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Columbia Professor Jagdish Bhagwati (who puts the Nobel Economics prize to shame):
There are many detractors [of Modi]. But their hostility lacks plausibility, whether one considers his economic craftsmanship or his commitment to secularism. 

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Arvind Panagariya:
Arguably , parliamentary polls of 1977 and this year are two of the most important elections in Indian history. The former was a referendum on political freedom and the latter on economic freedom.
Is Arvind going to be Chief Economic Advisor or will it be Bibek Debroy or Surjit Bhalla?

We seem to have lots of the right stuff in the economics department right now (all puns on right intended)

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please join me at the Run for Unity on December 15

stop means go
no means yes
consensual is only
a state of mind
when you can
make the survivor

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Ram Ohri, IPS retired:
 It is shocking that in four out of five globally recognised major human development indices, the Hindus happen to be the most disadvantaged religious group in India. The book is a research which delves on all such irregularities.
 The book is called The Majority Report:

The Majority Report
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