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Vince Roemer
Works at Buchanan Automation, Inc.
Attended Herron School of Art & Design
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Vince Roemer

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Mr. Hussey, your Bootstrap 3 lectures are fantastic. Hands-down better than most of the tutorials I've seen on I really appreciate all the work you put into the series, particularly the real-world examples of going back to fix a (rare) minor error.
Thank you.
Branding & Strategy Consultant
Conceptualization: Ideating, information hierarchy, multi–disciplinary collaborating. Print: Letterpress, offset. Web: Hand-coding (X)HTML, CSS, javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap… CMS systems. Graphics: Numerous vector– and raster–editing, DTP, and WYSIWYG softwares across several platforms. Manual: Figure & technical drawing (+ blueprinting), wood– & metal–working hand & power tools, maintenance, sharpening. arc & MIG welding, hand & HVLP spray painting, rope-descent gear. UI / UX: Distraction-free, relaxed, tailored environments in which to absorb messages and interact.
  • Buchanan Automation, Inc.
    Field Technician, 2014 - present
  • Easter Conservation
    Art Conservation & Framing Tech, 2011 - 2013
  • Candles Holocaust Museum and Education Center
    Freelance Branding Consultant, 2012 - 2013
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Broadwell, IL
Lincoln, IL - Indianapolis, IN - Fort Wayne, IN - Morgantown, IN
Strategy | Branding | Interaction
Hi I'm Vince. I Design things. Check out my web site here for more information.
  • Herron School of Art & Design
    Visual Communication Design, 2012
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Staff is very friendly & helpful. Rooms are a bit cozy, but the beds are comfortable. Hands down, the WORST wifi I've ever experienced. Ever.
Public - 2 months ago
reviewed 2 months ago
Excellent selection for such a cozy little place.
Public - 3 months ago
reviewed 3 months ago
Floyd's came very highly recommended, but I had a rough introduction to them by way of an undiagnosed problem and a faulty part. In the end, all was made exactly right, and I have great respect for the collective years of experience and the face-value forthrightness of everyone on board. These guys are top-shelf professionals, and my nearly-old-enough-to-vote BMW is happy again.
Public - 7 months ago
reviewed 7 months ago
Incredible waste of time. The owner didn't bother to change the google map location when he moved his business 10 miles away. He also didn't tell me before I drove all that way that he requires private insurance and a card number for an all-cash business. Just don't even bother.
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
7 reviews
Confused reservations, nonexistent room service, and spotty internet service slower than dial-up. Staff is friendly if you don't expect them to do anything work-related. The vending machines work.
Public - 3 months ago
reviewed 3 months ago
The finest display of bureaucratic inefficiency I've ever witnessed in my 40+ years on this planet. The in-person staff, the web site, the automated certification service and the telephone operators all work against each other to create a rat king of misinformation, lost information, and lack of communication. The system is all but impossible to navigate, and you can be strung along for MONTHS without collecting a nickel. If I'm ever laid off again, I think I'd rather just jump off a bridge.
• • •
Public - 8 months ago
reviewed 8 months ago
Don't get your hopes up, particularly if you're fond of wifi. The range stops outside the lobby. Asked for a coffee pot & was informed that even if they could find one for the room, coffee was on backorder. No bathroom vent. Every odor that can get in stays in. Friendliness goes a long way, but not quite far enough.
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago