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I am one of those who wasn't aware of fund raising at all. If you wish to raise again my suggestion would be to give pop up message in app itself. 

App is down. No links are retrieved.

It will be great to see language\genre options. I see few of the non English movies already but not all. 

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"HTG Explains: What is the Difference Between TCP and UDP?"

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This is unbelievable! Sachin = Cook + Clarke

Alastair Cook: 100 Tests, 7955 runs, 25 hundreds 
Michael Clarke: 100 Tests, 7966 runs, 26 hundreds
Combined Total: 200 Tests, 15921 runs, 51 hundreds
Sachin Tendulkar: 200 Tests, 15921 runs, 51 hundreds.


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All tech companies Strategy

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