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Viktyr Gehrig
" A man who has a why to live can endure almost any how."
" A man who has a why to live can endure almost any how."


Does anyone have good resources for fanmade datafiles? I'm looking for a couple of obscure ones, characters I'm not sure many people would find playable.

Specifically, I'm looking for Sage and Cypher.

I am running a play-by-post MHR game and I have just realized I don't understand how Recovery Actions work.

You step back all Stress at the beginning of the Transition Scene.

I get how you assemble the pool for a Recovery Action, and roll the Doom Pool against it.

But what do the results mean?

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IRC - DarkMyst - #CascadeCity-OOC

Trying to put together a regular game on Sunday afternoons/evenings (GMT-7) using a combination of BoL and H+I rules. If I get enough interest in another time slot, I might be willing.

Tales from Cascade City is... well, set in my Cascade City setting, a sort of urban fantasy/wuxia mashup in which players take the parts of warriors and sorcerers living outside the rules of civil society and fighting for justice against scheming corporations, corrupt government officials, and alien warlords.

Can someone tell me more about Owl Hoot Trail? I am trying to convince myself not to purchase until after next payday, but it ticks off all my boxes-- Western, fantasy, OSR.

I need help with Milestones and XP. They are definitely my weakest spot in using this system, and I'm not that good with the rest of it, either.

I am currently running a game based on the eXiles series, where each player comes up with several possible characters-- selecting a published Marvel character (hero or villain) and "twisting" their backstory to produce a radically different character.

These alternate versions of the characters are forcibly assembled into a team, and then have to jump from broken reality to broken reality, repairing them before they collapse.

So I have a problem on two fronts: I don't know how to construct Milestones for characters who don't reside in the same continuous timeline, and I don't know how to set up XP rewards under those circumstances, either. My go-to solution is to simply ignore the whole subsystem, but it seems like that's losing an important tool for encouraging certain kinds of roleplay.


EDIT: I know how to construct Milestones in general, but most of them pertain to dealing with NPCs, which isn't possible in an eXiles-style campaign. And the much more pertinent question is how to construct Event Rewards in an Event with no consistent setting.

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Want to vote for a third party, but you're afraid a vote for anyone but Trump is a vote for Hillary? I will give up my vote for Hillary so we can both vote our consciences together.

So I think I've got my title for my simulacrum: "Galactic Mandarins: Immortal Heroes of Dragonspace"

What do you think?

So, what are the rules for linking blog posts here? I'm working on some kind of simulacrum thing and I want to share the process here.

What are some good RPG discussion forums? My main interests are OSR and indie games, and I prefer forums that support discussion of multiple types of gaming.
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