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Christmas Giveaway time! A little different this time!
Details :
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Comment on this original post with your email IDs.
→ 100 lucky winners will get all 3 of my Substratum themes (Pikzel 12 in 1, Pikzel Shadow and Enigma)
→ At 25th December 23:59:59 UTC time, the post will be closed.
→ After closing, the email IDs will be compiled into a file and a Python script with NumPy library will be used to select 100 winners RANDOMLY.
→ This is not a first come, first get giveaway.
→ Commenting does not mean you get the promo codes, it is random.
→ Winners will be announced within 24 hours and their codes will be sent out.

Merry Christmas to all of you :)
All the best 😊🙌
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Please pick me! Happy Holidays everyone!
Thank you Santa! 😊😋🤗 viorel.ivanescu@gmail.com
+Brian Steier even if you dont, on gmail it can be seen by sending a private message to you :) as far as i know. But yes, sending in clear is not too cool
Cris CJ
Fucking no need of Substratum themes..they are all shit
Neel P.
Yay giveaway :3 stofkerna@gmail.com
I've enigma, so I came here for pikzel 😂

Won't get in this giveaway, I prefer buying your theme to give you your Christmas phone :D
Hey guys! Sorry for being late. I got caught up in some college work. I'll be sending the codes for the first fifty today and the rest tomorrow! Thank you for participating. Since there are only 100 comments I'm sending it out to everyone. Saved the time of writing the script 😝 I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! 
+Vinay Chandran Thanks man! I wish you a happy new year with a lot of creativity, health and personal accomplishments! I wish all the substratum themers were like you!
Thanks man! I just got the email from you! Beautiful work!! Happy new year!! 😊🤗😊
Still waiting for the email to come