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Victor Sloan
Northern Irish Visual Artist
Northern Irish Visual Artist

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Art of the Troubles in Ulster Museum, Belfast, Northern Ireland
11 April - 7 September 2014 

This major new exhibition brings together the work of 50 artists from Northern Ireland and beyond. Art of the Troubles offers avenues for exploring the way in which the Troubles have been viewed by a range of artists and for reflecting on the manifestations and impact of violence and division in our society.

The exhibition comprises 60 works, including paintings, drawings, photographs, videos and sculpture. It explores a broad range of themes including violence and destruction, suffering and loss, traditions and life in the midst of turmoil.

The exhibition has been developed in partnership with Wolverhampton Art Gallery and includes many works from the collections of National Museums Northern Ireland and the recently gifted Arts Council of Northern Ireland Collection. 

Also incorporated are loans from the Imperial War Museum’s Northern Ireland Collection, the Irish Museum of Modern Art and the Dublin City Gallery the Hugh Lane, as well as works from private collections and artists themselves.

Art of the Troubles will be supported by a public programme, which will allow various themes reflected in the exhibition to be explored. Activity will include lectures, tours, workshops, film screenings and a conference in association with the Institute of British and Irish Studies from University College Dublin.

A range of online resources will be created both to supplement the exhibition. These will include filmed interviews with a number of the artists, a digital record of the exhibition and images of other works by the artists represented in the exhibition. An online publication relating to the conference will also be produced.

Ulster Museum 
Botanic Gardens
Belfast BT9 5AB

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Voices Travel: Conversation Between Two Harbours
Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan

21 June – 21 September 2014

This exhibition is the first large-scale international exchange exhibition between Taiwan and Northern Ireland. 

It showcases the works by 23 invited artists who explore the cities, industries, lifestyles and colonisation histories of both countries as well as different facets of the international political conditions. 

Their works are based on the use of “port” as a metaphor for historical and cultural integration in globalization and also on the rich heritage of marine cultures of the two island countries. 

There are three themes in this exhibition: “Connections among Ports and Writing of Islands”, “Drill/Practice of Voicing” and “Humour in Facing the World”. 

This exhibition is intended to inspire more reflection upon and discussion about one’s own cultural subjectivity and uniqueness. 

Artists from Northern Ireland are: 
Cian Donnelly, Deirdre McKenna, John Aiken, Lisa Byrne, Locky Morris, Paul Seawright, Peter Richards, Sara Greavu, Sinead O’Donnell, Susan MacWilliam, Victor Sloan.

Artists from Taiwan are:
吳梓寧 (Wu, Tzu-Ning)、倪祥 (Ni, Xiang)、高俊宏 (Kao, Jun-Honn)、莊宗勳 (Chuang, Tsung-Hsun)、許怡慈 (Hsu, Yi-Tzu)、郭嘉羚 (Kuo, Chia-Ling)、陳伯義 (Chen, Po-I)、陳界仁 (Chen, Chieh-jen)、陳冠彰 (Chen, Guan – Jhang)、黃志偉 (Huang, Chih-Wei)、楊順發 (Yang, Shun- Fa)、蘇信義 (Su, Xin-I )、饒加恩 (Jao, Chia-En) 

Curated by Mr. Chin-ming Lee and Brian Kennedy

Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts
80 Meishuguan Road, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, R.O.C. 

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