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Bruce McCallum - Victoria Home Chat
Real Estate Information for home buyers & home sellers
Real Estate Information for home buyers & home sellers

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Home in Victoria, BC with nearly ZERO energy costs.

One of the first in Canada with 'Passive Home Plus' energy efficiency.!/wps/-/noframe~1,tmpl~v2/recip/23469/browse/details-63592798

Contact Bruce McCallum, DFH Real Estate:
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British Columbia Real Estate Activity During January 2017

Here's a video report:

For full details on the Victoria market:
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SUITE is most popular search term for MLS in Victoria BC
Home buyers are looking for suites. Maybe it's to help pay off expenses, or maybe for an inlaw. The easiest way to find homes with suites in Victoria is to go to:
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Advice for Home Sellers
Thanks +Ryan Fitzgerald  for putting this together

+Karen Highland asked if I would write a guest post for +The Highland Group with eXp Realty and here is the result!

Common pitfalls sellers make when they go to sell their home. These are 5 easy issues to avoid, in fact all you have to do is look at the graphic for ten seconds and it could save you thousands.

Have a plan
Set the right list price
Improve condition if it's bad
Hire the RIGHT Listing Agent
Negotiate the RIGHT WAY!

Additional contributions from +Karen Highland +Kyle Hiscock +Debbie Drummond +Anita Clark +Bill Gassett and +Raleigh Realty !

#realestate   #sellingtips   #homesforsale   #mistakes  

please consider sharing socially if you enjoyed!
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Mortgage Terminology
Here are some basic things to know. Some are exclusive to the US but for us Canadians, they are still good to know - especially if you are a Snowbird thinking of buying a rental condo in Desert Palms! Thanks to +Paul Sian and +Bill Gassett. #snowbirds
The Mortgage Terms You Need to Know
Here is an excellent refresher of all the mortgage terms you should be familiar with both as a real estate agent and consumer.

+Paul Sian has put this article together in easy to understand terms. There are also some great posts not to miss at the bottom of his article from other top real estate bloggers including +Luke Skar +Kyle Hiscock and +Wendy Weir.

Take a look and if you find helpful please give it a share!

#realestate #mortgage  
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Thanks +Kyle Hiscock for posting this.
How To Sell A Home For The First Time
Articles and information is often provided for first time home buyers.  There aren't lots of articles and information available for first time home sellers.

Selling a home for the first time can be tricky but doesn't have to be rocket science.  There are certain steps that should be taken when selling a home for the first time!

In this story over on +Storify you will find some excellent resources to help successfully sell a home for the first time.

Check out the story at

There are some excellent resources from top blogs and bloggers including +Teresa Cowart, +Bill Gassett, +Joe Manausa,  +Lynn Pineda, +Point2, +Karen Highland, +Paul Sian, as well as some great +Bundlr & +Listly lists with contributions from +Loans101, +Andrew Fortune, +RISMedia, +HULIQ, and others!

If you find this resource helpful for first time home sellers, please consider sharing it socially!

#realestate   #homeselling  
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It can be a crazy time when Selling or Buying but at the same time? Here's a good post to help you by +Kyle Hiscock and shared by +Bill Gassett ALl is good when a good Realtor is there to help  you!
How to Buy and Sell a Home Simultaneously
This is an excellent topic for discussion by +Kyle Hiscock and one I have written about in the past myself.

Lots of buyers/sellers want to know how to accomplish selling and purchasing a home at the same time.

How exactly do you do it? What if I can't sell my home. There are two important considerations to think about. Take a look as Kyle shares some excellent advice along with contributions from and +Investopedia.

If you find the article helpful please consider sharing socially.

#realestate #realestatetips  
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Victoria's Real Estate Market Stats for October 2015
 Sales UP 21.9% over Oct 2014 and inventory is down 19.3% making our area a sellers market. The details are in and can be found at
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Victoria BC Home Sales are HOT!
910 properties sold in the Victoria Real Estate Board region this June, a 33.8% increase compared to the 680 properties sold in the same month last year

"The Victoria real estate market has had another big month - and we continue to see consistent year over year sales growth," Victoria Real Estate Board President Guy Crozier says.

"What's going on?

Positive market conditions such as the low interest rate along with the diverse mix of properties and price points available have likely helped support this increase in interest in local real estate. The activity in the market may also in part be due to pent up demand from the past six or seven years. The market cooled off around 2008, and with the US markets improving and our local economy showing strength, consumer confidence is improving. Those that may have been hesitant to move over the last few years are making a change now."

The Multiple Listing Service® Home Price Index benchmark value for a single family home in the Victoria Core this time last year was $568,600. The benchmark value for the same home this month has increased by 4.61% to $594,800

There were 4,003 active listings for sale on the Multiple Listing Service® at the end of June, 14.7% fewer than the 4,695 active listings in June 2014.

"We saw 48 single family homes sell for over one million dollars this month, and we saw 74 single family homes sell for under $400,000," adds President Crozier. "There's also a lot of selection in our condo market, with new development in the Victoria Core and in the West Shore helping to meet demand, and maintain solid pricing. For detailed information on the Victoria and area housing market, connect with your local REALTOR®."

More information on the June 2015 report and the Multiple Listing Service® Home Price Index is available from the Victoria Real Estate Board, at
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