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This is tonight.  Hope to see you here.
Update: Potluck goodies to enjoy as we mingle and fight over the NL1331 portal. Bring what you can to share and come even if what you bring is you and your scanner!

NL1331 is coming to Ogden, UT on March 12th, from 7:00 PM until 9:00 PM, for a Cross-Faction meetup.

There will be a few Shonin shirts and Endgame books available in a raffle.  Some gear cards and other small things will be passed out.  Also, two agents will be awarded portal fast tracks.

The ballroom is in the Union building at WSU and is both wheelchair and stroller friendly, so bring the whole family for some Ingress fun!
NL1331 Ogden Cross Faction Meetup
Thu, March 12, 7:00 PM MDT
Weber State University Shepherd Union, 3910 W Campus Dr, Ogden, UT 84408, United States

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Has everybody else gotten the latest scanner update?  I got it about 36 hours ago.  I don't like it.

The serene blue background is gone.  It's been replaced with a black screen that has grey lines that appear to represent roads.

Also, some of the portals are connected together.  In some cases with single lines.  In others with blue or green triangles.

This is odd and confusing to me and it will take a while before I get used to it.

Also, congrats to the Resistance of AM01-ECHO-09.  Cycle 48 was our 35th regional win in a row.  35 is also the number of checkpoints in a septi-cycle.
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Yup, that's the biggest difference, walking vs driving a million miles (especially with bad air days). You guys talk about how a big field doesn't interrupt your play, but many of us don't play from our cars. So if a big field goes up, I don't want to drive to Ogden or park city so I can continue to play. 

To me any field is annoying, but it's how the team scores points, and I like to see my name at the top of the screen. If I throw up a bunch of fields, around my neighborhood, and they stay up for a day or two, it gets boring and I branch out make more fields. If its a BAF, I generally just hack and get bored. 

And for the record +Vincent Marcus  I gave Jason a hard time when he told me that too :). 
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Cause #KonfusionMatters , #fieldsdon't.

The average cell scores in AM01-ECHO-09 are 465,108.70 (RES) and 72,478.26 (ENL).
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+Phill Faber I hope to do exactly that my little blue homie! 46&2 💚 🐸 👽 
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What +wother r said!
Show me the MUUUUUUUU!!!

It is cool that distance walked, mods, and whatever that other badge dropped and all. Got me to 11 for walking many KM. But I want an MU captured badge. 

MU is the global score of the game. We all work with it for connected cells, for anomalies day of, we put hundreds of dollars, and thousands of miles into making these fields. Or at least #ponyriders  do... 

Total MU captured
MU "liberator" (for taking down fields)

Show me the MU badges! #MUbadgeplease   #ingress  

 +NIA Ops +Niantic Project +Joe Philley +Brian Rose 
451 votes  -  votes visible to Public
MU badge Yes?
MU badge No!
What is MU?
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Hey! Maybe you're right!

Let's ask the badges!

(They said, "no.")
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+Chris Wright​ ... You mumbled something?

Sorry, you don't even get to blame it on a BAF.
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Saving them for a special day haha a day when I am not in class and can go destroy the world! 
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I wouldn't mind if anybody sent me an invite.  *hint* hint
Hey Inboxers, you can now invite your friends. 3 invites coming your way shortly. Look for the golden ticket in Speed Dial.
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+Vincent Marcus you're welcome!
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Have them in circles
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Good game everybody.
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Weird genetic evolution thing. Google it. :D
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Cause #KonfusionMatters , #fieldsdon 't.

The last time the ENL won in AM01-ECHO-09 was Cycle 13.  That was 34 cycles ago.  The RES is off to a great start already, so I think it's safe to say that our win streak will be extended to 35 cycles.
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All three of them were not the normal meaningless one trick ponies.

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Barely touched our cell but it was fun watching it get put up, and taken down, and put back up, and taken back down, etc ...
19 layers and 5 million mu..... full sitrep Soon™.

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Cell Check

Pretty exciting night last night. I saw green mega fields in Idaho, Nevada, California, Arizona, Colorado, and Wyoming (h/t: +Cindy Blackburn and +John Tilton for knocking that one down ten minutes after it was established). I don't recall seeing any in Utah though. What happened? No #Unity ?
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That awkward moment when I was also there.... Lol. 
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We did a video for Blue Spike
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Vincent Marcus (BoyPlankton)

How do I join?  - 

How to request an invite to the community
Requirements to join the private community are:

1) Must be Resistance faction
2) Post a screenshot with your Ingress screen name
3) Be a level 3 or higher or have a mod vouch for you
4) Send an in-comm message with one or all of the moderators tagged
 If you need any help or need to contact a moderator send us a message on G+ or you can contact us in the COMM on the app.

Moderator In-Game Names
AM01-ECHO-10 (Tremonton/Cache Valley):@ThorinsBane @ThisNameIsGood

AM01-ECHO-09 (Brigham City to North Salt Lake):@SonicStorm @BoyPlankton @bigb0lud0 

AM01-ECHO-09 (Salt Lake to Draper):@Shadowridge @TheRedhead @rgrole @ianas @Galvaniz3d @sinstress77 @sct23 @areteewhy @tychosmoose @wother

AM01-ECHO-06 (American Fork to Ephraim):@Sincin @Blyth @yoohoo @brokenpistol @n8dog

AM01-DELTA-06 (Wendover):@sct23

AM02-DELTA-05 (Southwest Utah):@eviloptimist 

To help your verification go through you can do two things after posting your screenshot.
1) Request to Join Utah Resistance community
2) Link your G+ profile to your Ingress account (this is not a requirement but will help us verify you better)
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I am hearing that these codes are all FR as well. 
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Have them in circles
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A brief description of me.
Put a little bit about yourself here so that people know they've found the right Vince.

You have.  Take my word for it.  There are no better Vince's.
I spend my time at work trying to get computers, and the programs running on those computers, to behave. When I catch them misbehaving I like to send them to the corner and make them think about what they've done.