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The main power of whiteboard videos lies in the fact that it engages viewers who want to see the animation come to life on the whiteboard. It keeps your audience glued to your video, and prevents them from leaving your video too early - "watch time" is also an important aspect of video SEO and getting your video ranked well in Google and YouTube. In order for you to successfully convert your audience into customers, you have to keep their attention span intact throughout the video. It is also important for you to limit the duration of your whiteboard video to no more than 5 minutes. Remember KISS: Keep it Short and Simple!
Whiteboard videos happen to be one of the most effective ways to market your business using video but what is it about them that makes whiteboard videos work?

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Why Freelancers MUST Market Their Services Through Social Media

I have a friend that offers voice-over business consulting services primarily to those who are new to the voiceover profession. In his usually very sound advice he advocates offering VO, narration and voice acting services through freelance marketplace websites, like, and others.

He actually suggests setting up profiles and offering gigs in not one website, but in as many sites as possible – and I’m totally onboard with that.

Yesterday he posted a video in which he advocated offering freelance voice services through gig economy websites but then he said something odd.

He said, this:

“Do not post links to your gig pages from your social media profiles, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.”

The reason he gave was equally shocking:

“If you send a potential customer to a freelance marketplace then you run the risk that the buyer is just going to find your competition who will beat you on price and quality.” (Not a direct quote but that’s the abridged version.)

I was sitting there, with my chin on the floor, thinking,

“He can’t be serious. Can he???”

Needless to say, we needed to respond...

#freelance #freelancer #socialmedia

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Do you post or embed video content to your website regularly?

Nowadays, for a website to succeed, it needs to provide various types of easily consumable content to an audience who demands content in a variety of formats. If you add a variety of content to your website - text, video, audio, visuals, etc., you will attract and engage a much broader spectrum of potential clients. Perhaps the most important type of content you can add right now is video.

Let's discuss 5 reasons why your website needs video content today...
5 Reasons Why Your Website Needs Video Content RIGHT NOW

In today's environment, video marketing is one of the best and most strategic methods of marketing your business. It has been proven that video messages help the audience more fully retain information and for much longer periods than a text-based message.

Why not take advantage of a free and easy method of building your business???

Because you're lazy.

There. I said it.

#videomarketing #videocontent #contentmarketing

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Writing Scripts for Short Marketing Videos is a Challenge

In today’s hurried life, more and more people crave instant gratification in every aspect of their lives, including the videos they watch. One of the most important elements of a great marketing video is a solid script to accompany it. Videos created for video marketing purposes need to be short and punchy, which often creates a challenge writing a script that communicates the call to action CTA) and compels the viewer to move through the marketing funnel in the shortest amount of time.

#VideoMarketing #Copywriting #Advertising

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Aspiring actresses and actors: You can earn a part-time income and hone your acting craft by creating video testimonials for businesses!

The Video Testimonial Marketplace™ (powered by VTO) is where businesses and brands will PAY YOU to talk about their products, services & events on video. *No experience necessary!*

#actor #actress #homebasedbusiness

Post has attachment has been open to the public in beta now for 7 days. The site launched at approximately 5pm on May 19, 2017 to very little fanfare but constant messages from users eager to get a jump on getting their freelancer profiles and video services up before others.

This first week, added 62 users who posted 37 video services, which was higher than I had expected.

The week did not go without technical challenges, which has completely aggravated me with the web development company I have been using to build the site since last September. I’ve spent way over $25,000 and we’re six months into the build and it seems that I cannot get a simple contact form implemented on the site.

#startup #launch #marketplace

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I can provide an up to 2-minute testimonial or spokesperson video for your product or service for just $20.

Included in the basic offer is:

Up to 2-minute video
White background
up to five different sentences
up to five images (or you can send me a physical product)
Studio Sound (Pro sound)
Full 1080 HD
My choice of Polo style or button down shirt
See upgrades and additional services provided.

#testimonial #videomarketing #spokesperson

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This is an excellent walk through about setting up a user profile and posting services.

Earl has definitely set the bar for creating excellent jobs that are specific to client's needs and goals. If you are new to, you would do very well taking his advice.

Of course, we'll also be putting out our own videos in the next few days and we only hope to build on what he has presented here.

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Freelance VIdeo Production Website Launching, the video production marketplace where buyers can find freelance service providers online to make videos for them, is launching with exclusive beta access to early adopters and those who want to take advantage of "being in" at the very top.

Let me quickly fill you in with a little bit more information about (VTO) and what will happen in the next few weeks; hopefully I’ll answer some of your questions along the way, too...

#startup #videoproduction #videography

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Freelance sites are obviously a great way to build a business. But...what if you could be one of the first freelancers on a new freelancing site in 2017!? is launching a beta on May 15th, 2017

We all know that the early adopters are the ones that win. Now you can be one of the first on this site as a freelancer in the video professions, audio professions, and graphic design.

Come one, come all Graphic design freelancers, Voice over freelancers, video production freelancers, Marketing freelancers.
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