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I was asked on Twitter why Python uses 0-based indexing, with a link to a new (fascinating) post on the subject ( I recall thinking about it a lot; ABC, one of Python's predecessors, used 1-based indexing, while C, the other big influence, used 0-based. My first few programming languages (Algol, Fortran, Pascal) used 1-based or variable-based. I think that one of the issues that helped me decide was slice notation.

Let's first look at use cases. Probably the most common use cases for slicing are "get the first n items" and "get the next n items starting at i" (the first is a special case of that for i == the first index). It would be nice if both of these could be expressed as without awkward +1 or -1 compensations.

Using 0-based indexing, half-open intervals, and suitable defaults (as Python ended up having), they are beautiful: a[:n] and a[i:i+n]; the former is long for a[0:n].

Using 1-based indexing, if you want a[:n] to mean the first n elements, you either have to use closed intervals or you can use a slice notation that uses start and length as the slice parameters. Using half-open intervals just isn't very elegant when combined with 1-based indexing. Using closed intervals, you'd have to write a[i:i+n-1] for the n items starting at i. So perhaps using the slice length would be more elegant with 1-based indexing? Then you could write a[i:n]. And this is in fact what ABC did -- it used a different notation so you could write a@i|n.(See

But how does the index:length convention work out for other use cases? TBH this is where my memory gets fuzzy, but I think I was swayed by the elegance of half-open intervals. Especially the invariant that when two slices are adjacent, the first slice's end index is the second slice's start index is just too beautiful to ignore. For example, suppose you split a string into three parts at indices i and j -- the parts would be a[:i], a[i:j], and a[j:].

So that's why Python uses 0-based indexing.

Vinay Kola

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Time to buy FIFA 14. But after my NLP mid-term tomorrow.

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Just discovered a bug in Google Talk/ Hangouts. +Gmail, are you listening?

My friend, Karthikeyan, tried to send an IM to me, but it ended up going to a totally different person. As you can see in the first pic, he messaged me saying
there's something wrong with my gtalk
dont mind"

But the Hangouts history shows that those IMs went to Aman Haji instead. Surprisingly they don't show up in his GTalk window. His reply saying "Haha Ok" shows that the message has indeed shown up on his side.

The second pic is just more proof of the same bug. This time GTalk sends the message to a totally different person.
The IM "mastered R" ends up going to Vijay Bhaskar instead of me.

This problem exists whomever he tries to contact, not only me. Also, he is using the old version of Google Talk. He hasn't upgraded to Google Hangouts yet.

This is a serious privacy breach on GMail's end and could have serious repercussions. My guess is that the recent updates to Hangouts could have caused some unknown bug. 
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Happened with me today in office.

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Yes! I can finally upload my own e-books into the Google Play Books app. I just wish they would sync with my Kindle. Too much to hope for, I know.
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Whoa. This could be the new "Princess Leia in the Golden Bikini".
"Game of Thrones: Daenerys" Mother of Dragons

Mostly a test to see if +Google+ has still messed up photo sharing.. 

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Google's AutoAwesome is pretty awesome! 

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One of the many awesome posters in my room. 

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This + the teaser trailer for Arkham Origins make me wanna play Arkham City on the PS3 right now! #ArkhamOrigin #PS3  
Hmmm.... Might go play some Arkham City.

#boredwitless #xbox #batman #thejoker #batmanarkhamcity 
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oh hi

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The Verge's exclusive on Hangouts, which personally could be the one announcement from yesterday that I will use the most. #googleio  

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Highlights of Google I/O for me:
* The new IDE for Android dev - I've been looking for an excuse to try my hand at an Android app again, and I think I've got mine.
* Hangouts - This is major for me. A lot of my communication is split between Whatsapp, GTalk and FB Messenger. A little homogeneity would be nice, but it will be tough to convince my friends to move over from WhatsApp. Let's see how this plays out.
* The Samsung Galaxy S4 "Nexus" - I'm really tempted to get this one. I'll be in the USA from August onwards, and the promise of awesome hardware + prompt updates might be too much to ignore. $649 ain't too much when you consider it costs Rs 41k in India.
* Google+  - The redesign is insanely cool, but once again, my friends aren't on it so it doesn't really matter much. Similarly with photos, I don't really take that many so although the enhancements are really cool, it's not something that I'll be using frequently.
* Play Music - All Access seems like a really good discovery/listening service , but I'll have to wait till I'm in the USA to judge. I'm loath to pay any money till I start earning though.
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