dis is so beautiful,i rili missed.
Whoa, that is the gateway shot ever! I wish I could have seen it, but, alas, I was outside the sighting zone. Sucks...
best pic yet . i had clouds and a certain way of forgetting untill 8 or so that wouldn't have helped in the matter.
Wow!!!! Ive would have wanted, too seen it in person...
One of the best transit photos! Very nice!
That is just beautiful. One of the most beautiful shots of the moon ive ever saw....where you live if you dnt mind me asking?
E Herz
So beautiful.... breath taking
Thanks for sharing this mystic moment !
wow! tht is sooo cool!!!!
Thanks so much for sharing this, I could not see it because of cloud.
Thats absolutly beautiful! My mom even agreed and she doesnt say anything to stuff i find on the internet! Thanks so much im out of the country and far from seeing this thnx so much!!!!!!!!!!
That's quite a photo, I'd love to know what settings you used on your camera to capture it.
Wonderful capture, thank you!
thank you for posting this dramatic photo! I did not even know about this event until it was nearly over and gone from the east coast.
Bollot for Cobb county Georga July 31 2012
Ayekoo (well done)...from Ghana.
I couldn't see anything with our overcast cloudy sky.
Thank you for sharing.
Venus: "I'll be back."

Karen M
Thank you for posting the shot!
it was raining here,cloud obstruction in typical New England! Thank you for sharing,love it!
Puts us all in perspective, doesn't it?
Oh, I missed this great event. Yet I don't worry, as I hope I can watch the A.D 2017 version of the mega-show!
Sample ballot for Cobb county georgia
LT Fall
AMAZING! awwww i got home from school did my homework and missed it....
Thank you for posting this..It was raining and cloudy in my state we missed it couldn't see a thing through the clouds..
Wow, Wow, Wow...!!! I most certainly didn't see this.
AMAZING capture +Vincent Dale .
Thank you for sharing the BEAUTY!!!
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