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How crazy is it that I actually ended up making a Thiruvadarai-like kootu and kesari, Mi? I suppose some things just happen because they will and nothing we do can stop them. Bonus? So feel-good without conscious effort. It happened so naturally. Here I…
How crazy is it that I actually ended up making a Thiruvadarai-like kootu and kesari, Mi? I suppose some things just happen because they will and nothing we do can stop them. Bonus? So feel-good without conscious effort. It happened so naturally. Here I was, thinking of that second coffee of...
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Vidya Sury

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Merry Christmas +Gary Pennick 
Ah, behold the wondrous magic bestowed upon us by Fidelina, the beautiful fairy princess, her beloved husband, Geoffrey the garden gnome and their boy child, Einahalk. They, from the land of the wee folks, drenched in symbol...
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Dear Vidya, thank you so much for sharing this posting. In peace and hope, Gary :) x
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Vidya Sury

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It was wonderful to meet you again, Farida and I treasure our photos together! We usually don't get around to doing that! Hugs! Now looking forward to your visit at home!
A Blog about personal experiences of a 3rd Stage Breast Cancer survivor, Mom of a special needs child and woman who refuses to be indoctrinated.
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Vidya Sury

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Did you know that children accumulate up to 50 percent of their lifetime cancer risk by their second birthday?

And everyday baby products such as shampoo, body wash, conditioner, body lotion, and the rest of it, contain traces of 1,4 Dioxane and ethylene oxide—both known carcinogens.

Here are the top ten culprits in the toxin list to watch out for. #readthelabel   #babycare  
For every Mom—new or expectant—her baby’s safety is her prime concern–and a lifelong one, I might add. When I was born, during the 60s, my family did not even think about buying babycare prod…
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Vidya Sury

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Make 2017 fabulous by winning inspiring books, ecourses and personal coaching via +Laura & Mark Tong 
If you are looking to: Build your confidence and self esteem Defeat your inner critic and learn to love yourself Find the motivation to kill your procrastination and boost your productivity Learn to let go of anger and grief and how to forgive Use positivity to boost your happiness And much more The answer is here in one of these great giveaways.
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Vidya Sury

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Don't let #homerepair  make you unhappy! Add value to your home with +Roff India products - they have are the tiling, stone installation and grouting experts!
Home repair is one of the most painful things, ever, and especially so if one happens to live in an old building. And even more so, if it is an apartment building. That’s what I’ve been…
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Vidya Sury

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Vidya Sury

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#Giveaway alert! Enter to win a fabulous +MamaEarth premium babycare kit for Christmas! <3 #Rafflecopter #100%natural #Toxinfree #Safe #MadeSafe #MamaKnowsBest
So yes, my grandnephew is growing way too fast—and before we knew it, turned 3 months old! Seems like just the other day that we were looking at the newborn in wonder, a newborn who had braved it i…
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Vidya Sury

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If #demonetizaton  has you freaked out running from ATM to ATM looking for cash, use the +Money View app to #FindCashWithMV  
Demonetization. The sound of this word brings on a shudder for most Indians ,and especially those who handle physical cash. You don’t even have to know how to spell it! For, you see, just over a mo…
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Vidya Sury

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A controversial experiment to revive brain-dead accident victims has been scrapped. ​​ The Indian Council of Medical Research's (ICMR) National Institute of Medical Statistics officially removed the "ReAnima" trial fr...
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Vidya Sury

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Thanks, +Paula McInerney!
One of my favorite trips last year was a visit to The Dalai Lama complex in MacLeodganj, Dharamsala, where he lives. Yes, I met him, hugged him, held hands. 
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That would have been awesome!

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Over 500 USD of amazing books, personal coaching and online courses to m...

If you are looking to: Build your confidence and self esteem Defeat your inner critic and learn to love yourself Find the motivation to kill

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Life can be concurring mountain tops or chase new partners all non stop Life can be greeting the morning light, or dance in joy as the day t

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I made my first purchase from Dreamscape about 12 years ago, basically because they are located close to where I live. I got most of my furniture from them and I recommend them highly for their excellent quality and prompt service.
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