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KCA's are right around the corner! Check out this vintage Victoria sliming in slow-mo ;{). Should've closed my mouth..

PS - Don't forget to vote for your faves:
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your so beautifull even in green slime <3333 :)
hi add me to ur circles and friends
Green is your color, it suits you, actually any color :) <333 you look great in anything and everything <33
yea u should have closed your mouth i bet slime tastes gross
Xavi J
Favorite Show! Victorious!
I'll bet that doesn't taste good.
i like love your songs and everything!!!
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please will u be in my circles I'm like ur #1 fan i have watched all ur episodes!
no i am her #1 fan!!!!!!!
you inspire me so much victoria just saying!
no thts where u got it wrong i am her biggest fan
Love the video VJ, how hard is it to get all the gook off you? Good luck at the KCA's.
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Guys who r fighting over her #1 fan... You got it all wrong!!! If there is a number one fan of Victoria justice, it's me..I even have the same name as her!!
Jk!! Didn't mean to say that just joking around
Besides I'm not gonna get in a fight over Victoria justice, everyone argues to be her 1 fan, or watever so I'm trying to make a point
this is out of the blue but this is a good song (so good by b.o.b)
Was it lemon lime flavored?
Ray Ray
already voted 4 victorious!! and thu hunger games!! im like the biggest fan ever!!!!! :)
Jamy u don't need to be hitting on older girls ur like 9
jamyson's blog song and advice who cares check the video on youtube
I'm like 12, so I'm older than u and I kno I don't want young ones hitting on me
Every year when the KCA's come on I'm buisy in PA and wen I get to uncles house its pretty much over
shut dont go up only prices do so take your on advice and go shopping
it looks like it has chemicals that could kill u
I wanted to say that too, he is so annoying, and boy go flirt with girls ur own size!
first of all go to school and second of all shut up
i am so awesome not annoyeing check my video jamyson's blog song and advice
U readyfor the smile green do your best get that reward
Hello Victoria ................. Why absence?
I went online and voted for you in every question with your name
lol victoria got slimed cool!!!
To me, you have always been one of the hottest girls around :) Love your spunky personality :) ~Blessings, Bill
:S.... See???... That "slime" is wet paint :S..... i think is like plastic or oil paint but you're fine... that Will... [:(
I thought it was some kind of alien hmmm... stuff.
lol oh man...sorry you had to taste that girl lol hope it was something edible at least lol
Man that would suck to have slime in your mouth wonders how it taste?
im ur #1 fan victoria justice I'm watching ur new episode now its awesome so far! ur amazing please add me on google plus that would be so cool!!!!! and how was that slime?!?!?!
ewww it got all in your mouth that looked gross
Haha it got in her mouth and she is spitting it out at the end haha
Hi Victoria! Ur awesome! <3 @Gissele365 on Twitter
I AM UR #1 FAN!!!!
i <3 u victoria!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plz add me in ur circles your show was amazing!!!!!!
Victoria I'm ur biggest fan that will ever be.alive or dead
it is realy interesting victoria
:O fui la persona número 100 que hizo +1 en esto :D
haha the slime of the second 00:18 is a epic fail
That was awesome
I wish I could b slimed! ❤ u Victoria

Green heart 4 slime💚💚💚
1. Cover your Mouth with Your Hand.
2. Whisper a Wish into Your Hand.
3. Post this onto Ten Other Comments.
4. Look at Your Hand
Helen D
You're right, close that mouth before you eat some slime!
HAHA that was cool I am deffinately watching the KCA's this year!
What is the slime made of?
victoria justice if you ever see this message please add me on google that would be like my dream!!!!
Great video, can't wait to see who is gonna get slimed on sat 31 march 2012 .... LOL
eeW !!! eeW!!!! eeeW!!! eeW!!!!
But u always look beautiful !!!!
My dear Greeny Victoria :P
it probably doesn't taste that great
Victoria y see will smith y was =) happy the green stuff is cold water do y reamber old shows on nick same stuff.
omg. i feel sorry, i have been smacked in the face with alge so i know how you feel and alge tastes disgusting. bleck!XP!! >^.,.^<
Is that vid from last year? Ah it dusnt matter. Ur still cute
Victorius is an ok show it's funny
i have voted for yo 58 times i luv u loads lol
Hahaha i liked that i wanna get slimed!! It looks really fun and funny!
ur so pretty victoria , i love victorious . i support ur show so muchhh
LOL!!! that was so funny. Man you were ready for that slime huh. :-)
LOL!!! that was so funny. Man you were ready for that slime huh. :-)
LOL!!! that was so funny. Man you were ready for that slime huh. :-)
u should close ur mouth!!!! how does it taste? LOL!!
hahahhahahahahhahhahhahaahhahahahah LOLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
omg today i realized something cool two of my fav people are gonna be on the same show my favorite actresses Victoria and my absolute all time favorite actor who i really truly meet one day will smith which at the thought of it has made me feel even better :)
LOL!! Haha that was halarious! P.S. Victoria I hope you win BIG TIME!
i would love to do that but not get in my mouth like her
hey victoria i jusst sent u a friend request... hope u except it!!!!!!! =) =)
gross but cool and awsome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
eeeewwwww!!!! But tooootttaallly awesome!!!!
hey victoria im a big fan and i think your realy cool
it looks yucky :) what is it made out of
Hi Victoria that's my name too I've always been a big fan of you and everyone calls me tori vega! It would be amazing to meet you!
dat is sooo BEAST i hav always wanted 2 b slimed!!!!!!!!tee hee :) :D :P
That is gross even when it gets in your mouth
Hi. I'm feeling really anxious right now. Can I get a "'ll be alright" or a "it's ok" from one of my favorite people.
lol how does it feel to get splash by slime?
that's good. I can hardly expect it to start up the KCA
o sorry i me so milk that your uper body ha women breast fee me o for a fee to high i IoY Take as paid ha
i wouldve voted but idk how
so funny! Probably it was feeling freaky!!
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YOU ALL GOT SLIMED EVERY WERE AND STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hey in m new i'm a fan of star wars and if you can say hi well tell me hi because i've never talked to a famous person before
Bri K.
ew yo.. that mustve sucked
Please send me an email and add me to ur circles... send me an email with a pic of u. Its Noel Antalek. Email is
ahaha(: too funny! I will DEFINATELY will be voting NOW!! :D
nothing can top a slime like when katy perry did last year. it was hilariuos!
first: I agree with +reynnah thompson and second I agree with u cuz i don't think slime tastes good and third what does sliming feel like?
cece c
this cracks me up hey victoria can u plz add me
I love u Victoria Justice. I <3 to see u on victorious. U look so cute and adorable. I just want to hug u and say thank u for standing up for urself and help kids get bullied. There is a girl in my school and she is very sensible and nice. Evry single day when she goes to lunch, the girls in her class bully that girl. They torture her to pick up after them in lunch. They make that girl pick all their trays up and throw them the garbage. She has to do it one by one. That girl never told on any of the girls. If she did, she knew the girls would beat her up. She still gets tortured. I hope u visit our school to end this problem. We have Charcter educatio n to end bullying but its not working. If u decide to visit our school and stop bullying, My school name is P.S. 135 Queens in New york. 11427. I hope u decide to help. I keep on helping and i keep on standing up for myself but its not working. Some kids start to lie and get suspension in our school. No one listens. Plz help!!!
awesome i cant wait to see the kids choice awards!!!!!!!
hey victoria you rock please email me back
victoria sos la mejor persona soy tu mas grande fans te adoro sos la mejor
SO COOL!!!!!!!!! I wish I could get slimed! :)
i wanna get slimed but not in my mouth
supre songs......................
victoria you are the best ...... i thinks ....... i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hahahaa ya look like yur about t turn in ta the incredible hulk :)))))))))))))))))))))
i just saw that commercial last weekend! so funny! LOL ;D
its not funny she probly didnt have fun in there
Mia V
your so going to win
i wish i were uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wow how is it to show with slim
yay u should've of closed your mouth did the slim taste gross???????
next time u get slimed ud cinda want 2 close ur mouth
close your mouth next time vicy and jennette you looked like you wanted slime in your mouth lol hahahaha
evreyone who said you are asome and stuf like that YOU ARE NOT COOL
stop chainmail please .... more than half of the people that read it are not going to try it .... so whats the point? and theres a small chance that it will work .... #1 my comment if you agree
please add me to your circles people ... im 11 so prefuably (i know i spelled it wrong) younger people ... thanks :)
please add me to ur circle.Oh did the slime taste bad?
That is sooooo funny! Yeah that would probably be a better idea to close ur mouth! Haha!
That is soooooo funny! Yeah it would have been a better idea to close ur mouth! Haha!
lol you poor thing why you why not someone else dont worry you are going to win you are great
who ever was sliming you u should of sliemed them back lol
looks fun omigosh i wish i could have gone to the kcas
cute i wanna be famous like u ur my role model
i am soooooooo going to vote for u
Cool i would love to do that and u rock just because u had the guts to do that:):):):):)
yeah too bad that mouth wasent closed
its really nice you want stop bullying
Yay you got slimed!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YAY!!!
woow is datb smerig of lekker wat is is dat gevoel
Bring in the slime...
come on, now tell me that wasn't cool!!! x
amo los kid choice award lo puedo ver tantas veces este miercoles lo voy a ver denuevo jajaj me gusta cuando le tiran slime a justin
hahaha that must not be a good day 4 u
Lol i wish i had money to get slimed
in america
LOL i want to do that now i did the same thing but with mud lol
lol!! two both of you!!
what is the slime made out of????????????????????????
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