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Viktoriya and Oksana Gruzdyn
Health Coaching, Anti-Aging Nutrition, Online Courses
Health Coaching, Anti-Aging Nutrition, Online Courses


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Viktoriya and I (Oksana) dedicated many years, and hours investigating, researching and experimenting with the BEST combinations of fruits and veggies to achieve specific health goals.

We get emails from people who attempt to make their own green drinks…

It’s just like baking a cake. You can grab a bunch of random foods in the grocery store and whip them together, but if you don’t get the portion sizes or correct ingredients, then it’s going to taste pretty…weird.

So, we put the right combination of ingredients for a better taste. One is the green smoothie and another is the green juice, aka, The Incredible Hulk.

You can get printable download here:

@How to Get Lean and Healthy
"The Incredible Hulk" Green Drinks
"The Incredible Hulk" Green Drinks
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Anti-Aging Herbal Golden Milk

This raw vegan anti-aging herbal golden milk is known for is anti-inflammatory properties. It is excellent for skin health, digestion, and immune system.

The key ingredient in this anti-aging herbal golden milk recipe is turmeric. Turmeric root is often found in Indian dishes and have been used for centuries and valued for thousands of years. It is great for muscles, soft tissue, and it is an all around amazing, anti-aging root.

Click here to see the recipe:
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Starchy vegetables eaten with a balanced meal can help control appetite and delay hunger cues, which is important for weight management and fighting cravings.

They also increase production of stomach acid, which is essential for proper food digestion. Strong stomach acid is also able to kill parasites, bacteria, and viruses that enter our system. Many people have low stomach acid and they don’t even know it. Stomach acid is weakened by eating too much processed carbohydrates.

Some of our favorites root veggies are: rutabaga, turnip, parsnip, beet, watermelon radish. Have you had any of them before?

// BTW have questions don’t be afraid to message us!

// We love how we feel when we fuel our body with fresh real food, learn more about us here:
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Did you know that an acid body environment makes you lose muscle mass and gain body fat?

Choosing Alkaline forming foods is of huge importance to your health.

The measure of acidity or alkalinity is called PH, keeping a balanced PH within the body is paramount to optimal health and peak performance.

If our PH drops our body becomes too acid, which affect our health on a cellular level. Low body PH leads to reduction in human growth hormone, which results in loss of muscle mass and an increase in body fat; furthermore it leads to development of kidney stones, and loss of bone mass.

All cancer patients have a very acid body environment and one of the best remedies is forming an alkaline body PH. This is done by nutrition.

How does your body become too acid to begin with? It does so through the chemicals in your environment, cigarettes, junk foods,highly processed foods, chemical energy drinks etc there is tons of chemicals in conventional production methods, pesticides and so on; a huge, not completely thought of, is prescription drugs, artificial sweeteners and synthetic supplements.

What to do to prevent an acid body environment? The answer is to consume alkaline forming foods and avoid the chemicals.

Minerals are exceptionally alkaline-forming, foods with greater nutrient density have a huge alkaline forming effect.

Even during our travels we are able to eat high quality foods such as this delicious bowl full of antioxidants, micronutrients, clean protein, fiber and super healthy fatty acids omega 3 & 6.
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Our travel guide to Punta Cana, featuring up-to-date information on attractions, entertainment, restaurants, security and staff, travel tips and more. Read a full article on our website here:

#sunscape #puntacana #dominicanrepublic #traveltips #bavarobeach #travelphoto
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I have one word for this often-repeated mantra: nonsense.

- Let me be absolutely clear: The exercise philosophy of no pain, no gain leads to no results. If anything, no pain, no gain leads to overtraining, injury and a life of misery.

- Please wipe this harmful phrase out of your vocabulary. You don’t have to kill yourself in the gym.
- You have to train intelligently. Yes, you want to stress your muscles; yes, you want to challenge yourself; but do you need to do it to the point of being sore all the time? Not at all.

* Need workout tips and tricks, lets chat:
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Our nutritional choice is not 70 % neither 80 % of it. It's everything.

Yep, you heard me, if you want top results, your nutritional plan must support exactly that.

When we look at athletes, what we see is very interesting, some athletes improve at an exceptional rate, while others are with modest or no gains, yet their training methods are quite similar.

Knowing that training is breaking down muscle tissue, what rebuilds it is everything; as well as how fast is the recovery process.

The faster the recovery, the quicker you can train again, get stronger and improve faster than everyone else.

If we take both optimal rebuild as well as speedy recovery into the equation then you will end up with a high quality, nutrient dense, easy digestible nutrition, which will allow you optimal training more than once per day.

The more you support your training by optimal nutrition the better you perform.

It's time to get you the body you deserve - by training smarter and eating the right type of foods.

Are you with me?

If so, comment below and we'll give you access to some of our recipes that we send out to exclusive list of people.

p.s. one of the best and the world's top-earning soccer players, Lionel Messi, credits his diet for his top performance.

oh and yes, this is unadulterated, raw (enzyme-rich), sprouted bowl of goodness that takes literally under 5 minutes to make. In this bowl, you get everything you need and nothing you don't - vitamins, minerals, carbs, fats, protein.
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Maybe you are searching among the branches, for what only appears in the roots..Find some time today to tune into your roots:

#motivation #inspire #lao #inspired #mindset #inspiration #goals
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If you want to change. If you want better results. If you want to be healthier. If you want to be more successful. If you want more energy. If you want to peak perform. Know this: YOU CAN 💥💪🏼💫

First of all: take charge.

Know that you, and YOU, alone, are in control of your life.

Your health is totally up to you.

Your future is created by you.

Every single action you take or the action you don't take, creates your future outcome.

The good news is this: you are in control and you can now choose to do something else to yourself: you can create a totally different future and you can start right now.

We are often asked how we managed to go from overweight, unhealthy, to fit nutritionists and lab researchers with 7 years of learning non-stop.

Yes, it's possible to be fit despite sitting in the lab for 7+ hours per day (including weekends).

No, it doesn't include starving nor it includes over exercising to the point of exhaustion! More about that here:

We did what we now do to hundreds of clients: we set their vision: their dream future.

We help them create their plans.

We take action steps towards their dream future every single day.

Baby steps, one after the other.

The change doesn't happen overnight.

It took us a year to lose weight, another year to get fit, many years of studies and to this day continue to expanding our knowledge.

Yep it's not easy, the best things never are.

It was difficult too.

But it's a bit like growing muscles. They do get stronger and stronger every day.

It's a bit like training. It's hard, but you get addicted to the feeling and the bursts of endorphins in your veins.

The progress towards our best versions is the best.

Have we reached our destination yet?

Our first goal yeahhh big time, but we keep setting new ones because nothing beats the ongoing striving.
[FREE TRAINING] How to Get Lean and Healthy
[FREE TRAINING] How to Get Lean and Healthy
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We are presenting our research at two more surgical conference this year:

1) Central Surgical Association (CSA) in Chicago, IL, July 29 - August 1st (next week)
2) American College of Surgeons (ACS) in San Diego, CA this October.

Plus, this October Anthony Robins is hosting Life & Wealth Mastery that we will be attending as part of our continuous education.

Some of the speakers include health educators such as Dr. Mark Hyman, MD Dr. Bernard Jensen Dr Steven Gundry (America's Top Doctor), Dean Ornish, MD

We may do a meet-up in Chicago next week and facebook LIVE if we find time. Stay tuned!
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