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So +PARADE Magazine asked me if I would rather date someone famous or not, who my celeb crush is, etc. check it out:

Then they wanted me to tell something most people don't know about me & if I was a ham growing up, so I said..
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Good luck at the KCA hope u dont get a lot of the green goop.
Great answers to some really good questions...
If I was a celeb. I would rather date someone that is a celeb. too. I would not won't to just date this random person even if they were hot! I know you all think that's probably really awkward and weird. :)
Hey Victoria please add me I would love to talk to u 
u should date someone thats not famous caz that happend with salena and justin and u know the rest of the story
LOL ... ok I freakin hate it when people get personal. Like want the world to know? I aint famous btw.
Hi i Love your music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
do you ever wish you could be a normal person??? :\ also you should say something about a narwhal or put a narwhal in ur next episode!!! :D i wood luv dat.... <3 heeh durp!
it does feel nice to be a normal person so u dont have to be busy and stuff
lol um.. That is a long run lol.
i like being a regular kid and not have to do so many things. but i would like to be famouse cuz u get cool stuff and amazing oppertunities to travel and stuff....jk ide rather be a narwhal... :P
so true but when Ur one celebrity Ur gonna feel like going back to the normal not famous u again
Saw the new victorious last night thought it wuz kool but a bit confusin didnt exactly understand it!!!!
lol IKR? well I haven't been watching so.. There goes my props lol.
exactly! narwhals have it easy... oAo there the jedi of the sea ya know. ;)
and isnt that like what abunch of those movies r about???? :D twins switching lifes to see what its like??? hahaaaaa...
ok lol but no need for the big exaggeration lol.
hey any of u guys watch im elmo and i know it?
no not yet wtf is it about?
its like "im sexy and i know it"but in elmo mode
ive seen it! :) kids look at these look at these crayons. kids look at these crayons..aha i make art! :)
something that you believe on and you also agree over and faith to it with comment present....
its a great song right
there basically red,black,white,&gray
why are my commets erased?
u mean the animations? if so then yeah becuz it only has red black and blue in different paint styles. :)
someone ill you wish him quick recovery.therefore you pray for person and love him..........
please have someone who will take care
u got a smart brain panu so wats the point of calling u stupis
i dunno ,wtf its just a saying lol
hi victorious i love your shows they are funny!!!!!!!!
wow, don't believe that i could get this good chance to see this kind of beautiful girl in life.....
why cant you jst tell us on here duh...............more simple
tell you what, is something that need to be revealed to public?
would you date some famous. i am asking
omg my 6 year princess loves you...keep up the good work
U are so awesome and I want to meet u sooo bad!!
i love that you are so deep !
you look really gorgeous victoria. you would probably change your mind with your celebrity crush once you see me
I love hear or read your answers for questions ^^ You always the same woman which I supporting and love ;)
my dear victoria i vish you freyvar smyle you
Love it❤😘
hola soy geraldine y soy fan tuya no hablo muy bien ingles entonses hablo español
is it true you went bonde
omg u fancy chris martin thats cool cos he sings best songs like para para paradise
omg omg omg omg !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D::D:D:D:D:D
I would be understanding of your lifestyle in the industry ; )
she is cool and cute but im only 11 so no chance of me getting her anyways.
omg my sister loves you to death she can never go a day without watching Victorious.
Your music is the bomb.
i luv your song finnaly falling. its like the time i had to pi
i love the new episode of victorious!!!!!!!!!!!!! best one ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1. Cover your Mouth with Your Hand.
2. Whisper a Wish into Your Hand.
3. Post this onto Ten Other Comments.
4. Look at Your Hand
I love it tooo!! Im watching it right now!! :]
"princesa, belleza, ternura, delicadeza, máxima creación de la naturaleza..." (:
ur awsomeeeeeee please wright back to me
OMG awesome Write back plz I am ur #1 FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ham say i not a ok what eve r y it is i only love you so call slim bin trash but no ever a rat or liar o if that what you like am i not for you anything love ya
no i will like some one that like u
hey my name is chris you dont have to add me but you can if u want thanks bye ;)
hey victoria can u do something big for me please if so wright me
hi i love u email me please or i will kill my self my email is i love u im aaron
am a vietnams But I loved you, you cool and lovely, wish you always success ..
hey geraldy if ur her biggest fan u would spell her name right its not justin its Justices
my mob no is/009223463282522 plz victoria contect me i wating your call
you are so nice and funny your my favorite actress I picked you for KCA I hope you win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GO TEAM VICTORIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
whos gonna win the kca?????
Victoria that who
go Victoria
whoa you are tots gonna win
You go gurll!!!!! POWER!!!!!!!!! Sassyyyyyyyy. END OF STORY.
LOVELY FACE <3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and a shining SMILE :D
you look really nice in this pic nice pose smile for the camera vic
what does ham have to do with growing up? i'm sooo confused.
y do u want her to know u r 11? i dont mean to ask that in a rude wayb trust me
sor uts
victoria u r the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JUST ADMIT IT!
are you famous quinten becuase she asked somone famous
I love you victoria.
it was funny wen u got slimed and it got in ur mouth aint dat nasty
know that until when people know much about no, the way you bring yourself to them that is how they know you ,your performances, character and the person behavior too. so that is that. happy and nice day lovely .
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