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Vidit Agarwal
It is interesting how little it takes to make me happy!
It is interesting how little it takes to make me happy!
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A red-winged blackbird was recently photographed "riding" atop a red-tailed hawk. Find out what an expert has to say about the mid-air tussle.

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8 emerging technologies that could revolutionize the life sciences:

President and Manager Partner of +Google Ventures, Bill Maris, penned a great +Medium piece proposing that health care will soon see a rapid growth in innovation,  much like the pace experienced the computing industry as a result of the invention of the transistor, from any or all of the 8 emerging technologies that he highlights below. Among the technologies that are showing early promise are health care applications of Artificial Intelligence, genetic repair and 3d bioprinting. 

Which health care technologies are most compelling to you? Checkout the post here:

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How did our species populate the planet? Archaeologists have traced the route of our modern ancestors by following a "breadcrumb"-like trail of broken stone tools they left behind.

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While on vacation in Antarctica, filmmaker Alex Cornell captured this overturned iceberg. Because they absorb light in the red end of the spectrum, icebergs reflect blue light more brilliantly. 

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Camouflage at its finest

Image: Graham McGeorge/Smithsonian

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The sand in Okinawa, Japan is made up of tiny stars which are actually exoskeletons of animals that lived 550 million years ago.

Image: ASAPScience

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Couldn't help myself. Sorry.

Is this company too good? 
We are talking about a $85 pet crate. Not a small item in business perspective.
You are now chatting with 'Robbie '
Robbie : Thanks for giving us a bark! How can I help you today?
Vidit: Hi Robbie
Vidit: I recently ordered a pet kennel
Vidit: but the airlines rejected it because it wasn't big enough
Robbie : Oh no!
Vidit: Yeah - I had to buy one from local store.
Vidit: Can I still return the kennel?
Robbie : Of course. What was the order number?
Vidit: Order #3680218
Vidit: The small parts of the kennel are still sealed, and it was never assembled.
Robbie : All set! You will be refunded in full for the order. Please donate it to your local animal shelter or rescue.
Vidit: what!
Vidit: OK
Vidit: I don't want refund
Vidit: Can you give me credit instead? I would like to use that towards purchase on your site.
Robbie : No, Im sorry that’s the only way :)
Vidit: OK
Vidit: I will definitely donate it, and let them know it is from
Robbie : That would be awesome!
Robbie : Aww.
Vidit: Thank you!
Robbie : My pleasure!
Vidit: You guys are insane, BTW
Robbie : Hahahah!
Vidit: have a good day.
Robbie : You too!
Vidit: can u send me a copy of this chat? It is going on my facebook.
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