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#THROWBACK! Check out this music video by Menudo from 2009 that I was in! I think I was 15... time flies right? ;{)
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Hey I can't see the video on my iPod
its wont let me watch it, because of were i live
YES U R RIGHT ;D !!!! time flies so fast as we can imagine lolol but u were and u still r gorgeous <3
like damn music wow great it sing !!!!
that is so cool i give that video a ;)
i love u josh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Not a comment on this, but you either have to Google + profiles, or one is a poser.
menudo was crap when ricky martin was in, still crap today
cool nice acting skills
Nice....., able to see it on my comp
yeah, time sure do fly, but i see in a yellow shirt (NICE) :-)
Cute!! and Victoria..u look soo pretty!
Victoria u rock
There are NO words to describe just how COOL that was!!!
Hello Viktoria I love you! You now what the meaning is?
The Video is very cool!
that was pretty cool and I loving it!
What the...???... Hahahaha Menudo :S... but u did nice...and.. they... well.. i dont know.. funny video :).. time goes on!!!
fd lily
That is definetly a THROWBACK!!! You don't look like your 15. Lucky. Did you get to really get to know the band? Are they nice?
♥♥***♥♥_like ..........
Vero A.
kewl. I luv the song it's its own thing
nice song...i feel stupid saying this but who's Menudo...i was to young at that time to know who they were,.... so i wanna know now.
that boy is lip singing totally
Hi will u add me to ur cirlce? i love ur music. i think ur a roll modle to me. I hope we can talk some time. Have good time with ur show. :(o)
Wish me luck- check out my profile to c why
Awesome!!! I love your show and was wondering if u could add me to ur circle and talk sometime! 
you were amazing and not to be pushy but if u can add me to your circle we can talk some day
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
I love your approach towards life. If every human being embraced the attitude, the world could be a better place to live.
that is true but sad that wont ever happen
its just melting my popcycle
i agree with all of yall so i am saiying it is a good video!
Happy Friday the 13th! How are your good vibes going today, Victoria?
i love your show! keep singing
you still look the same Victoria.
Do you like to be on my email list?
Jo Mead
lol, thats funny!
great song! losing my head, losing my mind, losing control....!
Menudo is a type of food in Mexico.
LOL!! The band is a food!!!!!!!
You had bangs then... why were you the suspect? And what happened to the bangs?
I love the song. You are the best Victoria :)
Love the song, but for theword of advice..... I am trying, just not working out. i mean you have HATERS who HATE withot reason everywhere!!! GZZZZZZ
@ cody nunez y would u say that if u think she's a loser y go on the page u retard
i love you are my favorite person from hollywood arts i am one of your fans from that show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please folow me on here PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
euh... what a shame i can't see it because it is not available in my country...
can u plz make the video avalible 2 watch in the uk as i am from there and cannot view it!
u changed soooooo much u used 2 have bangs
u were cute!!! what happened?!?
me sto mucho esta genial aparte estan muy lindos los chicos <3
I love this song! and it isn't BTR's ;)
that song rocks!! time does fly!! how old were you when you starred as,"lola" in zoey 101??
i remember that song i was 15 at the time
hey victoria my big sister is a fan  of you im only 29 my sister is only 19
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