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We #Indians 🇮🇳 support DonaldTrump's #MuslimBan.

Hindus V/s (Muslim Zakir Naik + Christian Missionaries)

The problem with Hindus is that they don't read religious scriptures, they make up their own stories and share with others. Everyone tells a different philosophy which creates misconceptions without any logic. It is, therefore, Zakir Naik & Christian Missionaries succeed fooling and converting Hindus. Foolish Hindus don't know what is written in their own scriptures so they get easily trapped by those who manipulate few verses.

One of the common verses manipulated by Zakir Naik is:
"Na Tasya pratima aati" (There is no image of God)
But if you carefully read Holy Vedas, the complete verse in Sanskrit is:

"Na Tasya PRATIMAAN asti, yasya nama hiranyagarbha mahadyash ityesha ma ma hinsid ityesha yasmanna jat ityesha."

The Sanskrit word "Pratimaan" means "there is no quantity, quality or a personality equal to Him" - Shri Krishna whose glory mentioned in Vedas and Bhagavad Geeta.

If a #DesertGoat recites this verse, discard it straight away. Ask him what if I say that in Quran "kalma e tayyabah says - La Ilah" (means, there is no God)?

This is a half verse and the same way Zakir Naik manipulates Hindu scriptures. The thing is: Zakir Naik and Christian Missionaries pick up random verses, manipulate them and fool Hindus. Foolish Hindus never read their own scriptures.

#Hindus #Hinduism #HolyVedas #BhagvadGeeta #LordKrishna #ShriKrishna

#India’s 🇮🇳 approach on dealing with Donald J. Trump:

India’s most important "diplomatic offensive" should be on Balochistan. India should convince the newly elected Donald Trump that a "game changer" would be to free Balochistan from Pakistani occupation, and to support the Balochi freedom fighters. This will involve US military intervention, as well as, change the map of the region forever.

Afghanistan will back India, since the landlocked country will get access to the sea via Balochistan country, and the US will no longer have to suck up to Pakistan for supplying its troops. Afghans will love the freedom from Pakis, so will the other Central Asian “stan” countries that are presently landlocked. A potential new sea access for Russia will also be a negotiating card to deal with Vladimir Putin. Pakistan will lose its geostrategic positioning, a card it has played very skillfully for too long.

For its part, India should offer military help to Afghanistan, but only if USA guarantee’s an independent Balochistan country. This will be a win-win deal of a kind that is right up Trump’s alley. Russia may decide to join in. A clandestine or indirect role for Jewish country of Israel should also be discussed. As a side benefit, this might also open a new door in negotiating with Iran, given its strategic interests concerning Balochistan.

Senior Indian military officials should lead strategic discussions with Donald Trump. India should avoid sending the standard team of Indian diplomats because the US appreciate clear-cut, no-nonsense dealmakers rather than woolly-headed poets or ideologues. This pragmatism will be even more applicable in dealing with Trump. India should also consider appointing some ex-military person as its ambassador to the USA. This US relationship should be a top priority for NSA Ajit Doval.

The most important diplomatic defensive deal would be to convince Trump to end US governmental support for Christian evangelism in India. He was heavily backed by the evangelicals, and they are experienced in extracting foreign policy assistance from the US government. Trump needs to be convinced that a strong India is good for US interests. Weakening India by encouraging the #BreakingIndia forces would eventually play into the hands of Islam and China. In the long run, a fragmented India would not become a Christian country, but rather a battleground for the return of Mughalstan. It would be a worse nightmare for the USA than the entire Middle East is. Rajiv Malhotra's book "Breaking India", gives a detailed argument in its first and last chapters. This should become required reading for Indian officials involved in this discussion.

The above two-pronged strategy (offence and defence) combines carrots and sticks. India must present itself with a strong posture. It must not become available as an ally in desperate need to get saved.

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