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See your Drive photos in Google+ (and a few other improvements)

Ever wish your Google Drive photos could get some of that Google+ goodness? Now’s your chance -- starting today you can see your Google Drive photos and videos in your Google+ library. Your photos stay in Drive, but they’ll also be visible to you in Google+ (and private until you choose to share them).

Once you choose to show Drive photos in Google+ they’ll be organized chronologically, easily searchable, and automatically enhanced to look better than ever. You might even see a few of them combined into animations and panoramas thanks to Auto Awesome. You’ll be able to see your Drive photos on the web as well as in the Google+ Android app. 

While you’re browsing through old holiday and vacation pics on the desktop, you might notice a couple other changes we’ve made to Google+ Photos based on your feedback.

More control over your Highlights view. You can choose whether or not individual photos are shown in your Highlights, as well as move highlighted photos to the album of your choice.

Quicker adding to albums. Now you can pick a specific album for your photos right when you’re sharing them on Google+. 

We hope you enjoy the latest improvements. Let us know what you think in the comments!

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+Gailen Mapes If you don't like the auto-enhance functions in Google+, why don't you just simply turn them off in the Google+ settings?
"Once you choose to show Drive photos in Google+"
How can I do it?
+Andrea Doimo It took us a little bit to push out the feature for everyone, but now it's done and you can see it.  Go to or install the new Google+ Android app (which also launched today), and you'll see an informational screen that you can opt-in to Drive with.  If you change your mind, you can switch Drive on and off in your Google+ Settings, down in the Photos section.
Thanks +Jon Emerson this time I was more impatient than usual. :-)
I really hoped that the Drive folder structure was maintained, something I always wanted since the first Picasaweb (to have sub-galleries). Sadly not yet.
Can we please have 1000+ photos in one album on Google+ Photos? 

Update: Never mind! I just noticed this update properly. I can now use Google Drive instead of Google+ Photos! 
+Vinay Siddavanahalli This is very cool, loving the progressing integration of G+ Photos and Drive.  This tempts me to move all of my photos over to Drive so that I would have all my photos in one place but accessible in both places, but I still have two issues. First, the auto-upload straight to G+ is too convenient to give up, so some photos are going to be ONLY in G+.  Second, there is that wonderful free storage for photos under 2048 which doesn't exist in Drive.  Any suggestions for a way around these two issues, or either of them?  (of course, adding syncing the OTHER way as well would solve both of those problems!).  :0)
That is good news BUT still not good enough. It's still not possible for me to make the move from Picasa to Google+/Drive. All my Albums from Picasa are in Google+. Now when I copy the photos from one of my albums to Google Drive, these photos appear 2 times in Google+. Why isn't it possible to recognize two identical photos and link them (deduplication)? I'm disappointed.
+Vance McAlister brings up a point that I'm struggling with also. G+ Photos offers free storage for photos under 2048, but Drive doesn't... I prefer to use Drive to store/archive photos (not posted on G+), but its more cost-effective to put them in a private album on G+ even though it feels like a less organized/convenient way to archive these file -- keeping them in Drive seems better for that.
Something that would be cool is if you share a Drive folder of photos with someone, they'd have the option of seeing it in their G+ photo library also.
The reverse needs to be true, G+ photos need to be in Drive. 
What's going to happen with nested folders in drive? Will we get nested albums? (that would be awesome)
+Vinay Siddavanahalli as a few mentioned here already, the reverse needs to be possible as well. G+ photos and G+ albums need to be accessible on the GDrive side as well as currently there is no way to allow us to share G+ albums to friends or family and give them edit permissions like you can with all other GDrive assets. In terms of logistics as well, doesn't it make more practical sense to have GDrive be the repository for all your cloud based assets? G+ photos are cloud based assets in my opinion along with files, documents, and videos. I tend to identify G+ as a place to represent my online identity (what I do, where I work, the things I am interested in and whats on my mind) whereas GDrive is the place for my assets (files, photos, videos) I like to think of GDrive as my one stop place for all my cloud assets, but that really isn't the case if the biggest part of what I want in the cloud is actually on G+ photos.
What is most compelling about "the reverse" to me is my offline Google Drive folder on my computer.  Using a normal file structure and offline capability for organization and moving files around is just a LOT easier.
Someone mentioned my request. With picasa syncing, can we have an increase on the 1000 photo limit
thanks +Vinay Siddavanahalli if i share an folder (containing photos) in gdrive with person x - will person x see these photos in their new g+ photos?
+Vinay Siddavanahalli Cool feature.  I'm having a few odd things happening with my pictures that my wife isn't.  I have a folder for each year with the random pictures of my son that don't really fit anywhere.  So each year is several hundred pictures.  For some reason Google+ is splitting these into an album for each date a picture was taken, even though all the photos are just in a single directory.  My wife has the exact same setup and hers is behaving as expected, one album with the several hundred photos.  This is happening with some folders, but not all.  We both have some folders where all the photos are not showing up.  I can't seem to find a rhyme or reason as to which ones do and don't.
 I find it creepy that G+ automatically alters photos if you don't opt out. To turn it off, go to this page (link below), scroll down to photo settings, and uncheck "auto enhance."
+Claire Barnes Okay. I guess thats why they give an off button. I would say that 90+% of people would see this as a "no brainer" service meaning you make it default opt in NOT opt out! I have to say, I have never had such an effect on any of my photos! All I get are joyus AutoAwesomes of my family! So much so I decided to upload my entire collection (or at least what ever fitted into folders under the 1000 photo limit). 

Do you have many photos that this happens too as I believe the Enhancement mode can be tunrned off on a per photo basis if you think the photo is worst with the enhancement but it is only a few photos! 
+Phillip Malone It seems we have the option to turn off auto enhance either completely or on a photo-by-photo basis, so that's good. This may be a glitch, but when I turned it off for a particular photo, the thumbnail version remained enhanced and only the full-size version reverted to the original. 
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Oh look. a great new feature that's not available for Google Apps users. Yet again.
+Roy Santos I think us normal people are beta testing it. Its pretty broken right now. 
I think there is no doubt we are beta testing it. My pictures are very organized in Drive, buy somehow I currently have 29 different March 2013 albums with a few pictures in each when synced to G+....and thats not my only issue. 
Problem: not all of the photos in my Drive folders are showing up in the associated G+ albums.  All are missing photos.
Fail! This feature is not available for Google Apps accounts.
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Not all photos on drive show up in Google+. At the moment the option is buggy. That doesn't mean I don't appreciate it :) I would also request:
- the option of seeing the G+ Photos as Folders in Drive
- the option to organize the Google+ Photos in Folders and Subdfolders
- all the pictures in Drive < than 2048px should not count against the drive 15 GB quota.
- increase the maximum resolution allowed for free :D 
I hate that it organizes my pictures chronologically, I want them to be organized in folders since I have an absurd amount of images, it should at least give us the option to change it between chronologically or folders.
I thought about it and wrote to Google. They did it just like I told them to do.
Has this feature been removed? I've spent the last 30 minutes clicking around Google+ (photos, albums, settings) and I see no way to add Drive photos.
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