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Viktoria Michaelis
American student and writer currently studying in Germany.
American student and writer currently studying in Germany.

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Said No Woman Ever - Internet sexual harassment. #Internet #Harassment #Sex #Perversion #Fail

Many people visit this blog, sometimes it surprises me just how many. Roughly speaking, it’s about five hundred, sometimes seven hundred every single day. Surprises me because I’m not here all that often, no matter how much I promise myself, no matter how…

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Downtime And The Excuses Roll In - and are all wrong. #Strato #Server #Traffic

Several hundred people, myself included, will have noticed that there was nothing to see here for about thirteen hours yesterday and through until the early hours of this morning. The site was available on and off but, officially, completely off-line.…

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Wales: I Accept The Blame - because I watched TV #Wales #Portugal #WALPOR #EM2016

Those who know me, know that I do not do television. I do not own a television, but I do, to my shame, have a television app on my phone. Sometimes I sneak a little peak to see if there is anything exciting happening and, as I am sure you can guess, I am…

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The Downside To Democracy? #Brexit, #Democracy and an uncertain future.

The last two weeks have been an absolute mudslide of news about major changes, or potential changes, to the political and social world. You just need to take a glance at the presidential campaign in the USA to see how far things can go, with threats,…

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Need A Billion Dollars Loan? Here's the offer. #Cash #Loan #Scam #Internet

So, you’re a bit short of ready cash and someone makes you an offer you can’t refuse. Do I need to list all the problems with this? Attn: Dear Sir/ Madam Our Organization, Project Support Consortium is a Middle East Loan Funding Organization based in…

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Everyday A Little Older #Birthday

I have no wise, philosophical thoughts for today, it is much the same as any other. The weather is bad; it isn’t the weekend (yet); I haven’t checked my post; She is working. And I am looking forward to another normal day with my nose in my books, my pen…

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404s And The Bad Guys - small bugs on 404 Redirected. @DeFries #WordPress #Bugs #Software

So, here I am, sitting in front of the computer again, going through the logs to see who has been where and try to make some sense of it all. It’s something that I do regularly, not just to see what other people are looking at, but also to see what some…

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The Most Hated Man In America? #Politics #USA #Crime

We all have our own ideas about who is the most hated person in the USA, and for many reasons. For some it is those who have been convicted of crimes – especially rape and murder of children, or bankers – or who have been let off by the courts. For others…

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But Reading Is Still Sexy - even without the tee-shirt. #Fashion #Reading #Sexy #Books

Reading a book, at least as far as I am concerned, is one of the sexiest, most enticing attractions imaginable. I will often see someone reading, before I look at the person themselves. My interest is awoken by the site of a certain level of intellectual…

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The Monster Under The Bed - childhood fears. #Fear #Monster #Dreams #Childhood #Life

A short story I read recently made me think back to my childhood and the monster under my bed. Or perhaps it was in the cupboard, behind the chair, in the shadows of my room. I almost felt the need to check under my bed, right then and there, just to make…
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