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‎"An eye for an eye will leave everyone blind." -Gandhi. Let's all be kind to one another! :{) x
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naw, imma continue to hurt people because you cant do anything about it..^-^
Fiona m
Victoria who is the real Ariana on here?!?!?!?
yes it is have u seen how much stuff she has posted
I need that mascara!!:)
Selena can u plz add me!!!! Prettty please
Fiona m
No i don't kno u story
It's k I don't have anyfriends that's why I asked!
Hey selena I used to like u
I watch wizards of waverly place sometimes

i am so sad selena i really want to talk to ur bf
tori nice girl forever!!!! +1
Dang my iPad is a beastly thing
i am going to die if i cant ever see him




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Victoria Justice
Victoria Justice - 5:13 PM - Public

‎"An eye for an eye will leave everyone blind." -Gandhi. Let's all be kind to one another! :{) x

More photos from Victoria Justice
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Hanna Vilbaum - That's sooooooo mean:(
5:32 PM

John Hanna - Nah I mean like like lol
5:32 PM

Kader Kader - hi
5:32 PM

John Hanna - Oh and add me too
5:32 PM

Ritika Gupta - u shouldn't be
5:32 PM

Selena Gomez - +rajveer dhillon sure!!
5:32 PM

John Hanna - I watch wizards of waverly place sometimes

5:32 PM

Faith Barnett - i am so sad selena i really want to talk to ur bf
5:32 PM

tanima yeasmin - pretty eye!
5:33 PM

Jorge Ontiveros - tori nice girl forever!!!! +1
5:33 PM

Ritika Gupta - high five so have i
5:33 PM

Ritika Gupta - ntk?
5:33 PM

Hanna Vilbaum - I watched every episode
5:33 PM

John Hanna - Sames
5:33 PM

rajveer dhillon - i love u soo much selena
5:33 PM - Edit

Faith Barnett - plz add me justin
5:34 PM

John Hanna - Dang my iPad is a beastly thing
5:34 PM

John Hanna - Im using it now
5:34 PM

Faith Barnett - i am going to die if i cant ever see him
5:34 PM

tanima yeasmin - add me victoria
5:34 PM

Ron Garan
Ron Garan - 5:30 PM - Public

Awesome picture and great explanation of the lights in the post
Fragile Oasis originally shared this post:

According to +Don Pettit, there are bright points of light in the night sky. They are not Venus, Jupiter, or the International Space Station, but something that can be just as bright. His blog:

More photos from Fragile Oasis
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2 comments - Thomas Mims

Thomas Mims - +Ron Garan, I'm a huge fan!
5:33 PM

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NBC Sports
NBC Sports - 5:13 PM - Public

DeMarco: Will Reds be on outside looking in? - Baseball- NBC Sports

DeMarco: With Dusty Baker and Joey Votto in the final seasons of their contracts, the Reds are one of the most intriguing teams to watch, with the possible outcomes ranging from great success to compl...
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3 comments - Kunshizar Wangapakul, Mark Roehl, and Dung Xay

Kunshizar Wangapakul - ดูแล้วค่ะ ดีมากค่ะ
5:34 PM

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Steve Aoki
Steve Aoki - 4:56 PM - Public

In this episode of DJ vs Wild, I survive the rugged beaches of Mexico while fighting off killer crabs, discover ancient dinosaur bones and jump to my death! (almost)

DJ Vs. Wild #10 w/ Steve Aoki Puerto Vallarta – iTunes: Amazon: Aoki takes you to Puerto Vallarta...
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Shane Brock - and not a single fuck was given that day
5:26 PM

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Daria Musk
Daria Musk - 4:50 PM (edited) - Public

Hey G+niuses! I'm getting ready to post all my photos and stories from SXSW! To kick things off I wanted to share this remarkable Keynote Speech by Bruce Springsteen. Watch the whole thing here: !

Bruce walks the audience through the chronology of rock and roll history through his own eyes, growing up in New ...Expand this post »

Bruce Springsteen SXSW Keynote - Listen Up Youngsters – The Legendary singer Bruce Springsteen, ended his bravura performance at Texas' South by Southwest conference yerterday (March 15 2012) with a stirring...
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4 comments - Dan Hall, Luis Carvalho, Victor Brito, and Michael Lyon

Dan Hall - Beautiful...
5:13 PM

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Baylor Athletics
Baylor Athletics - 4:54 PM (edited) - Public

FB: Pro Day Recap (1 photo)

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1 share - Darcie Medusa

2 comments - Dung Xay and Carlos Rivas

Dung Xay - good
5:27 PM

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Young Hollywood
Young Hollywood - 4:28 PM - Public

21 JUMP STREET Co-Directors Play Good Cop, Bad Cop at SXSW – Young Hollywood sits down with the co-directors of '21 Jump Street', Chris Miller and Phil Lord, who recount for us some of their own real-life high school...
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1 share - Eunice Solano

2 comments - Dung Xay and Pj Herdi

Dung Xay - good
5:27 PM

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Young Hollywood
Young Hollywood - 4:28 PM - Public

Blues Musician Gary Clark Jr: The Next Adele? – Get Gary Clark Jr. on your radar now! Young Hollywood sits down with the up-and-coming blues musician at SXSW, who's poised for greatness! The Austin ...
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2 shares - Ken Henry and Marlo Perez

Dung Xay - good
5:27 PM

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Young Hollywood
Young Hollywood - 4:28 PM - Public

Gina Gershon Teams Up with EXORCIST Director for KILLER JOE – Young Hollywood is at SXSW where we catch up with the gorgeous Gina Gershon at the Driskill Hotel and get the scoop on her gritty film, 'Killer Joe', ...
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2 shares - Eunice Solano and daniel santisteban

2 comments - Dung Xay and Mike Melvyn

Dung Xay - ok.good
5:28 PM

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The Hunger Games
The Hunger Games - 4:26 PM - Public

GetGlue is celebrating the theatrical release of The Hunger Games with three new, limited time only Hunger Games stickers!

For the Opening Weekend sticker (, check in between 3/23 and 3/25; for the Opening Week IMAX sticker (, check in between 3/23 and 3/30; and for The Hunger Games Box Office sticker (, check in between 3/31 and 5/14.

Make sure to get them all! May the odds be ever in your favor.

More photos from The Hunger Games
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138 comments - Anusha Ketepalle, Jillian Brindley, Brittney Roberts, Dylan McGowan, Amy Lee and 1 more

Anusha Ketepalle - me too
5:34 PM

Add a comment... - 4:20 PM - Public

Who ya got tonight - (1) Michigan State or (4) Louisville?

Watch on TBS or online at 7:47 pm ET:

More photos from
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1 share - Jose Martins

14 comments - Dung Xay, Joe Wooten, joey iorio, James Downs, Carlos Rivas and 1 more

Dung Xay - ok.good
5:29 PM

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Dane Cook
Dane Cook - 4:16 PM - Public

Having a conversation with a girl about the sex we had the other night. I thought I was "epic god" status in bed. Yet, she describes it more like "creepy landlord."
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24 comments - Dung Xay, Monaye Williams, Tysheera Slade, Debbie Lewis, Lena Taisau and 1 more

Dung Xay - good
5:29 PM

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Michael O'Reilly
Michael O'Reilly - 1:27 PM - Public

Ghost Town?

Try circling some people who post content you like.

More photos from Michael O'Reilly
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204 comments - Michael O'Reilly, A. Scott White, Michael Whelan, Sharon Strandskov, Rico L and 1 more

Michael O'Reilly - Hopefully more of our real-life friends make it over here then, +A. Scott White! :)
5:34 PM

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Jimmy Kimmel Live
Jimmy Kimmel Live - 4:14 PM - Public

There's a plan to make another big movie franchise out of the Ninja Turtles. Director Michael Bay is on board, but he has already outraged some Ninja Turtle fans...

New Drug for Ninja Turtle Fans – Jimmy Kimmel Live - New Drug for Ninja Turtle FansJimmy Kimmel Live's YouTube channel features clips and recaps of every episode from the late night...
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4 comments - Jalen Gay, Lew Henderson, Nawong Gyaltsen, and Andy Hunt

Jalen Gay - very funny
4:47 PM

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Los Angeles Lakers
Los Angeles Lakers - 4:11 PM - Public

Lakers Executive Vice President of Player Personnel Jim Buss is with us from the team's practice facility to take questions from fans in a live chat.

Head over now to submit your questions!! -

More photos from Los Angeles Lakers
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5 comments - Dung Xay, Kwadwo Oware-Darko, Mando Villaneda, and Okosisi Emmanuel

Dung Xay - good
5:30 PM

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Shepard Fairey
Shepard Fairey - 4:09 PM - Public

Check out Shepard's new CS Editions Notebook:

More photos from Shepard Fairey
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17 comments - celeste sutton, joe vanmeter, eslam alfannan, Rhea Nathaniel, and Mark Angelo Santos

celeste sutton - nice wat
5:03 PM

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Baylor Athletics
Baylor Athletics - 4:24 PM (edited) -
Hangout - Public

Baylor Athletics hung out with .

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1 share - David Berger

4 comments - Thomas Heatherly, Matilda Thomas, Hadley Jackson, and Shiraz Siddiqui

Thomas Heatherly - Brady should be studying stand-up comedy. Dude is hilarious. Canadian Humor, Who Knew?
4:26 PM

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Nick Cannon
Nick Cannon - 3:55 PM - Public

Me At The Badoo Project - Nick Cannon

I had a great time at the #BadooProject got to snap some flicks with a few interesting wardrobe options and got to meet some new and exciting people. Managed to get a few pics of my day. Check them ou...
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12 comments - raza raza, PAMELA GREEN, celeste sutton, Margot Johnson, Michael Schexnayder and 1 more

raza raza - To find a new love
5:30 PM

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IMDb - 3:50 PM - Public

The official cause of Whitney Houston's death has been revealed: accidental drowning combined with effects of atherosclerotic heart disease and cocaine use. Rest in peace, Whitney.

Whitney Houston Cause of Death Revealed: Accidental Drowning and Cocaine

IMDb: The biggest, best, most award-winning movie site on the planet.
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2 shares - Adrià Arrufat and Amadike Joy

5 comments - jediah scott, Brazil de C, Stephanie Graham, Lily Chin, and Ruth Feild

jediah scott - I'm not sure that +IMDb is the appropriate medium for dispersing this type of information. Stick to what you do best, and leave this stuff for the dogs at +TMZ...
5:06 PM

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Tom Anderson
Tom Anderson - 3:47 PM - Public

This guy makes Battlestar Galactica Replica spaceships out of LEGOs. Incredible! Some of them are up to 6 feet long and over 50 pounds. The one pictured here took 2 months for him to build. Read his blog about it here: He has a new camera to take better photos (he composites them against star backdrops) and is currently working on a new 7 foot long ship.

More photos from Tom Anderson
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33 shares - Andrew Hakomaki Granger, Hristo Yankov, Ike Davis, Maddy Betanghol, Ramon Nuez and 28 more

28 comments - Kris Plunkett, Rafael Orozco, Oliver Schoales, hind qari, Tony Jackson and 1 more

Kris Plunkett - I would like to fly in this very much.
5:31 PM

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can u plz add me selena? i luv u and u r a great role model! ur awesome!!!
Wow my sister does pictures like that!
Victoria can u add me please I'm your biggest fan ever! X
why do you keep saying that
its a myth
selena and victoria plz add me!!!
So true. Hey ive always wanted to act reply if you've got ya. Bye
( my mom does not like your show but i LOVE it)
ya me to please my parents are goimg through a devorce and i need someone to talk to..:(
Victoria..hi!, like the words~be kind to one another. From the chinese saying, In our's life there is not much years of tenth so value them and be kind. 
I am sorry Jade... i will pray for you ever if you aren't a christen.. <3
will any one on google + be my girlfriend
How do u add ppl to do a convo with them?:s
that's right fate shall come for the one who start the fight
Xavi J
VJ, I hope you read my tweet to you on Twitter
who`s eye is that??? LOL!
An eye for looking sight another for glancing thy (thee).I like you &your posted eye because it is symbolically looking for someone.
Very true............. (moment of silence)..................who's eye is that???
Eeeewwwwwww Gary Victor that is just crrrreeeeppppyyyy
pretty eye. lol just realized how creepy that sounds
who ever that eye belongs 2 they're totally waring mascara!
Opps sorry Victoria.......... That's ur eye............. :)
that is really pretty if my moms tablet worked i would post my eye my eyelashes r really long my band teacher said i could fly away with them
meee like it............ <3
Selena can plzzzzzzz add me 2 i luv u i watch all of your shows!!!
Cego o mundo já esta a muito tempo minha linda
very true but its actually "an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind" - Ghandi but same idea great quote
Thats an interesting but cool saying :)
I think that is a pretty cool thing too.. so we should all be nice to each other.
hope u peeps know that, that isn't the real Selena Gomez
is that ur eye? its so so so pretty!
Am I the only one who thinks her lashes are scary?
Luv those eyes. Opps, I meant eye.
thats a really motivating statement
luv the eye
its really cute
really cute...sorry I dont andestand language english...
Do u think someday we can do a hangout 
I actually agree, though your eyes is pretty.. your lashes are just too... i don't know.. it's like sea urchin. o.o
John B
True as it ever was
You have a very beautiful eyes. You are very blessed
T Top
"7 times 70 times" --Chris August; Forgiveness=Peace=Love=Life.
Yes, that's great. Gandhiji is regarded as Father of Nation in India. He was a great saint. Whatever he said is a universal truth. "An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind" ensures the prevant from the sin of tit for tat. it conveys a message of social humanism.
That looks like some sort of awesome bug.
Anyone know when G+ will add a simple config option to turn off "what's hot?" I might use it more often then.
not if there is an odd number of people
U r very Beautiful !!!
Love u !!! love u !!!!love U !!!! Love U !!! Love U !!!! Love U !!!! Love u .....
To +Tim Mead: You can disable it from showing by clicking What's Hot on the left side of your streams with the slider.

To all others: Sorry about this, just being helpful online.
U r fantastic ..U r beautiful ....With so cute eyes !!!!
Me going Mad ....
Me going Mad ....
Me going Mad ....
Me going Mad ....
Me going Mad ...
Me going Mad ....
Me going Mad ....
Me going Mad ....
Me going Mad ....
Me going Mad ....
Me going Mad ....
Me going Mad ....
Me going Mad ....
Me going Mad ....
Me going Mad ....
Me going Mad ....
Me going Mad ....
Me going Mad ....
Me going Mad ....
Me going Mad ....
Me going Mad ....
Hahahaha! lol Very true And Love that photo! :)
i think the concept is equal justice for all. i don't think God was telling all of us to go around poking out eyes. imagine for a moment being wiser than the one who created us. i hope i'm not standing next to you on judgment day.
oh, big eyelashes hmmmmmm....
must have put mascara !!!!
son como las de Alexandra Guzman :D (Mexican singer)
Selena?LOL....btw,amazing eyes!
thats pretty hey are you the one that does victorious
....except when it comes to your own-self...
hi, its a great quote...
how many days we have lived it not imp, but how many days we have made other live is imp
Hi all please circle me for interesting, beautiful and funny posts! Thanks! =)
gandhi JI - The father of nation of our incredible India.
Way 2 speak up! Lovely quote, the eye has a similar look to the Lionfish, don't you think?
well we should always be kind to yourself and to others.
That is very true dear, lets make love not war ! The end will be love, but with war the end will be no one alive ! call me;
An eye for nothing just leaves you blind and your enemy an advantage.
eye !!! this is a Hedgehog
Q1 : What is the opposite of an 'eye for an eye' ?
A 1 : Choosing to 'turn a blind eye'.

Q2 : Did Mahatma Gandhi want us all to turn a blind eye to all the wrong happening around us and to us ?
Great quote! I haven't heard that before!
Leave about the Quote !!!
Just look at her ...
Victoria u look amazing :)
Hard to do when others don't care to learn or admit that their wrongs aren't right.
Really good nd keep it up.............
Excellent quote Mr. Gandhi. You have inspired so many including Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King are few to name.
harika bir yorum. hepimizin bir göze herşeyden önce bir kalbe ihtiyacımız var.
whoooops that eye anyway its nice make sure you take care of it
"Eye for an Eye" this rule had saved many Eyes..
Thank you, Victoria, and Selena for being on programs that I can watch with my kids. sometimes I catch myself watching new episodes so I can call them and talk about it. Great conversation starters for us. They will be so jealous if either one if you reply. Thanks.
great quote by Matma Ghandi who i look up to he has a great way of speaking
"The problem with quotes found on the internet is that they are often not true." -Abraham Lincoln, 16th US President.
you eye , lokk so ugly
I've heard that before. I like telling people.
I have heard that before. Didn't know Ghandi was the originator.
I wish I had this mascara :D
beautiful quote. i like this..........
so should we listen to ghandi or GOD?
how do people do that! ur eyemakeup is so pretty! :)
If we could only learn that lesson there would be peace.
can you follow me whatever its called on Google plus
and it "It is better to be violent, if there is violence in our hearts, than to put on the cloak of nonviolence to cover impotence"
another quote from gandhi
Love it
Well done victoria❤
lol strange u post weird things plz dont poke me in the eye eye lol
Ruhi N.
i love how you only post good things!!!
Is this the real Victoria Justice's account or is it a fan page or something like that?
hey what is that girls name that plays on ur show with the red hair that is called cat?
I luv pics like that becuz they capture natural beauty
yes please what she,victorious said
ok but theres someone whos bullyed me alot so just want to tell u that and her name is sky losya
hey im currently woring onn ah new song and i would love to have your voice in it as the chorus your very talented and would love the opportunity let me know
vitoria only should call this number 2109953606 thats the persons phone number so u can call them and tell them to stop bulling annabella galicia
that eye look like a weapon. or a sea urchin.
hey victoria luv u loads oh plees plees plees cud u add me to 1 of u r circles thanks a load lol
nyce one there, it's true, we should also love one another as well
i love that quote go to my wall and friend me its on my favorite quote list
Thats sooooo true!!! but it's very hard to do lol
that's cool, unfortunately no one can seem to live that way
awesome photo.................
ash she might lie two ya ha none to say what i like ray ya
Jo Mead
wow, those eyelashes look painful.
wo der Geist des Herrn ist, ist Freiheit
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