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In lieu of clearer direction, please simply attempt to be kind until further notice.
In lieu of clearer direction, please simply attempt to be kind until further notice.


I have read Mandy's post, and the posts of many others much closer to Zak S's personal community than me, who recount details of his ill-treatment of them, and I believe them. I haven't made any kind of statement about the recent posts by Mandy and other women close to Zak, mostly because I never particularly felt close enough to their circle of discourse (or his) that my thoughts mattered.

However, several people in the gaming community whose work, and opinion, I respect have subsequently made statements of their own (or had statements shared to arrive within my field of vision) that have made me rethink this stance.

I rarely directly engaged with Zak in social media (increasingly rarely in recent years). And yet, at times, I did engage. When he offered what seemed to me opinions that were badly held about people that I had met in person, talked to directly, or knew by name to talk to directly, my position was generally "well, that has not been my experience" it was not to confront his statements and argue. I feel I did this for two reasons: I did not feel I was equipped to argue with Zak after observing the time, attention, and ability that he threw into arguments; also, I didn't feel that he would change my mind, or me him, on the matter, so I avoided conflict -- there are lots of personal and cultural reasons I avoid conflict, and no doubt they played a role in my behaviour.

I bought some of his books because I thought their content interesting, and at the same time, I bought the books of other creators when their content interested me. Sometimes these other creators were people Zak openly railed against, and sometimes they were people he openly lauded. Through all this, yet, I still never really took an active, vocal stance in defense of, or against, anyone and because of the words of Ken Hite, Johnstone Metzger, Patrick Stuart, and other people who've made thoughtful statements, I'm coming to think more about this.

Ken, in particular, said:

"People whose opinion and knowledge I value tell me that Zak has used my reputation to cloak his behavior, which I understand is a common element in habitual abusers. I played a role both actively and passively in enabling his behavior, and I regret that I was not able to come to this realization sooner."

I feel that because of my own inaction, this applies in some measure to me as well, especially for the people who know me, and who I know, more directly than just "names on the internet".

I apologize wholeheartedly to all of you if anything I have said or not said in the past few years around this community has lead you to feel that I don't support you, or value you. If you felt that my lack of action lead to not standing up for you the way you felt I should have, I'm very sorry that my inaction caused this hurt.

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As some others are doing, you can use to find out where to find me, post G+-collapsation.

It seems like a reasonable point of re-direction for re-finding people.
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