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Vikanspecialist the online Vikan store who provides the most complete range of Vikan.
Vikanspecialist the online Vikan store who provides the most complete range of Vikan.


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Choose the appropriate Vikan squeegee

Why Choose Between:
Ultra Hygiene Squeegee , Hygienic Squeegee or Classic Squeegee!

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Vikan SALE!

50% discount on nearly 100 Vikan products.
Brooms, brushes, squeegees, handles, etc.

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Vikan Metal and X-Ray detectable

Why the need?
Metal detection is well established as a method for ensuring the absence of metal fragments in the food products sold to consumers. Rejection of food products containing metal fragments aids both food safety and food quality.
Metal detection systems were originally designed to detect ferrous/iron containing, 100% metallic items.

However, in the food industry they are now used to control a range of metallic foreign bodies, ferrous and non-ferrous, and metal detectable plastics.
However, food manufacturers are often unaware that the metal and X-Ray detectability of any foreign body will depend on many things, including the:

-Metal content of the contaminant, both the quantity and type of metal
-Size of the metal containing contaminant 
-Orientation of the metal containing contaminant
-Food product
-Food packaging
-Speed of the conveyor belt
-Detector used

Consequently, metal detection systems do not give a 100% security. The metal detectable plastics used in the construction of cleaning equipment only contain a small percentage of metal detectable material. Consequently, metal detection systems only work if the fragments of this cleaning equipment are large enough to detect (given other product and packaging considerations). As an alternative to the use of metal detectable plastic equipment, it is suggested that products should be regularly inspected and replaced, in order to minimise the risk of foreign body contamination from this source, and that equipment which is of a contrasting colour to the product be used to enable equipment fragments to be seen more easily in the product.

Vikan accept no liability regarding the calibration of any detecting equipment and thus the product’s detectability.

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* Vikan Handle Transport Sector*

Vikan has developed handles for the Transport sector which are efficient to use.
All Vikan Transport System handles have a conical connection which fits any Vikan brush.
With fixed lengths of 1000 mm and 1500 mm and telescopically from 1060 mm to 2800 mm. Water permeable handles come with a hose pillar (barb), Nito quick coupler or a Gardena connection. The insulated handle is comfortable in both hot and cold conditions. Vikan water permeable handles can withstand a temperature of up to 50°C and at a pressure of 6 bar. Handle 299552 is equipped with a feature with which the water supply can be controlled.

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Vikan Microfibre Instruction Movie

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Select Security!
Customers and government authorities are placing more and more requirments on foodstuff products. Compliance with all aspects of food safety should be heavily documented. One recent development is EU regulation no. 10/2011, which imposes strict requirements on migration values. Vikan produces a growing number of items from this migration test. The Ultra Hygiene Squeegee and the regular Hygiene Squeegee both withstood the test. The squeegees were even imprinted with a Glass and Fork symbol to accentuate that fact. The accompanying Declaration of Compliance document confirms that the raw materials used are designed to be able to come into direct contact with foodstuffs.
The squeegees in stock come in nine colors at lengths of 250, 400, 500, 600 and 700 mm.
7125 = 250 mm
7140 = 400 mm
7150 = 500 mm
7160 = 600 mm
7170 = 700 mm

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