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Vikram Karve
A creative person with a zest for life
A creative person with a zest for life

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Are Children of Divorced Parents Assets, Liabilities or Bad Debts...?
Recently  – I saw a link to an article on  The Unintended Plight of Children of Divorce  on the Social Media  – a thought provoking article which evoked  an interesting  discussion on Social Media on the effect of Divorce on Children. This reminded me of a ...

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Blow Hot Blow Cold – Story of a “Patriarchal Feminist” – her “Horrible” daughter-in-law – and – her “Darling” daughter
It is very hot in Pune.  Normally  – I don ’t like using an  Air-Conditioner  – I prefer fresh air.  But  – today  – while contemplating whether to switch on the  Air-Conditioner  – I suddenly remembered this story I had written long ago during my lovely Mu...

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Depression : Talk to Me – I want to Talk to You
DEPRESSION TALK TO ME  – I WANT TO TALK TO YOU Fiction Short Story By VIKRAM KARVE  DEPRESSION  – short story by Vikram Karve  “Talk to me…”  the old man said. “What is it…?” his wife said. “I want to talk to you…” he said. “Please –  don’t spoil my mood in...

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Have you made your “Happiness List”...?
Have you made your “Happiness List”...? “MILD” PLEASURES GIVE YOU MAXIMUM HAPPINESS This afternoon I relaxed on my bed while hearing melodious old songs on Vividh Bharati Radio. I felt happy. And  – I remembered an article I had written 17 years ago based o...

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Humor in Marriage – Married Yet “Single”
Are You Married Yet “Single”...? As usual  – my wife has gone to spend a few days with her beloved mother  – and I am  “Married Yet Single”  – and this  “Married Bachelor Status” reminded me of this story... MARRIED YET SINGLE Unforgettable Memories of My N...

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Humor in Uniform – “Fleet Night” – Navy Ship Awards Function
Humor in Uniform  This afternoon we had a get-together of Navy Veterans in Pune organised by th e Navy Foundation Pune Charter every quarter.  At the meet  –  I met a shipmate  – and  – we remembered this delightful story from a wonderful Navy days... FLEET...

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Humor in Uniform – No one is Indispensable Part 2 – The “Indispensable” Sailor
HUMOR IN UNIFORM  No one is Indispensable Part 2 – The “Indispensable” Sailor  Continued From Part 1  – The “Indispensable” Engineer   HOW TO “BULLSHIT ” STORY OF THE  “INDISPENSABLE” SAILOR A Spoof By VIKRAM KARVE  This story happened 30 years ago  –  in t...

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Humor in Uniform – No one is Indispensable Part 1 – The “Indispensable” Engineer
PROLOGUE   A few days go  – while cleaning my bookshelves  – I saw one of my  “ancient ” books on the most famous Naval Mutiny  –     “ Mutiny on the Bounty ”   The book is titled    CAPTAIN BLIGH AND MR. CHRISTIAN    –  the author is Richard Hough  –  a di...

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Life Management Made Simple – “Not To Do” and “Not To Meet” Lists
“TO DO” or “NOT TO DO”    –    “ TO MEET” or “NOT TO MEET” Life Management Made Simple  By VIKRAM KARVE  “TO DO” LIST   When I was in the Navy  –  I always had a   “to do” list   or a  “slop chit”  (in Naval Parlance). It was standard Naval Practice for Nav...

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How to Cook and Eat Chicken Do Piaza – Simple Recipe
As demanded by some of my foodie friends  – I am posting once more  – my simple recipe for CHICKEN DO PIAZA HOW TO COOK CHICKEN DO PIAZA  (Also Spelt Pyaaza or Pyaza) Easy Recipe By VIKRAM KARVE In these days of  “ Butter ”  Chicken  “ Kadhai ”  Chicken and...
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