Just wrote this on my blog, but I'm so excited by the idea that I want you to read it too! It's an idea for a small-group presentation at a game convention. PAX Dev, ideally, but whatever, I'd run it anywhere:

The way I see it, there are 4 serious problems holding tabletop roleplaying back: trite content, oppressive social footprint, counterproductive procedures of play, and the microaudience. Come find out how ambitious rpg designers are tackling these problems.

Then we have our 4 well-informed and excited ambassadors talk about how Jeep and Nordic larp, for instance, are taking on trite content; how the Cel*Style publishers, for instance, are taking on the oppressive social footprint; how the Forge diaspora and the OSR, for instance, are taking on counterproductive procedures of play; and how Failbetter and Elizabeth's company, for instance, are taking on the problem of the microaudience.

There's not one cutting edge, there are four.

Or, y'know, however many. Those four are the ones that come to mind. Anyway, I want to do it!
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