Using Video to Establish Yourself as a Subject Matter Expert

YouTube is still wide-open for grabbing up market share of thought-leadership in the marketing space essentially because of the cord-cutters looking for video to watch after leaving traditional programming via cable and satellite TV and the lack of online video content for adults in their 30s and beyond. Tara cites YouTube’s reputation as the online destination to “see viral videos and a bunch of youngsters with huge subscriber numbers – many of them playing video games, unboxing, and showing one another how to create the latest makeup look.”

Indeed, this is YouTube’s (and its content creators’) biggest challenge – how to appeal to a larger, OLDER and more diverse audience.

But, before I’m going to tell you why YouTube is not necessarily the right place to be, let’s take a step back and understand WHY we are here 12 years after the birth of YouTube.

Why is video marketing just now “becoming a thing”???

Video Entrepreneur Magazine rightly pointed out that, “Video content is coming of age as Internet access is becoming an indispensable public utility as necessary as electricity, water and telephone. While infrastructure scales up and technological advancements roll out, bandwidth and download speeds are making video content available for almost every connected consumer in the world.”

There’s also really no excuse to shy away from making videos any longer.
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