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Leading the way in video capture people counting around the world
Leading the way in video capture people counting around the world

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New research from Google shows that search results are a powerful way to drive customers into shops. Shoppers are actually inspired to visit after successfully using a local search to find out information such as the in-store availability of an item, store location, hours and pricing at a nearby shop. How can you use the internet to increase your footfall?
Google local search drives consumers to high street stores
New research finds search results are a powerful way to drive consumers to stores.

Three out of four shoppers who find local information in search results helpful are more likely to visit stores. Shoppers are actually inspired to visit after successfully finding out information such as the in-store availability of an item, store location, hours and pricing at a nearby shop. 

The report says that digital is a powerful way to connect consumers with stores and increase footfall (or “in-store foot traffic” as they put it).

This change in consumer behavior is creating dramatic new realities in the world of local retail. It’s not only changing the mind-set of consumers as they walk into the store, but it’s also changing actual footfall patterns. Stores are seeing less visitors, but the people who enter are buying much more. Consumers visited less, but they were better informed about what they wanted when entering the store. Each trip was more purposeful and the stores’ sales conversions are increasing.

More information and research results:

Driving consumers to high street stores

The 3 New Realities of LOCAL RETAIL

Understanding Consumers’ Local Search Behavior 

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People Counting Retail Market Undergoing $3 Billion Technology Evolution, According to ABI Research

New in-store analytics technologies are forecast to drive a $3 Billion market by 2018 for people-counting equipment vendors, while also revolutionizing brick and mortar stores for both retailers and shoppers.

ABI Research's report, "Retail Customer Analytics: Technologies, Markets, and Revenues", has forecast all major analytics technologies across 10 major retail sectors. Traditionally this market has focused on footfall/people counting and queue management, largely based on thermal imaging and camera analytics technologies. New smartphone-based technologies will work in synchronization with existing systems, enabling a much higher level of analytics including pathing, dwell times, repeat customers, and aisle-level product interaction. 


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Merge the number of people currently in the store with the point-of-sale database figures to get real-time sales conversion.
Real-time footfall counts can increase sales via rolling targets
Retailers are merging real-time counts of the number of people in a store with point-of-sale figures, and updating current sales conversion every 5 minutes. Some even send new sales targets to managers at 15 minute intervals, so staff know whether they are above or below predicted customer conversion.
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How monitoring retail traffic saves money by improving staff scheduling
Excellent article from +WorkplaceSystems by +Debbie Cates  about using retail traffic counting to improve staff scheduling

Despite more than 50 per cent of North American specialist retailers installing traffic monitoring systems in some or all of their stores, not enough companies are using the data this gives them to maximise their sales opportunities. 

Retail traffic counts can be integrated with workforce management systems to improve staff scheduling.  Numbers from video store traffic counters (like ours) can also be integrated with point-of-sale (POS) data and sales conversion figures calculated throughout the day. This means that retailers have hard data as to whether increasing the amount of staff present on a given day did, in fact, increase sales efficiency. If it hasn’t, they can also investigate why. 

The article is at

Plus we've more on retail traffic counting at

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Latest issue of The People Counter  now out featuring
- How traffic analytics are transforming retail
- How do video counting systems work? 
- Analysing queuing time sells more ice cream

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Footfall Heath Check shows 99% Accuracy at Indoor Ski Resort

Manchester's premier indoor ski resort and tourist attraction, Chill Factor e,  wanted to monitor footfall across the main entrances into the venue. We installed the Video Turnstile system across the entrances and stored the data centrally on the ski resort's server. 

Chill Factore use the valuable and reliable information generated through the video footfall system to run the ski resort more effectively and efficiently. For instance, it helps them:
- Effectively manage their staff;
- Monitor and analyse footfall trends throughout the year;
- Analyse and benchmark footfall into the venue during special events;
- Verify successful promotional and marketing strategies;
- Justify rents charged to shops within the venue;
- Monitor and benchmark key performance indicators like sales conversions;
- Compare the people counts with tickets issued for skiing events.
More at

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Retail Technology spend to increase this year, in spite of the challenges.
Despite fifteen years of steady investment in digital technologies, the 81% of  retailers  still intend to spend more on them this year than they did last

That's according to a report from law firm TLT, who go on to say that retailers have identified challenges in implementing technology.  The biggest of these is seen as the lack of knowledge or skills within existing teams (75%), followed by concerns around data compliance and a general lack of understanding of technologies by management.

A quarter worries about the costs of integrating a new device with 
their existing systems and even incompatibility. 
Whilst all agree that technology will grow sales and many believe early adoption is important (43.8%), a large proportion (37.5%) believes that technology brings a greater exposure to risk.

As a retail technology company we need to address these perceived problems. Offering training where necessary and explaining how video people counting systems integrate with existing networks and POS databases to provide footfall, sales conversion, dwell times, queue times and occupancy info. Key performance indicators that give hard data for testing scenarios and increasing profits.

You can read the full report at

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The "blobs" in the video from +Asad syed show what the outdoor video counting system has identified as a person. People are not counted until they have crossed both lines. 
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The Videoturnstile system has displayed extremely high accuracy levels when installed outdoors dealing effectively with all weather conditions throughout the year. 
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