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Some people's lives are like nature around us. Very resilient because hope is allowed to keep their hearts warm even in the coldness of life's claws.  Nature go through seasons, storms, and immense beating from its occupants, yet it keep on going, even if only noticed by a few.  It knows there are times when it will open its bowels of beauty and the harshest man will pause and ponder its beauty. Some people are like that, they endure the worst yet keep on giving.

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this is lovely! 
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Have you ever had those times when you want to say nothing, when you just want to sit and ponder the magnificent earth we call home? 

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Wow! This is just absolutely stunning!
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She was actually on her phone when I asked her for the picture. Just left class and saw her walked by and I liked the way she dressed but she was on her phone, I was so rude liking her shoes but did not include it in this image but it boasts an orange bottom.  She was so kind, so soft and pleasant. Never seen her before, however, she posed for the camera. 

Ummm, see +Paul Howard , I take pictures of beautiful women too. Lol, I cannot compare your quantity though. 

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Very nice photo
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It is a beautiful feeling to love,
to be loved,
to be missed,
to enjoy the feeling of missing someone, 
but only after the return in your arms.

It is wonderful to hand off flowers and see the slight blush on the cheeks.
To like pink maybe?

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Beautiful photo 
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Just to say a wonderful and reflective Sunday to you all. Enjoy the weekend, all of it.

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Very nice !
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Amazing sunset! Wow!
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Vincent Dale

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One of those days when I have to have a talk with the day. "Day, I need you to be sensitive to what I have to do". Unfortunately, it is not listening to me.  I have to pretend I am not listening either.
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Very nice photo
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Our hearts should be grateful for the many things that has been given to us. Sometimes it takes years for us to see the little blessings, others times it is instant. Wherever we are along the line, it may take some of us a minute but lets all hope we get to see how wonderfully gifted we are and that we have more potential than we can ever think

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c est magnifique
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Vincent Dale

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A beautiful capture from +Tai Mi. I think this lady is at home with taking photos of flowers
a different edit of this one:

this one is more true to colour...

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Beautiful photo 
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It is at many times in the difficult moments we find wisdom, it is those times our eyes are open to things unseen when trials are at bay.  When we see the budding of hope, the wisdom to do the best of one's knowledge, the mind will have a sense of peace. Though sometimes it may not happen instantly, if we heed the wisdom that presents itself, in due season we will have a peace that in unsurpassed. 

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Very nice +Vincent Dale!
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