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Some words of wisdom for today... I hope you find them helpful. Enjoy :{). x
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Soooo interesting, cute, and inspirational
I feel good when justice and righteousness reigns, not before.
Awesome I need to download it I wish
still, enjoy life whatever good, fair and bad
dont send stuff im married
that is so sweet i luv you still enjoy your singing cause when i grow up i want to sing like you
that is a reaaly cool message and it inspires people. LUV U AND UR SINGING.
Victoria you are truly amazing<3 truly:)
That is a great message...
Thats the best message i have heard in a long time. 
We should all live on that motto
Well its true. It is an awesome motto
ya it is just that the whole world would be ten times better if everyone would follow it dont u agree +Lisa Rivera
One of my favorite motto's is:" Let you smile change the world but don't let the world change you smile."
This one is good too.
haha, love it :)

my fave is: don't cry becuase it's over. smile becuase it happened.
interesting thanks for the heads up lol...
I enjoy.the words:all are so important for humanlife.
I love the words all.that are very important for human life.
can anyone teach me how to use google+?
People would have a better day if they woke up and read this every morning
Cool... Is that how you made it out without fighting with whatever her name is the girl who spilled her coke on you?
People hated me but I just told them to go take a bath. Idk why but they're jealous of how cool I am
Those are all good things to do but I am getting old and want to hurry up all the unfinished projects of my life. It's getting harder to have the patience...
mostly known as the only way to live: D
that is very true. and keep smiling cuz u nvr kno whos falling in love with it
How I try to live. Thanks for posting! :-)
awesome No Hate , responsibility and Love
thaks for nice quotes!!!!!!!!
no i dont thank so victoria and i donk like uuuuuuuuuuu:)
Quite excellent quote/proverb, Mam
learn able...!
This post came at a good time for me. So true!!
nic me miss my bst frnd
I pretty much do all of these, except for the first one. Is hard not to...
aww thanks victoria im your biggest ang youngest fan
My favorite is: "To have a life you love, love the life you have."
Yeah, but it kind of reads like a bunch of bumper stickers in a blender. I hate myself for saying that! Okay, I do take responsibility and I will feel good about it anyway.
Yes these words of wisdom are very helpful. Thanks for sharing them with us.
Nice one...looking for more daily quotes
That would make a wonderful customer care service officer.don t forget to keep the stress inside,hahahaha
Inspiration is always appreciated. Thanks. 
it good in inside of you and it more interesting and more creating i love it
Oh I like this one! Please keep them coming. I like the set-up too. Nice art.
+Victoria Justice I'm sure that will just make everybody overwelmed with joy! Just because you said so! Yay! Happy time! December 21st 2012 happy time will be over! So enjoy it while it lasts!
Tell me where's the button for me to press so all these things can be done?
This is exactly our practice in zen buddhism ツ Bows to you & all beings * Fuu
That was incredible day because I did all this things today and that was one of the best day ever ^^ shout out to me on twitter xP
Don't hate the hater, hate the hate.
Nice ... I think I do all theses so ppl think am perfect lol
you seek perfection on ppl... it's not only hard but impossible, but always good to try :)
It's all a matter of choice,the things mentioned here aren't impossible.
Love the message,i love it.
Thank you, for a drop of motivation in the river of life.
BTW 666 +1's before me. :D
Fantastic words, love the feel good part at the the end of the day even better. Thanks for sharing +Victoria Justice
slight inspiration in dark materialistic worldly affairs
You know, I personally prefer to be realistic. Whatever, that might just be me.
That's just what I needed to hear, thankyou!
U know wat, Nowadays
I'm worrying more,
smile less,
taking lesser responsibility,
have become a poor listener too
U know the reason for this ???....The reason being "You".
Couldn't concentrate on my work as well ...Sheez I have become a looser :P....
On the above tips for wisdom wat u have shared I think only one aspect I am following..
and tat being "Love" ...
U look beautiful ...Love U ....Take care always .....
Although those virtues are very hard to follow :P....

I Do "know" that watever I have written , u dont give a Damn about it..because u would have seen this type of crap some 1000's of times . .....ANyways.........
Innr Pc
I love that it really speaks the truth
I love this post, thanks for sharing
MAKE Criticism, MAKE change, HATE the inequalities of our society that warrant our hate!
great words................really inspirational
This should be posted on every telephone pole and on the sides of every bus!
Also some of the hardest things to do sometimes.
nirmal baba ji i lick to god see nice parsan &pry to him but no relif my boday no happiness my famliy so not good feling my prents
Good mantra before heading for the office =)
best advise to the men and women searching for success
that's a great motto to live by by and can help you any time in life!
Lovely thoughts. Add---Life is a Challenge , Accept it .
WORRY LESS AND LISTEN AND LOVE most important things to remember.
The first & third things mentioned...Happens to me every time....
I do not like the new scroll bar through all new google features. its hard to find and scroll...
JT Thom
You've managed to put all my new year's resolutions in one frame. Command+P thank you!
Are you the actual Victoria Justice cause if you are I love 'Victorious'
You draw an Elephant then write down "This is Elephant" under the picture.
ermmm...... is this advice or just a 'down to earth' post? xxx
But its still really cool xxx
Words of wisdom one should live by! Thanks for sharing!
True said. I like this anyway
We KNOW it is true in theory it is all good ..... however to 'live' it every day .. that's the difficulty. But I try !
Really nice ,everyone should follow this for create happiness,,
hey victoria
good words just one small change
i beleive now a days we should worry more about each other
that's nice... I already knew about those words cuz my teacher was talking about them in class today and I just kno them... doznt everybody? ummmmm thanks I guess... :-/
Yea totally agreed here...
Chen C
feel good anyway
When will we see you in brazzers?
loved it so inspireing (sorry i spelled the word wrong)
Feel good anyway! Its the hardest thing in life.
Awwww thx victoria💗so sweet
Thank you add to your circle, im very pleasure
wish it's simple to do in real life.
Victoria Justice... Making the world a better place one post at a time
its easy to say,but hard to.....
i agree with the u can resist anything but temptatio.if u are tempted u will do it..
I find it very helpful!!!!! :)
You can't worry less if a family member is sick.You can't smile more if something/one hit you.Acepting cristicism can be very chanllenging.Responsibility can be also be hard.You can't listen and love if you ignore and hate.FEEL GOOD ANYWAY.I say NOway
chris c
U couldnt have said it any better
wish i looked at life like that. i hate it when people criticize me!
I would love if somebody could remind me those words every day before I go to work. Thank you very much Victoria.
My daughter Loves your show, I am a fan as well. Would love to see you live in Florida in June, we will be in Orlando at Universal any chance we can buy tickets?
How can we feel good when nothing in life ever goes right??? Relationships suck, Friends constantly betray you. High School is a black hole of despair!!!!!! Noone ever escapes the pain!
sooo easy for them to say how can we feel good when nothing in life goes right ?????
You are a great singer, a great actress, a great dancer,beautiful! AND you're wise.
Im Loving this... One down 7 more to go.. ;)
words from christ as i feel the voice god thank u
not practically applycable but nice thought
thanks victoria ;D !!!!! u 2 :) they r really beautiful words that 1 can say :) i surely enjoy them :D
so true !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey would you go out with me because i have seen you in person and i think that if we are dating that we could get to now each other better and that you will really like what i do for a living I raise 75,000 dollars a year and so I am pretty much a billionaire and that I love your show and would really like to meet you again
there's nothing wrong with a little hate in the right places at the right times...
HOLY MONKEY CRAP!!!, Victoria Justice is on G+!?!?!
AWESOME!!!, My little sister loves VicTORIous
This has just made my day even better !! <3
I am new! wat do i do? ;-)
im pansexual that means i dont hate any one and this is an insperaion
I like it and it dusamatter with people it the matterwhon we are and it doesn't matter who we r we have too be who u are
i love it, i say we gotta say does who are sad to live the live beacuse is only one
How did you post a pic
i will think about that
seen that doesn't work real advice don't atract attention to yourself
if you didn't like it thats your problem
its like this was made for me! weird
u r inspire 2 me ,,,,,,, I AM INSURANCE AGENT,,,,,U R WORDS R SO POWER FULL 2 MY WORK......CALL ME 09989956887
that´s a good way of live 
DAILY MOTTO! Im gona say this every morning and to any1 where any of this aplies! 
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