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Post has attachment” Wow. Echo devices are getting fancier every day!

Need to do some simple text transformations on a directory of files. Man, my perl skills have gotten rusty!

Woman in shoe store, walking around barefoot. I feel like there's a hidden meaning there, but I can't suss it out. Thoughts?

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AWS Lambda Supports Python 3.6

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Amazon patents a floating delivery-drone mother zeppelin — Sounds like the seed of a #steampunk novel to me!

My word counter mocks me this morning. Have not hit my writing quota in weeks. To the two of you awaiting my first novel, I apologize. 🔜

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Component Contracts in Service Oriented Systems
PRINCIPLE: Relationships must be governed by contracts that are monitored for performance. In order to build a reliable system that is composed of many services, we need to have some guidelines for making the services reliable, both in the technical sense, ...

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Here's the beginning of my vision for decomposing content management systems into mix and match components. Thoughts?

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The future of application development is distributed systems and cooperative agents.

Some people follow me on Twitter, some on Facebook, some on G+. That's too many places to post status updates!

To follow my snide remarks and brief updates on my trip to SFO, see @veselosky on Twitter.

Is there a way to feed my blog's RSS into G+? I expect longer form stuff should go there.
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