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Morning everyone!! BIG day today, the KCA's are finally here :{D. Are you guys as excited as I am?! It's going to be a great show. #GetReady

Here's a pic of Jennette McCurdy & I at the KCA pre party yesterday, we're beauty mark twins! Or are we... ;{). #secrets
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ima see it today at night (yea buddy) :{D
i like totally forgot it was tonight. can't wait
woah thats so cool and a little freaky
I love this pic! I never noticed that though! :)
I totally LOVE u guys, can't wait for the KCAs!!!
lindas! adorei a foto! adoro vcs! kisses =D
Nice! Hi Victoria! Hi Jennette! Cant wait to see the KCA's tonight....
cute i thought they were tomorrow? well they r for us (Uk) and the new victorious (april fools) is on tomorrow too cantt wait
I love The Two.They're amazing, I'm Crazy For You Two. Nice Pic
whether you are an angel from heaven?
such a beautiful creation of god on earth..:D
lol they look so cute also have a mole on the spot or by little moon is a fake???
You look very pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!
I don't think you are because your mark is on opposite sides
lolz this is a great pic who took the picture though becasuse whoever it was cut the other side of her face.
i remember whan i was nominating for kca isaw this thing wherd you culd walk the ORANGE carpet with VICTORIA
victoria is so prettu we have our birthdays the samen day the same month lol
Si Victoria, están sumamente emocionados! # Iloveu
the song "cielito lindo" it's perfect for you xD
hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cant wait my daughter has me going crazy..shes counting every minute till show time
Love You Victoria Justice hope you win a kid choice award
You guys are my fave actresses!!!:) icarly+victoriouse<3
I love your show victoria show on nick
Is it just me or are Victoria's brown eyes more gorgeous than anything you have ever seen?
Omg I totally forgot it was tonight............
I am Soooo excited!! Can't wait to watch tonight!
tu lang
ko hieu 1 xiu nao ca hixhix
my kid lovees your guyes shows!
Hey tori ur awesome and i like the show i watch it all the time.
La + wappa Victoria , como siempre ! =))) Teeqierooo
I <3 both u girls!! U r both beautiful and talented!!:) hope u win!!!!!!! 
Good luck at KCA's tonight. Hope u get at least 1 blimp. I voted for u. =D
I'm watchin tonight!! Can't wait!!!!!:)
I <3 u Zendaya and I <3 Bella 2!! I <3 ur new song mash up its a really good mix:) <3 U!!!!!!!!:D
WHatsup victoria, im knew here. My name is Brennan. U look beautiful in those pictures.
Hi! Do you watch Shane Dawson?? He's really funny!
hahaha i'm excited to for the KCA!!! can't wait!!! ;)what r u gonna wear??
i can't wait to see u to night i bet you'll win something!!!!!!!
bri bri
bet your not as i am vic.
I love the Mcadam awards. i voted for icarly and most of all victorious!!! cant wait
good luck im hooked bty im hooked on the show
succes at the KCA!!!!
So exited to see it

What an unusual symmetrical inversion. Lovely though.
Haha that's sooo cute! I wish I had a friend like that!! 
lovely~! give you a kiss,
can u add me in ur circles plz :) ur one of my fav actresses.
i voted 4 u ike 10 times 4 kids choies!!!!!!!!!!!!hope u win
Good luck break a leg have fun hope you win one =;-)
hey i'm recorded the kids choice awards and I about to see it! So extended
I'm SO sad u didn't win as the best female actress!!!!! OMG!!! You should've won!!!!!!! Nice try though.... There's always next year, right?
So true<3 I just have to say, U guys make me jealous!!! U r sooo pretty:D
you lost i am so sorry about that
Hey victorious good luck e-mail me back at
you rocked it and congrats for fav show! 💓😜☺😃😊😝😏
You guys were awesome at the KCAs congrats
oh victorias find me at
Taylor laughter was sooooo sooooo hoot
CONGRATS! I was so happy to see you guys win! I voted 127 times so I was like :D
Yeah, never really noticed.
I'm glad. That. victorious I'm your biggest fan
I love your. Music.

Hi^^,Victoria.Nice Pic With Her:)
what a nice pic it is .....amazing awesome excellent
Hmmm,,, so cute,,, Mmuuaacchh :*
nanananananananaa nicccccccccccccccccc pict
i thought you were both giving me the bird! I was all like, whhaaattt....
aw hey girls i got a beautfy mark its on my left side just below my ear on my cheek hehhe soo do iget to meet you 2?? heheheh blush blush
I want hug u bäbý nyc. Pic.
If you let me, I want to marry both of you.
me encanta la foto es muy bonita jejejej
I absoloutly can't wait ❤💚💜
Good luck
oh my god you are so beautiful victory same like jenette :{D
do you like the ^bigotes^ yet? i dont no what it say ^bigotes^in english, sorry :{D
omg i thout it was just the tv making u guys \girls friends but i cant say your bffs sorry but hey you girls are still stars well make it shine in both tv shows love amya
lin lin
oh so cute dear ^^
AWASOME!! i will be watching you in the kca !! here, in argentina , it will be 3 of april!
Omg I love you Victoria I wish I could be right next to you and hug you I am your #1 fan ♥♥♥♥♥
Why are you lips tagged as "Marvin Lopez"? 😜
lol thts true i thought yall pointed a finger for #1 idk im dumb
i have that too!!!i couldn't go to the awards though i'm watchin it on tv
most beautiful girl I have EVER seen
It looks like she is telling the camera there number one lol.
omg u two look so PRETTY ;) <3
Yeah all the girl celebs were wearing heels last night and all the heels they were wearing were really cute
U GUYS WON!!!!! CONGRATZ!!!!!!!!! :D
cool show and congrats with the award!
you won somthing yesterday yea buddy :{D
cool the kcas r gonna be awesome
you won an award! thats awsome i love your show
u guyz r both in nickoleodean did u guyz have fun time
i have a tiny one the same side as jennette :)
do not steal my last name jessica i  am not in your family
Well that is my last name in real life and
I havnt so beat it 
why r u laughing sö much 
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