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I don't know if it's inexperience in mysql admnistrator/installation, I am disappointed with the pre-compiled MySQL binary's high memory usage. It's now 50%, and my available RAM for entire computer is 100 mega bytes to do anything. :-{

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Lol join +Programmingnow only if you are programmer

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I have started realizing that when you do oop, you do oop all the time. Get that procedure out of the way. #BewareOfOop #C++IsNotC

After a short break, it's back to settling my score with few external libs that are essential to get my Linux box working like I want it to.

Programmers can be admins and vice versa lol 😁

Though you were beautiful in the short stay in our computers Ubuntu MATE, you just weren't made for us. Goodbye.

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Such a dangerous beasty beauty 😎
African Serval Cat ( Leptailurus serval )
A beautiful African Serval Cat naps cozily in a stand of tall grasses at +TheWildAnimalSanctuary in Keenesburg, Colorado...

This unique sanctuary was founded to help deal with the world's "Captive Wildlife Crisis". There are an estimated 30,000+ captive big cats, bears, wolves and other large carnivores living in substandard conditions throughout the U.S. In fact, after illegal drugs and weapons, the exotic animal trade is the third largest source of illicit profits in America - and in the world - today. The sanctuary rescues animals from these captive and often abusive situations and gives them a very large, natural-simulated habitat and world-class veterinary care. Their stated goals are "to prevent and alleviate cruelty to animals which are abandoned or that are subject to deprivation or neglect by providing care and boarding for such animals" and "to rescue and provide life-long homes for large exotic and endangered captive wild animals, and to educate the public about the causes of, and solutions to the World’s captive wildlife crisis".

Some of the serval rescue stories from The Wild Animal Sanctuary's website (

Aslyn: Private Surrender —Given to a couple as a wedding gift, Aslyn went from being a “pet” to a liability when the couple’s first baby was born and the Serval became jealous. Surrendered to The Wild Animal Sanctuary, Aslyn now resides in a large enclosure adjacent to two other Servals. She has a cozy heated condo for winter, and lots of space to jump and lounge around on platforms of varying heights.

Diva: Private Surrender —Diva is a female African Serval that was being kept as a “pet” in a New York apartment. Her teeth have been filed down, and her claws removed, in an attempt to make her less dangerous. Even with these “modifications,” her owners quickly realized that she did not make a good “pet” and sought out TWAS as a home for her.

Jules: Private Surrender —Jules is a male African Serval that was someone’s “pet” in California. But like so many other Servals, he started to become temperamental with his owners, and began marking his territory, profusely. His owner relinquished him to a sanctuary in Arizona but they were unable to keep him, and so TWAS gladly took him in.

Gizzy: Idaho State Court Ordered Surrender- Gizzy was being kept by an exotic animal breeder in the State of Idaho. She, and many other Tigers were kept and moved from county to county by a man that was avoiding new regulations that were being put in place to stop him and other people from breeding and selling exotic animals as pets. Finally, state authorities stepped in and obtained a court order shutting down the operation. Gizzy now lives freely at the Sanctuary, and enjoys the company of other rescued Servals.

Shaka: New York State Wildlife Officials Confiscation - Shaka is a Male African Serval that was being kept in a small cage located in a junk-ridden back yard of a couple living in New York State. The couple had purchased Shaka, along with a Mountain Lion and a Black Bear with the intention of keeping them as pets - but once they all had grown up – they were placed in cramped cages out behind the couple’s house. Shaka, and his fellow back yard “pet” friends were rescued and now live in open habitats with others of their own species.

The moral of the story is: Wild animals are wild, and should remain that way. Please do not keep wild animals as pets or encourage others to do so, either. Thanks.

For +CATURDAY! / #Caturday, curated by +Cicely Robin Laing and +Shantha Marie Fountain, and #hqspanimals for +HQSP Animals, and #WholeWildlifeWeek curated by +Diego Cattaneo, +Dick Whitlock, +Anette Mossbacher, and +Sandy Schepis...

Been writing a lot of C# nowadays, and I must tell this, it's the best language I've written/learned/implemented. Ever had that feeling something's made for you?

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Rattle And Hum -- Fort Collins, Colorado
This is the rattle of a two-foot-long Prairie Rattlesnake ( Crotalus viridis ) that showed up next to the sidewalk of my office building yesterday. He had gotten caught in some plastic landscape netting (dastardly stuff that should be completely banned, BTW) and couldn't escape. With the help of another guy holding the snake's head with a pair of snake tongs, I was able to cut away the netting with a pair of scissors. The snake was understandably agitated, but all things considered was remarkably calm. The liberated rattler was then relocated further into the Rocky Mountain foothills nearby. :)

If you're a landscaper or similar, please do not use plastic (or any other) landscape netting, ever - it's a death trap for small creatures of all kinds, especially snakes, lizards, and birds.

For #hqspanimals for +HQSP Animals, and #hqspmacro for +HQSP Macro, and #macromaniacs for +MacroManiacs and +Sandra Deichmann, and #Macro4All by +Bill Urwin, +Thomas Kirchen, +Walter Soestbergen (+Macro4All ), and #ReptileMonday +Reptile Monday curated by +Nicole Best...

I knew it was time to upgrade my Ubuntu-10 to get new software working and other things, but wasn't too fond of Gnome3/Unity/XFCE as I am still a Gnome2 fan at heart. Dumped Ubuntu MATE image and I now run the latest software from Canonical 16.04 it's so cool now.

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