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Google räumt noch mehr auf und entfernt demnächst die robots.txt, die Site Performance und Subscriber Stats Tools aus den Google Webmaster Tools
=> R.I.P. statistics

1. The Create robots.txt tool provides a way to generate robots.txt files for the purpose of blocking specific parts of a site from being crawled by Googlebot. This feature has very low usage, so we've decided to remove it from Webmaster Tools.

2.Site performance is a Webmaster Tools Labs feature that provides information about the average load time of your site's pages. This feature is also being removed due to low usage.

3.Subscriber stats reports the number of subscribers to a site’s RSS or Atom feeds. This functionality is currently provided in Feedburner
Webmaster level: All Webmaster Tools added lots of new functionality over the past year, such as improvements to Sitemaps and Crawl errors, as well as the new User Administration feature. In recent we...
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Schade, das waren für mich sehr nützliche Features.
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