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UK "Turing Law"

Instead of pardon UK needs to apologize to this men. He did no wrong so there is no question of pardon. I wonder what kind of idiot makes this law.

Google has been mainly a search company. A company that ventured into too many "cool ideas" and probably abandoned a lot of them really quickly. In fact for a search company they ventured into a lot of hardware business and ditched users. However, when they did ditch the customers they somehow took care of them financially. Google as a company looked more like a public beta testing company. Till now, when they released a bunch of hardware and said they are in this for long run.

It is hard to trust a company with so many hardware related goof ups. However, I would still want to give them a chance because well they are google. A company that makes money off of you by giving "free" things.

I have been reading a lot of forums and tech blogs about Pixel to get an idea of people perception about Google's new hardware venture. And it appears that people are not very happy or excited about their product launch. I am also reading arguments that Pixel is just re-branded nexus with inferior hardware which cost as much as iPhone. iPhone, you know the gold standard for user experience. A phone which shows how important it is for hardware and software to work together. I doubt Google wants to be Apple. Nope. What they want to do is become a more vertically integrated company. And I think they put a great founding stone with yesterday's hardware launch.

Pixel as a phone will not be a best seller and I think google knows that. For a company that does advertising for a living, I think google knows they won't be selling a ton of these. Now you may ask then why not sell Pixel at affordable price. here is why. Pixel is a brand. Like an iPhone. When iPhone was launched it did not sell that well. But apple did not lower the price. Once you do that you create a perception in users mind that they can get it for cheaper price. So, I personally don't want to see Pixel to be sold at affordable prices. I do concede however that Pixel hardware is not up to the mark. But you know what Google should not play spec game anyway. They are a software company and they can deliver an experience similar to iOS. This is what matters. I think people are also realizing this. Look at Samsung. They also mentioned that they are toning down TW. Apple has been playing this game very well. They optimize the iOS very well and use the least possible spec to provide a great user experience.

So to all those who think Pixel should be affordable (meaning google or HTC should bear the loss), I want to say that Pixel is next iPhone. Or should I say iPhone is a next Pixel. Just wait for it.

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MS Surface Book ad.

Although I believe a good product should not need an ad to be successful, I think it has become necessary for an average consumer. 

I think this ad is good but could have been better. Here is an ad idea I think would be great for this product.

The idea is to show how a person goes through a transformation in a day. Wake up in the morning to read news and have a coffee. Go to work and make a presentation. Off to a meeting to take notes. Come back home and chill. One device for productivity and entertainment. The idea is to point out geeky differences while talking about use case scenario. 

I think Satya said it right "Devices come and go but you persist." ... Microsoft

Make similar ads for people with different needs such as artist, musician etc.

Did anyone notice that next iPhone might not have TouchID?

Apple calling Microsoft for demo and they present better during Apple keynote then their own conference. Anyone with a surface now?

apple is killing right now.

The way some of the companies protect our personal information feels like you don't need enemies when you have them around.

Remember Target, Home Depot, Chase, and now Anthem (2nd largest health insurance provider). The worst is that they leaked SSN of their customers, and after realizing their mistake, are ready to provide free credit monitoring. What a joke!

Tarun Tejpal was invited to TOI Literary carnival and accepted the offer. Eventually organizer has to withdraw his invitation and everyone knows the reason for that. Shobhaa wrote an article on it in NDTV where she seems to have suggested that it is OK for the organizers to have invited Tarun. I seem to agree with her and then I read a few comments on the post which tries to paint a completely opposite picture.
I agree with the fact that if Tarun did what has been alleged then it is the worst crime a person can commit. Although I can't even imagine what the victim must have felt, I agree that Tarun must face consequences for what he did. But what I don't agree is that criminals must be outcast from the society. Afterall, everyone should get a second chance no matter how ghastly the crime may be.

Here is what I do believe in. A criminal is also good at something. Tarun may be good at what he does, writing or reporting or investigative journalism. And no one can take that from him. We may choose to not listen to him or read his article but he does have every right to do what he does best.

If the consequences of what he did include ruining his professional life then so be it. But he also have every right to pursue it.

For years MSFT has been dumping their POS software on us. Windows froze for update. Had to restart and lost all the data. I guess they should be ashamed to call themselves software engineers.
Please fire your windows and office teams and just hire some people from Apple and Google.

Each year MS office bloats in the name of adding features without having to worry about RAM usage. Windows team is confused whether they are catering to touchscreen or legacy form factors.

They destroyed Nokia brand. I guess its time for them to pack up. I would party if this company goes bankrupt.

Man I hate this company so much. 

What a customer service from Best Buy. On phone for almost 1 hour now and the person who put me on hold has now forgotten about me. Guess what, now I got connected to some other representative who realized this blunder and hung up on me quickly. 
Way to go @WorstBuy.... 
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