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Day 2 of #OnePlus #InsanityWeek - we’re giving away 2! Share this message & share the Insanity!

1/ Share the following post with the hashtag #OnePlus #InsanityWeek
2/ Fill out the following form: 3/ Join the OnePlus Forums or sign up for the newsletter
4/ Go insane!

The contest for Day 2 starts now and will close on Wednesday, October 15 at 12.00 pm (6.00 am CST). It is only open to participants from our 16 launch countries.

More info about this contest:

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Parallella: 18 CPUs at 800MHz, 25 GFLOPS, 1GB DRAM, $100.  
This credit card sized platform combines FPGA, ARM, and DSPs.  

The #Parallella  project needs more backers on #Kickstarter in the next 2 days

Edit (27 Oct 2012):  The project reached its funding threshold on Kickstarter. Last chance to grab one of these nice boards (expected May 2013) before it closes soon today :)

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Mark Abbott Memorial Lighthouse in Santa Cruz, California, USA

For #LighthouseThursday  curated by +Heiko Köster +LighthouseThursday 

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Washington DC Fireworks - 04 July 2012

Thanks to a friend who lives in the heart of #DC , I got a chance to see the #4thofJuly  fireworks from a good vantage point.  The photos in this collection are the ones I could manage with my existing photography skills and available settings in my bridge camera.  Could have been better, but I hope you like at least a few of them :)

DC Fireworks 04 July 2012 (14 photos)
14 Photos - View album

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Fourth of July fireworks in Washington, DC

Got some nice views of the fireworks this year from a friend's apartment building in DC.

#4thofJuly     #Fireworks    #DC  

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For #LighthouseThursday , curated by +Heiko Köster, +LighthouseThursday 

Lighthouse at Point Reyes National Seashore on the Pacific coast, California, USA.

#lighthouse   #pointreyes  

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Bolting from the scene!

This one didn't like the idea of getting photographed :)

For the black and white edition of #squirrelsaturday , hosted by +SE Blackwell and +Skippy Sheeskin  

Update: - Link to the same photo processed using a vintage filter - my attempt at trying out the suggestion from +Skippy Sheeskin 

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For +#ThankfulThursday, curated by +Bonnie Pickartz 

I am thankful for the gift of life, and all the beautiful sights and places I've got a chance to see and visit over the years.  

Here is one photo taken during a recent flight to the west coast in the US.  I think these are the southern rocky mountains.

#ThankfulThursday   #mountains    #airplane   #scenic
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