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Up early this morning to talk to the media about something important – saving teen lives. On average, 11 teens die every day in car crashes. We can all do something about this. Spread the word that you’re driving safe and encourage friends to do the same by creating an Act Out Loud Yearbook It’s just one step we can take towards creating safer roads and more memories together.
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i cant drive :( 6 years
me and my sister love your work on Victorious
Yh alright i tottally agree to this because my best friends sister died in a car crash😢😢😢😢😢 It's really sad 
Yesterday my frand got hit buy a car he is death he can read lips but he fine now asl was ok next week my dad will have casner 7 x and chemo.
Even tho I don't drive but my brothers do and I always worry when they r out driving
y u asking
and by the way yes u preety
That sucks, see a lot of people should renew there license, some people do not. They might even forget how to drive or get hit by drunk people. Ban alcahol on driving!
Did you hear about Josh? Or is this a coincidence? A lot of things about car crashes and teens have ben popping up every where ever since the crash.
hey patrik you spelled alcahol wrong it is like this a.l.c.o.h.o.l.
That's cool I never knew that how can we help?
like victorious!!!(Your funny)
good job hope it works good luck
amu sri
hey is it really u? so cool
Yeah I agree. My moms friends son died from an auto accident recently. 
Even though I can't drive, I don't want 11 teens to die everyday. They are our future. :'(
that is sooo cool why didn't i think of that!!
i think thats a sad thing that almost every eleven year old dies in car wrecks
Thats true.... A lot of teens die in car accidents .. A global problem.. but a shame know all of them are related to irresponsability :\.... Teens need take care of themselves... but in which way we can talk about "care yourself".. If they don't wanna listen anybody.. I dont know if these is the right way.. but for now & by the irresponsability... I support u
can i call u tori victoria justice
you are so beautiful.. <3
u r my idol. u r so cool. Can u add me to ur circles?
my middle name is victorya and im proud because your name is victorya
im a big fan!!!!!!
U r my favorite Celebrity in the whole wide world!!!!!!!
U r also my rolemodel:)
So beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Follow e please..@RuddySuarez19

Good Luck
You are one of the people I look up to. I love your many talents.
Never commit suicide. It makes the cops blame others, and then your friends will pee on your grave. Learned that the hard way.
No offense, of course.
i will tell my older cousins cause they are not the best drivers tooo...tell my brother to drive carefully....
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OOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! ur sooooooo NICE!!!!!
just watched new episodes of victorious
ugly just kidding you are beautifullllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
Thats soooooooo nice!!!!! I feel sooooo bad I know I will drive very careful when I get my liscence to save other lives. Thank you!!!!
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You are always so thoughtful and kind to others! I wish I had a heart like yours, Victoria;) I do realize that there are a lot of car accidents worldwide. I mean, not from me anyways because I have a little over four years to go! Last but not least, you do an amazing job playing.Tori Vega in the show, Victorious!
Hi. How old are you?
so FAKE!!
Put the phone in the glove compartment when you're driving. I've seen people that can't safely operate a shopping cart when they're talking on the phone, and texting is definitely a deadly idea.
I was in a bad accident, I am glad everyone survived.
Don't concentrate on your phone until you arrived at your destination.
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That is a great message that your sending to people. Keep up the good work and maybe we can all have some source of security knowing somethings being done.
Speard the word but how old are you really you look like 35???
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Hi Victoria! You have an amazing voice. I love your singing. :)
i like cupcakes to

i cant tell about the amount of cars Ive had to fish out of lakes ditches and Burberry with body's in them teens and all some alive some not thank god for crumple zones seat belts and airbags make sure your friends and family drive safe
heey victoria justice you are super cute and also the best really
well, nice i which solutions would be available to stop that kind of mutality, because they are our future generation. Thanks.
I LIKE THE SMILE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am 17 years old and even though I am not yet driving, I definitly agree with Victoria, Many teens die every day because of carelessness... we need to be more aware of our sourndings...
ARE U the reAl victoria justiCE?????????????????? IF YOU ARE RESPOND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cute smile ;blessing from aix en provence ,france
I think your right about that and it's sad that that happens
I love your voice Victoria,you're also a really good actress
u look so beautiful in the picture
Victoria, my Grandson is your biggest fan he has Downs Syndrome and sings and dances to all your songs, is there any way he could get an autographed pic from you he would be thrilled. Thanks for reading.
OMG! its u my name is alyssa and i am your biggest fan please text me back thanks.
OMFG!!!!! this is my number textt me!!! you ROCK 205-217-2749
Wow, I didn't know so many teens died a day just from car accidents. :(
Not being suicidal, if you were wondering.
wow! Victoria you are so sweet and caring❤
I will deffinetly spread the word
I ❤ u Victoria Xxxx
You are amazing i see you every day in the vitorious you play so great!!!!! and i'm Greek but this haven't got significance and i tell to you something i'm 11 years old!!!!! bye bye and Make me your friend on gmail to say
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I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
Ur shows r really funny! like victorious for example! wish i met u and the gang!
you are doing a very nice job ! Keep it up !
Totally... u can count on me!!!!!!!
u look so different!
in a good way
wow 11!! dat is sooo sad:( i hope people spread da word, i kno i will
ill tell all my friends because every one can make a change
Keep thinking positive like you always do! i love you!
The technology is there to end texting and cell phone use in vehicles. There is just one problem. The people that can end it won't unless they can become instant Zillionaires.So,"Whatcha you gonna do when while texting your car wraps around you" Seems that the majority of the comments are people hitting on you. Such a waste.
Vero A.
luv yuhh victoria!!! ur my inspiration to change the world.
Omg that is so sad, thanks for helping our country!!!!!
Mmm, this is a good idea. But, we must admit the fact that, there must be about 20% of human who don't always follow the rules, no matter the drivers, or the pedestrians. So, the figure of car accident today is actually far below such 20% line, which is, the road can be considered safe, and nothing more we can do.
very very goooooooooooooooooood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
sam das
really so beautiful...:D
you mean bored and say that to one of your friends cuzz i bet she does not want to hear it!
to:leigh-anna evette
That is one thing I love about you. You are so very caring!!
YOU LOOK VERY BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u.U
u look very butiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ummm Anthony Bowman you spelled beautiful wrong
awww thats very sad but it is amazing that ur doing something about it
you are the nicest person in the world and how can i help ?my email is
victoria is so sweet and soo nice she really cares obout everything
victoria is the coolest person i have ever seen and heard
Love vistoris and love you+
eres lo que tanto esperaba lo que en sueños buscaba y que en ti descubri
ur so kind for asking people to do dis god bless u:)xxxx
omg lila haskell you dont say mean stuff like tht the only reason u do is to make sure you feel good about yourself
i like your style victoria keep up the good work
no driver licence to teens , less will die then, that would be a good thing. most teens can,t aford a car anyway, there persons buy it.
your check bones are shiney.....
i love your song freak the freak out
hey victoria huge fan!!!
victoria justice is ugly and shes a bitch
victoria ur my favorite i would luv to meet in person.
i luv u! u r my favorite actor in victorious! u r so funny! i would really like to meet u in person one day!
Such a woman and yet still a little girl. The essence of virtue & beauty
u r sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo pretty!!!
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You are beutiful here, mi friend Sarah its your fan too!!!!!!!
please do something to make me happy victoria
hey i gota good as thing u can do in ur show victorious if u want emailo me
hey victoria your so beautiful and i love you so much and i love your show victorious so much and your fantastic singer and can you please tag me in this picture and all my love to you victoria love alex
you look so beautiful :))
mui wave are cute and I mean that I do not speak English Spanish ablo
I don't Ihave nothing to worry about :)
love u you are so amazing !!!!!!!!!!
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