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Vijay Gill
Tilts at windmills. Sometimes wins.
Tilts at windmills. Sometimes wins.

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Anyone here played with cockroachDB? Opinion?

If anyone from Google is still around on this thing, could you explain why Android enables such a large amount of privacy leakage? The new version of Netflix wants access to my microphone. For some reason it continues tonwork fine without that on my iPhone. What the hell?

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Update for the g+ app today. Heyo 

“But you, Quentin, you I understand. You are like me. You have ambition. You want to be great wizard. Gandalf maybe. Merlin. Dumb- bell- door.” He spoke softly and, for him, gently. Did he? Quentin thought. Want to be a great magician? Was that the truth? Maybe it used to be. But truth was seeming pretty relative at this point. Truth was a substance soluble in lichen vodka. “Sure,” he said. “Why not.” “But you will not be great. You are clever, yes— you have good head.” He reached over and rapped on Quentin’s head with his knuckles. “Don’t do that.” But Mayakovsky was unstoppable, a drunk best man hell- bent on giving an inappropriate toast. “Fine head. Better than most. But sadly for you there are many heads like it. One hundred. One thousand maybe.”

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Why are open offices a thing when all data says they hurt productivity? Cargo culting google and FB? why not cargo cult free food?

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I present two examples of music of their time: one is the smiths "how soon is now" and the other is cabaret Voltaire's "sensoria". Both came out within a year of each other, and both speak to the themes of loneliness, fear, despair and alienation. The context:The cold war, PLO, the troubles, industrialization run amok, the Israel/Lebanon conflict. Both are a product of their time. Paranoid music for paranoid people.
Enjoy. And give thanks that we live in times where Miley is the worst that can happen.
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